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Tuesday 17th, February 2009
Lange interview 2009

UK DJ and producer Lange has been a highly influential figure in trance music for the past decade. He is behind a remarkable 20 Top 40 UK hits, including the Top 10 bothering ‘Drifting Away’, and classics such as SuReal ‘You Take My Breath Away’ and the remix of Lost Witness ‘Happiness Happening’. Last year he released his long awaited debut artist album ‘Better Late Than Never’ to critical acclaim. Hits from that album such as ‘Angel Falls’ and ‘Out Of The Sky’ proved that he hasn’t lost his touch. He has recently joined Ferry Corsten’s Dance Therapy agency and continues to rock crowds worldwide. Trance.nu caught up with him to discuss his plans for the coming year...

t.nu: Hi Lange, how are you and where are you right now?

Lange: Hi, I’m very well thank you. I’m on a plane heading back to London after this weekend’s parties in Brno, Czech Republic and Poznan, Poland. Both gigs were brilliant!

t.nu: You’ve been doing your Intercity radio show for just over six months now. After being in the business for so long, what made you decide to jump on the DJ radio show bandwagon?

Lange: It’s actually not the first show I’ve been involved in, I used to co-host one back in 2003/2004 but the show ended.

I was initially reluctant to do another hosted show because of the time it takes up and I didn’t want to just release a DJ mix ‘podcast’ every month, but after working out how to manage my time better I decided to start ‘Intercity’. I host the show twice a month and this year will be developing it further with more interaction with the listeners.

t.nu: You have a compilation based on the show coming out soon. What can we expect to hear on there and when is in planned for release?

Lange: I’m still in the early stages of putting a tracklist together. As you may know from my DJ performances I like to play a varied selection of music, from progressive/electro-edged trance right through to the more uplifting and also driving tech stuff; the album will reflect this. It’s going to be a double album so there’s plenty of time to fit in the styles I want to. I’ve been signing a lot of new tracks on Lange Recordings so expect plenty of new exclusive material on the album!

t.nu: You have collaborated with Andy Moor for a track on his next album. What was it like working with this musical genius and what was the result like?

Lange: I have to confess we are still yet to finish the track off! Our schedules have been so busy it’s been difficult to find the time we can both get together for the final session. I’ve a lot of respect for Andy… his production skills are brilliant and he’s one of the nicest guys in the business too, so it’s been a pleasure!

t.nu: Your Lange Recordings imprint is going strong. What do you look for in a track when you sign it and what releases do you have coming up?

Lange: Yes, the label is doing very well. As I mentioned before I play a lot of styles, but mainly ‘edgy-trance’. I’m always looking for tracks that surprise me, have a melody I can’t get out of my head, or a groove I can’t resist!

We have just released Bartlett & Dyor ‘Floating Beyond’ with a remix from me. The next release, Steve Noxx ‘All Sound & Fury’ has just been sent to the tastemaker DJs, with Ferry Corsten showing early support on his show this week. After that there’s new material from me including the follow up to ‘Out of the Sky’ and we have some great new signings. These include Ben Preston, who’s been getting a lot of interest from Tiësto, Robert Burian, who has signed a new project under the guise ‘RB’, and Steve Brian from Euphonic’s ‘Marksun & Brian’ has delivered a really nice track for us!

t.nu: You shot up the DJ Mag poll 18 places to 37 this year – how much does this poll still mean to you and how relevant do you think it is in the eyes of both the industry and clubbers?

Lange: I’m not a big fan of these polls as I think they can make the scene stagnate a little, with the same DJs appearing at the top of these lists. BUT at the same time, of course it’s nice to be in the poll!

t.nu: You have recently joined the Ferry Corsten’s Dance Therapy agency – what is it like being part of the team?

Lange: I’m very pleased I made the move to the Dance Therapy agency last year. I have been a fan of Ferry’s work for over a decade and have a lot of respect for the way he operates in this business. He has surrounded himself with a great bunch of people who are a pleasure to work with.

t.nu: You recently performed alongside Ferry Corsten at his Full On Ferry event – how was that?

Lange: A great experience! The production looked and sounded great. DJing on the Floating DJ Booth sweeping across the crowd was very cool.

t.nu: Looking back on your Better Late Than Never artist album, are you proud of the record and how it was received?

Lange: Yes. Listening back there are of course are a few things I would do differently now, but I was and still am very pleased with the final result! I think the first disc worked well to listen to at home as a complete album which was important to me. The feedback from both my DJ/producer peers and clubbers was even better than I expected.

t.nu: Will you keep us waiting ten years for the next one?

Lange: No definitely not! I’ve done a little work on a couple of ideas for the new one, but don’t hold your breath just yet… there’s a long way to go!

t.nu: We have heard rumours that there may be a re-release of Drifting Away on the cards, is this true and if so, tell us more!

Lange: It doesn’t take long for the rumours to travel! Well OK I can tell you that I got the rights back to Drifting Away and have recently signed a new deal with Ministry of Sound for it. I think MOS are a very good home for this track and I’m curious to see what they do with it. That’s all I can say at the moment really, other than I am not planning on making a new version myself; I prefer to move on with new material.

t.nu: What other production projects are you working on?

Lange: I’ve just finished a remix this week for an ‘Above & Beyond presents Oceanlab’ release. I’m just putting the finishing touches to my follow up of ‘Out of the Sky’ with Sarah Howells and also a new ‘Lange presents Firewall’ single is in the pipeline.

t.nu: Your tour schedule is still taking you all over the world, from UK to Indonesia, USA to the Czech Republic . Which crowd has been most up for trance at the moment?

Lange: Coincidently, I have to say Eastern Europe where I’ve just been this weekend. In particular Poland, Ukraine and Russia all have great crowds who are very passionate about trance music.

t.nu: What is the DJ lifestyle really like, is it actually pretty sedate or is it as rock & roll has we hope?

Lange: A lot of it can be quite sedate…the waiting in airports, reading a book on the plane, grabbing some sleep before a gig (not very rock and roll but sometimes essential!) and although DJs often get to stay in plush hotels, this job is not always as glamorous as people think. There’s nothing showbiz about getting stuck in customs for two hours.

The travelling can be very tiring and most of us work a lot of hours in the week on the business side and in the studio so it’s very demanding and hard work; in fact it’s more than work, it’s a way of life.

t.nu: DJs have a pretty unique world view, travelling the globe in the name of work – from your viewpoint, have you noticed any effects of the global economic crisis on clubbing in different countries?

Lange: Not at the moment. I think in times of economic crisis people want to lose themselves in music as much as, if not more than, usual.

t.nu: To lighten the mood... what animal would you most like on your side in a fight?

Lange: A Panda trained in Kung Fu….obviously.

t.nu: On that note, many thanks for your time and best of luck in everything you do!

Lange: A pleasure, thanks!

Written by:
Jon Nix

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