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Thursday 08th, February 2007
Lee Osborne Interview

Lee Osborne is part of the new wave of British producers putting out some of the most exciting trance in 2007, superbly combining raw tech-trance grooves with soaring euphoric riffs. He is part of the Tekelec team working with the immensely talented Ali Wilson and both their co-productions and Leeís own have seen huge support from a broad spectrum of DJs, including Carl Cox, John Askew, Anne Savage, Ed Real, BK and Tom Harding to name but a few. As well as this he helps run a club night in London called Yes! and has just started up his own label, Reborn, which is being backed by hard dance legend BK. With all these projects on the go, Lee Osborne is a name you will no doubt be hearing a lot of in the coming year. Trance.nu caught up with him to find out a bit more about the man behind the music.

t.nu: Hey Lee, thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us. How are things with you?

LO: Iím great thanks! Itís been a busy weekend so far; Iíve been working in the studio on a few tracks and sorting out the second release for the label. Just catching 15 minutes to do this interview then straight back at it again...

t.nu: You started out DJing on the UK Hard Dance circuit. Tell us a bit more about your DJ career to date and what have been the highlights?

LO: I think we all have to start somewhere and when I began DJing the whole UK club scene was caught up in the hard dance whirlwind and even if you played trance or techno in your sets the clubs labelled as ĎHardí so I guess it took me along with it. Iíve always been into the more tech influenced sound and thatís something that has always stayed with me whether I was playing at the harder end of the spectrum or full on tech trance. To be honest as you get older and grow your musical appreciation matures with you, like anything really.

Highlights, ha thatís always a tough one because I really do enjoy every gig I play, but if I was going to have to choose one I think it was probably any of the YES! events or the Twisted New Years Day party at The Fridge. It was the official after party for HEAT at Brixton Academy where Ferry Corsten was headlining, I love the venue and soundsystem rocks, put 2,000 people in there at 8am in the morning still going for it and itís a real experience. I remember dropping ĎAngelís Callí by myself and Ali Wilson and the place just kicked off, it felt as if 12 oíclock all over again! Ha yeah that was fun!

t.nu: The Hard Dance scene seems to have gone a bit stale in recent years. Why do you think that is?

LO: Well itís always a tough one; I think it really depends on the people behind the scenes pushing the music forward. I think if a scene becomes too insular and doesnít embrace new directions then it becomes stale. The trance scene today is totally different from when it was big in the late 90s, itís moved away from the big Ďhands in the airí breakdowns and is now influenced by a myriad of different sounds like electro synths, break beats and techno percussion. If you hear people like Ferry, PVD or Armin play out today their sets are a culmination of lots of different sounds. Thatís what I love about this scene Ė itís just about keeping it fresh, interesting and being unafraid of doing something new.

t.nu: Did that influence your decision to move to a more tech-trance sound?

LO: Totally! I remember hearing early tech-trance stuff by Signum, Rank 1 and Ali Wilson and it just blew me awayÖ euphoric, uplifting but at the same time techy with a consistent groove. I knew thatís the kind of music that I wanted to produce and play from then on in.

t.nu: How long have you been producing for and who would you cite as your influences?

LO: Well officially Iíve been producing for four years but in terms of tech-trance Iíve been releasing tracks for two years. My main influence has to be my main man Mr Ali Wilson being in the studio with this man just blows me away. I just love his style and the way he works!

t.nu: Yeah, Ali Wilson is putting out some real top quality stuff at the moment. What is he like to work with?

LO: I donít think Iíve spent so much time with one person in one room! When youíre locked away in the studio for days on end with one person itís important that you get onÖ he is just pushing out some amazing tracks at the moment. Itís a great feeling being part of the Tekelec team.

t.nu: Have you any other collaborations lined up?

LO: Weíve got (Ali and me) Zulu coming out on Tekelec at the end of the month. But apart from that im just concentrating on my own productions.

t.nu: Describe what sort of sound you aim for when making a record.

LO: Techno percussion, dirty basslines and melodic deep grooves and riffs.

t.nu: Your productions are supported by a broad range of DJs from Carl Cox, to BK through to John Askew and Marco V how does this feel?

LO: Itís been an amazing few years and to get recognition from guys who I consider as my heroes really makes it all worth it for me.

t.nu: What is your studio set up like? Do you prefer working with hardware or software?

LO: Iím work alongside a selection of engineers and we prefer to use Logic on Mac G5 and PC, to be honest I think both operating systems are fine.

t.nu: There is an exciting new wave of UK producers coming through, a lot of whom are Hard Dance renegades, such as yourself, Ali Wilson, Adam Sheridan and Paul Maddox in his Spektre project. Are there any producers you admire?

LO: Iíve heard some of the work Paul Maddox has been doing with Filthy Rich and I appreciate the work they putting out with minimal house and electro sound. Producers are creative people and itís important to broaden your horizons. For me on the trance and tech-trance scene again I come back to the Wilson and then young gun Ben Gold, this guy is hot and has got some really interesting stuff come out so keep a look out. Then youíve got usual suspects Gareth Emery, SvD and of course Ferry, it does seem a little clichť but there is a reason why they are at the top of their game!

t.nu: As well as your productions and DJing you run a club night in London called Yes!, tell us a bit more about that.

LO: Ali, JC, Matt Smallwood, Matt Kaycee and I started the event in 2005 as a launch for the Tekelec label. It was only meant to be a one off event but the first night was such a success it kind of just had a life of its own. We carry on through to 2007 but it was becoming a little bit too much fun but there was a lot of work too haha! We all took a break for a while and some of us have our own projects going on but I think we are getting back together very soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

t.nu: You just released the brilliant Sliding Doors/TwistedÖ what upcoming releases have you got planned?

LO: Yeah Iím really pleased about both of the tracks, I finished it a while ago and we put it out on the mailers and it was getting some great DJ feedback and label interest, I held out because I wanted to release it as a EP. Ed Real and BK gave me a great opportunity to present my new label via RIOT Recordings so I jumped at the chance.

The first Reborn release will be ĎSub Zeroí and ĎYouíre Nextí which is getting support from Jules, Eteson and Fabio Stein. Iím looking forward to getting the first two releases out itís been a lot of hard work but it will be worth it.

t.nu: What are you aims for 2007? Are you going to focus on producing or DJing?

LO: In terms of DJing, when Yes! comes back Iím probably going to try and remain as exclusive to the event as possible in London although I do have a tour of Brasil and Ibiza so Iím looking forward to that. The label is taking up most of my time so as thatís what I really want to concentrate on Ė itís looking bright and Iím very excited!

t.nu: Thanks for your time and best of luck with everything you do!

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