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Wednesday 14th, April 2004
Kosmas Epsilon

Kosmas Epsilon, 26 year-old DJ/producer from Greece. Been DJing for last 11 years, decided to produce his own material, after taking music lessons for five years in an early age. His first exposure came when James Holden started spinning the "Kosmas Epsilon Remix" of FC Kahuna's "Hayling", and finally ended up on the Balance 005 compilation mixed by James. After that, a lot of other tracks fell in the hands of a select few DJs and the buzz started. Nowadays, Kosmas' tracks have the support of majors such as Sasha, John digweed, Nick Warren, James Holden, Desyn Masiello, Ali Wells (aka Perc / Spartak), Petter, Özgür Can and many more. Some 12'' releases in the pipeline, for labels such as EQ Grey (Australia) and Precinct (UK), aswell as remixes for other labels.

Hello mate! How’s life in Greece? For people not knowing who you are, who is Kosmas Epsilon ? Why, where and how did you get into electronic music ?
Hi Stian, well, life in Greece is like life in every other Mediterranean country. Nice weather, sea, tasty food, beautiful women!!! I am 26 years old, been djing for the last 11 years and producing for the last two and something.. I was into dance/electronic music since the old rave/techno days. I remember the leaders at that time, the prodigy, altern8, smart e’s, everything was fun! Then I got into the more serious sound of electronica, always varying from sounds like ì-ziq and aphex twin to 4/4 orientated music from slam, steve stoll, etc etc..

What’s your source of inspiration ? Any special DJs/producers you look up to ?
I don’t believe that you always have to have an inspiration to write down some tunes. Yes, I am influenced by the brilliant, futuristic sound of the border commies, but it relies at the moment to create a good tune. I listen to a lot of music, so everything that I like, may be said to be an influence at some time..

You’ve been DJing for 11 years, but not till recently have you been earning praise outside of Greece. You’ve done sets for critically acclaimed radio stations such as Proton and Oslo Nights. What’s up next ? Any special performances lined up ?
Yes, I have another forthcoming radio host at Proton, on April 21st, in the Featured Artist section, plus in talks about another special mix for a radio station, but I can’t say more on this one, for the moment.. happy Plus, some dj sets around Greece in April and May. After all that, who knows?

You have material forthcoming on major labels such as EQ Grey in Australia, Precinct in the UK and lots more. Please tell us more about this, what do you have in store for us in the future ? Will the amazing “Innocent Thoughts” ever be released ?
Hehe, I know you like ‘innocent thoughts’, but I don’t think it will be released on vinyl yet.. it will be featured in a Greek double-cd compilation with very good new tunes from Greek producers, such as me, g-pal, nikola gala, stel and good newz, plus many more.. the plans for the release on Eq Grey went a bit back, they work 24/7 and I was a bit late on some of my duties towards them, so the e.p. will be released after the end of April. The e.p. on Precinct will feature 3 tracks, ‘architech’, ‘velvet’ & ‘they came from the sky’, a tune I wrote with Zorz. Still waiting for the exact date of the release, though.. plus, a lot of interest from 4-5 more labels about some other tunes I already have finished. Aaah, and 3 remix jobs, too.. and an album on Planetworks in Greece until September. Pheeew!!! That’s all..happy

Sasha, Nick Warren, John Digweed, James Holden, Desyn Masiello and whole lot more are supporting your tracks. How does it feel to have these guys backing your productions ? What’s the funniest / craziest reaction sheet you’ve ever received ?
Well, all is good, I feel quite nice about the fact, but that’s all, nothing more. Still waiting for the first reaction sheets, so, let’s see..

You remixed FC Kahuna’s brilliant “Hayling” track, aswell as “The Beloved – Sweet Harmony”, both of whom have been praised by pretty much all the top jocks. What’s the story with these two babies, will they ever be available for us mortals ?
No, they will not be available, no release plans for skint about the remix of hayling, though they bought the rights, and for the sweet harmony remix, it has illegal use of 3 or 4 of the samples taken from the original track, so.. unhappy

Out of all your productions, which are you the most satisfied with yourself and why ?
Well, mostly I like the remix of FC Kahuna, because I do not get bored, after a whole year of listening to it, and I really don’t know why! From the original tracks, as long as it concerns musically, I adore ‘feed me acid’ and clubby-wise, ‘architech’. Tears the roofs off!

The scene in Greece seems to bubbling at the moment. Talents such as Nikola Gala, Viton, Stel, Jose Zamora, Andrew K and Christian Cambas are all getting their sound out there. What’s your view upon this, and are there any additional producers from Greece you’d want us to be aware of ?
It was about time, I suppose. People only were aware of g-pal abroad. There were so many others, like as you said the names already.. I want to add saki tee & nico dream, lush original productions and tricly booties, also Kevin Sunray produces some very nice tech-edged house tracks I am very much into. The future will show it for each one of them. The fact is that I am friend with the most of them and we exchange ideas and all that stuff. It is very nice!

What are your plans for the summer ? Booked to any events / festivals ? Where can we expect to witness the lush yet powerful sound of Kosmas Epsilon ?
No events, neither festivals yet, I still have the whole of my summer free. Will see where I am going to go holidays, plus the other days off work, and then I will see about gigs..

Describe your first ever gig, how did it go down? What’s the best and worst DJ experience so far ? Any horror stories you’d want to share ?
The first ever gig was an open air festival, we were 5 good friends and organised it in our hometown 8-9 years ago. The attendance was huge!!! I can’t say something about the best, imagine! The worst one is when I was a bit drunk two months ago and had a row with the djs who played before me. I got too aggressive and they left looking at me suspiciously! They had a big progressive record made (In my mind) and thought others are non-existing around, got me?..

What’s the five biggest records in your bag right now ? Any cheeky promos or white’s rocking the Greek audience ?
01. Espen & Elusive – Poetic Penetration (Furry Nipples Remix) / great remix job from two friends, Ozzy and Stian.
02. Perc – Moose & Squirrel / a nice track by the one and only Ali Wells! Hope this one will see the light of day on vinyl too!
03. Kosmas Epsilon – Hollow Rue / one of the few tracks of mine that I liked so much lately. Digging it..happy
04. James Talk – Beef Curtains (Dave Robertson Remix) / another moody beauty from James and Dave.
05. Darkarma – Exit Body Map / Twisteeeeeed!!!!!!!!!!!

Where do you see yourself in two years time, what’s your goal ? Do you plan to make a living out of your musical talent, or is it all just for good fun ?
I really don’t know, let things flow and will see..

Last but not least, any closing words to all your fans out there ?
Thx for tuning in happy

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