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Saturday 07th, December 2002
Josh Gabriel

Josh Gabriel has been one of this year’s biggest breakthrough acts. His career in dance music began last year at Miami’s Winter Music Conference. Armed with just 100 whites of ‘Wave 3’, Josh’s record found its way (through Dave Dresden) to Radio1 jock Pete Tong, who dropped it in his Friday night Essential Mix. Since then the producer has collaborated with Dresden on numerous remix projects and original material, plus formed the sensational Andain - alongside guitarist, David Penner, and vocalist, Mavie Marcos. You’ll agree, it just wouldn’t be right to let the year end without talking with the main man himself. So sit back and enjoy…

How’s the Andain album coming along?
We spent the summer writing and recording new material and now we're in the process of finding a home for the album.

What can listeners expect from the album?
If you imagined dubby-electronic-folk-techno-hip hop, you’d be close. In general the tracks are slower and are more listening/radio tracks rather than club tracks. Expect lots of Mavie's voice and David's guitar, to sound like a band.

Will you be working on a follow-up single to “Wave3”?
Working on it as we speak!

Are there any plans to get back in the studio with Dave Dresden?
Absolutely - Dave and I have a great chemistry in the studio that I feed off - at the moment we're finishing our next single for SAW and working on another project called Motorcycle featuring the Jes on vocals.

Are their any remixes lined up?
We just finished 3 Drives "Carrera 2", Duncan Sheik "On a High" and Grey Area "One for the Road" The second Andain single is the next thing we'll remix.

Do you prefer remixing or producing your own tracks?
I like doing both - remixing to me is just making music, but with the sounds already picked out for you - it's the same process after that.

Both your tracks and remixes have a broad appeal across the dance industry, with various DJs of varying genres dropping your work in live sets and compilation mixes. What do you think the key is in achieving this range of interest?
Well, I try to make things simple and I think that is the main reason - the more bells and whistles you put in a track the more it gets dated and pigeon holed. I try to think more about texture and the emotional journey of the listener and not so much about style.

How would you describe your sound?

What’s your opinion of the music industry now, compared to the early 90’s when you launched the first prototypes of Mixman?
It is a different world - when I was pitching Mixman to record labels back then their attitude was "we don't need you we will sell our records with or without any special technology, we're the record company - we control distribution" - I guess they were wrong. At this point I just hope people figure out a way for people like me make enough money to keep making music.

What’s your favourite piece of production hardware/software?
Logic Audio - it's my synth - it's how I work - the ability to have 90 plug-in in a mix going at the same time is what my tracks require and Logic makes it easy.

What does 2003 hold for Josh Gabriel?
Follow-up single to "Wave 3", Follow-up single to "Lament", the release of Motorcycle "As the Rush Comes", the release of the Andain album and DJing out of the US. Should be a fun year!

Many thanks to Josh and all the best for 2003. And shout out to Tom @ Cypher for sorting out the interview! Cheers mate!

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