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Wednesday 30th, November -0001

Follow me, I Believe ... ring a bell? All those great tracks have been produced by this man, Lange.

Question: How long did you make music before
you were discovered?

Answer: I first started playing about with
home keyboards 10 years ago, but only really got
serious about it 5-6 years ago

Question: How where you discovered?

Answer: I sent a demo in to "future
music magazine" and it was featured on the
covermounted cd - a record label got in touch.

Question: As far as we know, you are also
DJ:ing. For how long have you been doing that?

Answer: I started djing out in clubs this

Question: Whats your best track made by you

Answer: Follow me.

Question: Whats your best remix made by you

Answer: Protect your mind - dj sakin (it
was at the time!) also a favourite of mine is my
breakbeat mix of brainchild's - symmetry.

Question: When looking on your equipmentlist,
it says that you are using a Atari 1040 STE (4Mb,
running Cubase). Why this old machine?

Answer: I've been using the atari since i
started making music - it's fine for running cubase
(but i will be upgrading to a mac soon!)

Question: How much time do you spend in your
studio in a week in average?

Answer: Too much time! - it varies, but usually
about 10 hours a day

Question: From signing contract on a new
track, how long does it usually takes to the release?

Answer: It varies alot. it can be 8/12 weeks
or 6 months. remixes are usually out quicker.

Question: What were you studying at school?

Answer: I studied maths,physics and geography
at college and at university i studied audio & video
systems (because i wanted to be a sound engineer!)

Question: What were you working with before
making music a part of your living?

Answer: After university i decided i wanted
to produce music, so i got a part time job in a
supermarket and spent my days off writing tracks.

Question: You got a girlfriend? If yes, whats
her name?

Answer: Alison ...

Question: Whats the schedule for the next
three months?

Answer: Working on new "lange"
tracks, co-writing with a few trance producers,
writing new "sureal" material and djing
most weekends!

Question: Whats your best gig ever?

Answer: Djing at "Quench" at warwick
university. The club was full with up for it clubbers
- the atmosphere was perfect. also i performed at
creamfields 2000 as part of "sureal".
there were 8000 people in our tent!

Question: Whats your best gig ever?

Answer: I dj-ed in a club where the warm
up dj was playing hard techno at about 150/160 bpm.
you can't really follow that can you?

Question: What do you think of the mp3-format
making it possible for people to get your music
for free in a matter of hours from the release?

Answer: I don't see how it's possible to
stop people uploading music and distributing it
for free - maybe they'll find a way. I personally
prefer playing vinyl to mp3's!

Question: And what do you think of the increasement
of drug-usage in the trance-scene?

Answer: Each to their own!

Question: What can Lange-fans expect from
you the nearest future?

Answer: Less remixes - more original tracks
(under various guises!)

Will there be a Lange solo-album?

Answer: Hopefully 2001 will see the release
of an album.

Question: Do you have any tips for those
who makes their own trance and are trying to get
signed to a label?

Answer: Don't give up trying! - keep sending
your tracks to record companies. also try to make
your track stand out with interesting sounds etc
- there are so many people making trance it's increasingly
harder to stand out.

Question: Whats your favourite trance-track
ever release?

Answer: Can't choose one!</font>

What are your sources of inspiration when making

Answer: The dance scene in general (boring

Question: Which artist would you mostly like
to remix?

Answer: Madonna

What artist has made the best remix of one of your
own productions?

Answer: Dj tandu's remix of "I believe".

Question: As we have noticed, everyone in
the tranceproducing-scene knows everyone, is that

Answer: Yes - alot get together to co-write,
which is what i want to do more of in the future

what would like to tell all your fans out there?

Answer: I know it's obvious, but - thanks
for buying my records - i wouldn't be happy doing
any other job!

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