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Sunday 29th, May 2005
Kaste interview

Mika Savela and Jani Kervinen are better known to most readers as the producers behind Dynni, but their new project Kaste may just change that. Already getting massive support worldwide by every top trance jock out there, the sales in their native Finland have been phenominal with it reaching the top 20 in the national singles chart. Trance.nu caught up with the guys recently on the back of this success...

T.nu hi guys, thanks for doing this interview for trance.nu
Mika no prob
Jani thanks, it's a pleasure to us
T.nu It’s nice to have someone from the trance scene doing so well in the regular charts right now, how did you feel when you found out "Desert Eagle" was so high in the charts?
Mika it was very nice to hear and i didn't first even believe it good to know that people have enjoyed our work
Jani well, it was really hard to believe we're doing so well... but I'm really glad people like it.
T.nu It’s certainly a great break for both of you guys, but how did you get your very first break into the scene?
Jani I think that my biggest break was back in 2003 when I made a Mystery Islands remix for Afterglow Records from 'arizona & greg murray - daylight'. Tho the track wasn't big enough but I had a lot emails about the remix and how good it was.
Mika my very first small break was with my friend Antti Kuoppala at 2001, when we got our progressive trance track Clublimit - Northern Nights to huge Finnish radio show, we got good feedback and it felt good, but my real first big break happened with Dyyni last year, when we got City of Moving Waters track signed to Monster Tunes
T.nu Yeah, I guess most trance.nu users will know you as the guys behind the project 'Dyyni', but what other names do you use for your productions?
Jani We're using Dyyni and Kaste and I'm using Mystery Islands myself....
Mika I have Clublimit with Antti Kuoppala and my own project Soundfall, which is on hold at the moment
T.nu You're both really busy guys then! Do you prefer to work alone or as part of a team? What do you enjoy about solo work and collaborations?
Mika No deadlines with solo work, but I really like working as a team with Jani, it is a lot of fun.
Jani Well it's a nice change to do collaborations with Mika since almost all the time I've done all the tracks alone. When we're at the studio with Mika, it's really nice to exchange the ideas because Mika is mostly doing Progressive and I'm more into uplifting.
T.nu Does that mean you end up fighting over which sound or which style to use? Do you ever disagree about which way the music is going?
Mika I am very flexible and I like Jani's uplifting style so I just end up fitting progressive kinda melodies and style in the project and Jani does some changes to it and then we fix it little bit more and then we just both end up liking result
Jani Haha, no. After 2pm everything is fine, when Mika gets his first cigarette!
Actually we're really looking forward with different kind of sounds and layers in the arrangement. Sometimes it's really hard since almost every sound has been used already.
T.nu Hehe, there is always that problem I guess when you're trying to produce music... what is the most important thing that you try and fit into your tracks?
Mika It is that red thin line... that the track reaches out from the mass somehow... It is very hard to find sometimes, but when we found it, feels good... and a beer is earned!
Jani We try to keep it simple, clear and we want it to hit lika a bomb. Paavo from Anjunabeats taught me one important thing: "find out what is the red string on your track".
T.nu Explain the "red string"
Jani red thin line on the track. It might come up from a lead or piano or.. it's just the style.
T.nu Ah, the extra special something that makes the crowd go crazy, its obvious from the sales that Desert Eagle has that 'red string' then! But how is the reaction to the tune in the clubs?
Jani As I've heard, it hits like a ten thounsand volts! I haven't seen it but that's what the DJ's have told us...
Mika I have heard also, that crowd has taken it very good... I haven't got a chance to listen it in a big club and see how it works, but surely later.
T.nu Which DJs are supporting it right now?
Jani PvD, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Above & Beyond, Super8... and many many more...
T.nu You must be so proud of the track and all it has achieved so far, are there plans of a follow up Kaste single?
Mika Still keeping it low and grounded, but yeah it feels very good and of course there is coming new Kaste in the future.
Jani Yes, we're gonna keep up the uplifting style and we've started a bit of it.. There is just some works to do before we have time for it.
T.nu What else are you working on right now then?
Jani Actually, no names but we're making a Dyyni Remix to Somatic Sense and Kaste Remix to Electric Sauna Records…
Mika And new Dyyni track, but more info about that also later.
T.nu Brilliant, plenty to look forward to then! You say you will keep the uplifting style for a while, but what are your more long term plans for your sound, do you have a goal you want to reach with your sound?
Mika At some point we maybe try some progressive style more.
Jani I don't have any plans for the sound... I'm happy when it sounds good and I have some shivers from it and yeah, we're gonna try some progressive tracks after the rush.
T.nu cool, does that progressive sound give you more room to experiment?
Jani Yeah definitely. I'm more into new tricks and stuff. I'm happy to work with Mika since he knows what knobs to turn when we're looking forward on progressive tracks…
Mika Yes of course, we haven't tried progressive work together yet, so it will be nice to try what we come up when Jani's uplifting style changes into progressive way of creating with me.
T.nu So which artists are an influence on your work and who do you admire?
Jani Aalto, Above & Beyond, Super8, those chords are just way too perfect!
Mika I am influenced by Above and Beyond, Super8, Way Out West, Chris Micali, Gabriel and Dresden and many more...
T.nu Cool, it's easy to tell from listening to your tracks that you're fans of A&B and Super8! Looking outside of your own work, what is your impression of the trance scene right now?
Mika In my opinion 2005 has a good vibe, very good tracks has come out already... Let's wait and see what this year still brings out, but I am happy! Go, go trance!
Jani I think that the uplifting trance scene is going more into commercial direction which is sad... The more you sound like commercial stuff, the better you'll succeed. Too many labels are having competition against each other of releasing better stuff out…
T.nu Hehe! Which tracks are your favourites right now then?
Jani Mirco De Govia & Ronski Speed - Asarja - TOP tunage!
Mika yeah that rocks and I also like Above and Beyond with Andy Moor - Air for Life,
Sam Sharp - error is cool too
Jani and the list goes on ...
Mika yep, i'm not gonna start listing now
Jani me too - that was the first track jumped to my head.. so it shall be that!
Mika I have to say one more Holla - Melodica, i just love the melody in it!!!
T.nu Hehe so much for not starting a list then.
Mika Lol!
T.nu What are your opinions on digital download stores and the change in the way people buy and listen to music?
Jani I think it's amazing idea! I don't have money to buy 12" records or CD singles all the time, so I think it's really cool to drop a few Euros into another account thru internet and start downloading the track you like.
Mika I first thought that digital downloading would be bad and then mean people just buy one download and let the file sharing began. Now I think that buying a download is a good idea, because file sharing is just one thing that we can't stop, but people who don't afford to buy CD or vinyl, then they can support by buying a download.
T.nu And finally guys, where do you see the trance scene is heading, and what part do you think you will play in it?
Mika Damn, this is hard one...
Jani Trance scene is heading into good direction at the moment. I hope we're playing a big part on the scene in future. We're gonna start spinnin' out some records later on and we're gonna do some live gigs as well. Lets see what the future brings up...
Mika Yes, i have also noticed that more progressive styles has reached to uplifting trance, so more of that might come and hopefully we will be a big part in a future trance scene as Jani said.
T.nu Lets hope so! Thanks for taking time out to do this interview guys, and good luck with your future projects.
Mika Thank you for this opportunity.
Jani Thanks, it was alot of fun doing this cheers to T.nu readers!

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