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Friday 17th, October 2008
Lemon & Einar K
Lemon & Einar K interview
Updated: Thursday 28th, May 2009

: The 2 brains behind Lemon & Einar K are the Norwegian DJ / producers Inge "DJ Lemon" Nilsen and Einar Kristiansen. They scored hits such as "Hope", "Anticipation" and "Hold Me Now". One of their most recent remixes for the Markus Schulz and Andy Moor track "Daydream" was played by almost every DJ out there! Time for Trance.nu to see what the Norwegians are up to right now!

Trance.nu: How are you doing guys? Everything good in the hood? Haha!
Einar: We’re all good! And pretty busy these days!
Inge: Indeed! Lots of things are happening.

Trance.nu: For the people that don’t know Lemon & Einar K, can you tell us something more about yourself?
Einar: Well, the Lemon & Einar K was founded in 2006 after a longer collaboration break. In the earlier years we also collaborated under the name "Aven". Inge had already done one release on Ferry Corsten’s label Tatsumaki. “All I Wanna Do” was the first release on 12” and featured Ida Helen on vocals. We have also done some collabs together with DJ Shog.

Trance.nu: How did you guys meet?
Inge: We met when Einar was working in a studio in a Norwegian city called Moss. I had a meeting with a friend who was doing a hip hop project with Einar actually. I was in the studio for some DJ matter but the conversation went from one thing to another and not long after, Einar and I found ourselves with quite a lot in common music wise... from there we started working on our first “Aven” track: “Making Me Fall”.

Trance.nu: So when did you decide to start working together?
Einar: We began the collab in 2004 and lots of things have happened since then!

Trance.nu: I’ve heard that we can expect a new Lemon & Einar K release song: “The Oslo Syndrome”. How did you come up with the title?
Einar: Hehe... the title is actually quite complicated. A couple of years ago a Swedish rock band called “Hellacopters” released an album called “The Stockholm Syndrome" which means when a hostage falls in love with the hostage taker. "The Oslo Syndrome" is based upon something completely different actually and has nothing to do with that… just thought I would throw that in for you… haha!
Norway is a very small country with only 4,5 million inhabitants and many Norwegian artists forget that there is a biiig world of music outside the borders of the country. And I think it is somehow a bit “typical” of Norwegians to focus on a career just inside their own country and forget that the rest of the world that actually means something… therefore “The Oslo Syndrome".
Inge: Why think small when you can think big puh Except for that, we think maybe the name could put the Norwegian capital on the map in Clubland again. There are some promising things happening. Good party promoters and new names like Kimito Lopez, The Blizzard, Orjan Nilsen, ourselves and soon C-Systems are going to make sure that Norwegian DJ’s are going to be on every DJ’s playlist! We believe that the next big DJ country to hit the European market is Norway!

Trance.nu: What can you tell us about this new track?
Einar: It is an uplifting track but at the same time totally different from our previous releases. We have been keeping it to ourselves for now and just playing it in our radio shows and in our sets, but we will send some promos out soon as we are always curious to see who will support it. It will most likely come out around Christmas time.

Trance.nu: So it’s going to be the first release at your new label ‘Apocalypse Records’? What else can we expect on the label?
Inge: The first release is from “C-Systems” with their wonderful track "Close My Eyes". We also did a remix for that and both versions are receiving very good support from everyone, which we are of course, very happy about! That will be out Friday October 24.The next release will be "The Oslo Syndrome". And after that more material from the “C-Systems” guys as they have a lot of great projects, and also something really exciting from all the way down under, Australia! We do have more material almost done from ourselves, but some songs needs to have a rest before they can be completed. As for the rest, stay tuned!

Trance.nu: So can you tell us something more about “C-Systems”, who are behind it?
Einar: “C-Systems” are three Norwegian guys from Oslo; Akki, Henning and Havard. They made a really good track called "Close Your Eyes" that was sent to Inge on Facebook, long before we had even started our label. The track was later reproduced as “Close My Eyes” which is what we all know it as now, and we loved it so much we wanted to do a remix for it too!
Inge: We soon discovered that the guys had loads of really exciting material that was just waiting to be released. The vibe we have between us is also extremely good and it is all fun work, which makes things even better. That is where we are right now.

Trance.nu: Are there any other people signed to your label as well already?
Einar: We are constantly discovering new and exciting talents all the time, we are in the process of signing new artists as we speak.

Trance.nu: Will there be trance only tracks released on the label?
Inge: We are planning to make a subdivision for housier and electro styles too!
Einar: Lemon & Einar K are also working on a few sketches for a chill out album we want to release later on in the future, so our range will be very broad.

Trance.nu: Inge, people might know you as well as DJ Lemon from the Hyperstate parties in Norway back in the days. You brought famous DJ’s such as Ferry Corsten and Armin van Buuren to Norway for those parties. What can you tell us about those days?
Inge: It was fun to be a part of the revolution! Seeing small DJs grow big, becoming superstars! Tiësto was already huge in Norway years ago. Same with Ferry and Armin. They both had their first gig out of Holland at the Hyperstate Club edition in 2000. I think I booked Ferry for about 200 Euros to come play first time in 1997! Haha, those were the days huh?

Trance.nu: You also are one of the people who were responsible for the “Aven” project. I’m sure people remember the tracks “All I Wanna Do” and “Making Me Fall”. I’ve heard some rumors that you and Einar are busy with a new “Aven” track. What can you tell us about that?
Einar: We have a couple of songs more or less ready there, but for the moment we are concentrating on Lemon & Einar K… but there will be more Aven in the future, you just have to wait a little longer!

Trance.nu: Are there any other projects that you guys are working on?
Inge: We are working on a chill out album, but that won’t be released till much later. Right now we are really just concentrating on getting our label up and running.

Trance.nu: In the past you guys did some cool Lemon & Einar K remixes for Ronnie Allstar and of course the remix you recently did for the Markus Schulz & Andy Moor track "Daydream". Can we expect some new Lemon & Einar K remixes soon?
Einar: We have just finished a remix for Sied van Riel, LeBlanc, Marius & Miss Teasy T (try saying that quickly!) that will be released on Black Hole soon. It is called "Dirty Volume" and is actually the theme track for a Norwegian based trance event!
Inge: We have a lot of requests these days so there is a lot of negotiating happening, but that is all we will say for now. For the rest you will just have to wait and see…

Trance.nu: Are there any tracks that you would love to remix?
Einar: Hehe... we’ve been talking about making a remix of Chicane’s "Don’t Give Up" to kind of give it a 2009 sound to it but this has just been an idea and a dream. If someone has the audio parts of the original, let us know... hahaha. And we wouldn’t say no if Madonna should ask! Haha!

Trance.nu: How long does it normally take for you guys to finish a production or a remix?
Inge: It depends... sometimes we can do it in a day, sometimes it can take a week or months. It depends on the creativity and the current inspiration. You know, things like the weather conditions.

Trance.nu: What kind of equipment do you use in the studio?
Einar: That is a secret.... haha... no... Well, we are on the Mac platform of course, using Logic 8 as the main sequencer. Outboard synths like the Virus TI, Waldorff, Nord Modular etc... SPL and Universal Audio pre amps... UAD plugs, Sonalkis plugs, Arturia synths, some Steinberg stuff, Spectrasonics, Emagic AMT 8 midi interface, Apogee audio interface...etc...
Inge: And we are using a different studio for mastering.

Trance.nu: What is your favorite piece of equipment? And why?
Einar: Well... right now we’re in love with the Arturia software stuff, they have somehow managed to put all the best from the old classic analog synths into a fully integrated software interface that sounds freakin awesome.
Apart from that we really love the outboard stuff from Universal audio and Neuman mics.

Trance.nu: Do you prefer hardware or software?
Inge: It depends, it is all about your mixing skills really. In 2008, soft synths sounded almost as "rough" as outboard stuff. The things that really make the difference are your converters. You can have lots of hardware synths and still not get the results you want if you’re using a cheap audio interface with crappy A/D converters.

Trance.nu: You guys are also DJ-ing. What kind of music can people expect in your sets?
Einar: Why don’t you come and find out? A lot of prog house, prog trance, trance… if you listen to our radio shows you hear they can differ each month, it really all depends on the crowd and the party we are playing at.

Trance.nu: What is the funniest thing or weirdest thing that ever happened during a DJ gig?
Inge: The weirdest thing ever was in 1997 or something at an after party club in Oslo. One guy came up with a scary face saying, "Play something happy …My friend is freaking out on acid”. I must say that was the weirdest so far for me!
Einar: So far I haven’t had any strange happenings when we have been out together. But I have no doubt I will get my fair share of weirdness! Haha!

Trance.nu: You recently started a radio show, what can you tell us about that?
Inge: We have two radio shows at the moment, one in Norway ( http://www.radiovolum.no ) and one for another internet radio station. You can find all the details on our MySpace or Facebook. This is where you can hear our current sound as DJs. We also always premiere our new releases from Apocalypse here too. We always like to test the waters ourselves first happy

Trance.nu: What kind of music do you listen to when you’re not in the studio?
Einar: Well… I’m a big sucker for classical symphonic music. I also love stuff like Enya, Vangelis but I also find lots of inspiration in contemporary pop music wink
Inge: I like to listen to music like Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, Red House Painters, Pixies… I also listen to a lot of demos for the label… a lot of funk and Apoptygma Berzerk.

Trance.nu: What can we expect from Lemon & Einar K in the near future?
Einar: Expect the unexpected wink hahahahaha...free music for the masses maybe!

Trance.nu: Thanks a lot for your time and good luck in the future!
Einar: Thanks a lot, we will take all the luck we can get puh
Inge: Skaal! And thank you for your time too! happy

Written by:
Twan van Loon

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