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Wednesday 16th, May 2007
Marc Vedo

Half English, half Portuguese DJ Marc Vedo is resident at world renowned UK clubbing brand Slinky and a world respected DJ and producer. He has just released the massive trancer 'Time Line' on the new offshoot of Five AM records, Vibe, featuring a deep and dark remix from himself with Mac & Mac, all in all the perfect start to the Vibe sound. Vedo isn't your average trance DJ though, when he's not spinning at Slinky, he can be found touring with Boy George and playing at some of the most glamorous parties the world has to offer. As well as that he promotes Koolwaters and has played at pretty much every major festival over the world. This year he is opening the dance stage at the infamous Glastonbury festival and has many high profile collaborations lined up. We entered the weird and wonderful world of Marc Vedo and found it to be a pretty entertaining place...

t.nu: Firstly, congratulations on having your new track, Timeline, being used as the launch single for the new Five AM offshoot, Vibe. How have reactions been to it and why do you think they chose your track?

MV: Reactions have been great and the collaboration I did with Mac & Mac has also received great reviews. The Five AM label is a new musical direction of pure club tracks, aimed solely as a dance floor filler rather than a radio track. After sending the tracks to the label they felt that Time Line was the perfect launch for this new sound. That's how the relationship started, now my next two tracks are also being released on Five AM with Richard Durand and Mike Koglin collaborations plus a very special producer which I can't say very much about just yet!

t.nu: You've recently toured Canada with Boy George, how did that come about?

MV: I have been touring with George around the world for the past five years now and previous to that we worked in the UK for many years. I actually first met him when I was 18 at the Mixmag Christmas Party @ Heaven in London.

t.nu: I expect there were a few crazy parties..?

MV: After 10 years of crazy parties, there are so many to mention... although one of my favourite moments was after an event I was hosting myself and a few others went back for an after party, having been up all night we all headed to bed, except Annie Nightingale (who had been headlining the event that night). We found her in the garden at 11am with a glass of wine in hand, dancing and singing to herself. Needless to say we left her there!

t.nu: On a previous tour with Boy George I hear stories of a bizarre encounter with 50 Cent. Elaborate please.

MV: That was a funny one. We were touring Canada with Benson & Hedges about four years ago and 50 Cent was also doing the same circuit as us, so we ended up staying in the same hotels as them in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto every night. Each gig got worse and worse as tiredness kicked in and after several days on the trot partying, things got very messy towards the end. 50 Cent and his G-Unit crew rounded up every night after their gig, several girls in the hotel lobby, hand picked them and then took their favourites back to their hotel rooms for all night parties, who knows what was going on!!! I did hear that TVˇ¦s were being smashedˇK one evening 50 Cent and his crew were waiting for the tour bus to turn up, George saw him in the hotel lobby and started dancing and singing in front of them "Its your Birthday, its your Birthday" in a really camp way. They were not impressed, especially as a couple of weeks before 50 Cent said in a US magazine how he hated gay people. I don't think there was any love lost between them!

t.nu: You've also been chosen to play the opening set at the world famous Glastonbury Festival, that must be quite an honour.

MV: I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about that. I have already started planning my set, getting some special edits ready. Glastonbury is the ultimate festival and to be part of its music program is a huge honour. I am really looking forward to it.

t.nu: Will you be sticking around the whole weekend and will you be taking a tent?

MV: I am definitely staying for the weekend, maybe a tent but thinking more of a caravan. I have another gig to play at Glastonbury in the VIP tent, where all the Radio, TV crews and bands chill-out, so that should be mad as well.

t.nu: You're resident at the renowned club brand Slinky, after all the recent venue and management troubles are you pleased it has been sorted out?

MV: Its great news for Slinky and I'm chuffed to bits as everything has finally settled down and the brand is in really good hands with the right people behind it. We have had some great one-off events recently, especially the 10th Birthday in Bournemouth last week with 2500 people in the club going mad. There are lots of events abroad as well and with a 10 Birthday Compilation being released soon, so things are looking really positive for the future of Slinky.

t.nu: You've got a couple of collaborations coming out soon, first up one with trancemaster Mike Koglin. What can we expect from that?

MV: I can't wait to get the track out there. It's a really cool trance track, not as euphoric as Time Line but it has a big breakdown down with a dirty riff going over the top. Expect driving, techy, electro trance.

t.nu: Also you've teamed up with NuSense, a young producer who I think has a great future ahead of him. How has that track turned out and what is he like to work with in the studio?

MV: He is a young guy with great potential. He's signed to Maelstrom at the moment. Our track is coming out on Noys records in the next couple of months and we are planning to get another one done in Ibiza this summer.

t.nu: Have you any other production team-ups lined up?

MV: Definitely, I sat down the other week with my project manager to go over my schedule for the year, as we've had to make a few changes since January due to touring and certain projects dates being altered. I'm really excited about the direction I'm heading at the moment, besides solo productions projects I'm working on at the moment including team ups with Richard Durand, Gareth Emery, Mark Sherry, Mike Koglin (again), 4Strings, Ali Wilson, Scot Project in the next few months.

t.nu: Your productions have been released on labels as varied as Nucluez and Hed Kandi... do you have a particular favourite style?

MV: I've been fortunate to have success across a number of genres over the years, although perhaps not reflecting the sound I am so known for as a DJ. These days however my studio work is predominately trance, but I still love producing and playing house. In fact you can expect to see the odd house orientated remix for some of my future stuff, the first being a remix by myself and Richard Durrand for my next release "Dirty Monster" with Mike Koglin.

t.nu: Are your DJ sets as eclectic as your productions?

MV: I don't like to get bogged down with all this labelling bollocks! I'm known as a trance DJ but my sets encompass a range of styles between house, breaks and techno. Overseas the clubs are very different to the UK and tend not to be so focused on hearing a particular style from a DJ, it is a little more liberating as an artist.

t.nu: You've played at some pretty high class parties... what is the most extravagant event you have DJed at?

MV: Last week in Montreal was pretty good. It was a Hugo Boss Fashion show with over 1500 people. Models, DJs and industry people all partying hard. The craziest party has to be Virgins 21st Birthday party in New York. Pamela Anderson, Boy George and Richard Branson on the dance floor getting wasted will go down as one of the craziest parties.

t.nu: You've been voted in the top 50 most eligible bachelors of the year and none other than Kelly Brook named you in her top ten most eligible men... how do you cope with being a DJ/promoter and pin-up? Will you make it back into the top 50 bachelors anytime soon..?

MV: I love being a DJ, it's my real passion. As for the pin-up malarkey haha well perhaps the media portray it more than it really is but personally it's not the lifestyle for me. I'd be lying if I didn't say I enjoyed the attention, who wouldn't but truthfully it weirds me out at times. Touring with George brought about a whole new strangeness to it which I wouldn't want on a daily basis but it's harmless and anyway, I am engaged and getting married soon so the bachelor days are over for me.

t.nu: Many thanks for your time Marc

MV: My pleasure Jon!

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