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Friday 28th, April 2006
Joni Ljungqvist

Joni Ljungqvist, born in 1987 in the south part of Sweden, started making music at the age of 12. Founding out later that electronic dance music was his passion, he quickly got his hands on ReBirth and started making his own tracks. Doing this for five years and at the same time evolving as a musician, his music started to get noticed more and more around on the internet. But it wasn't until the summer of 2004, when Joni at he age of 16 made a collaboration with Norwegian DJ and producer Terje Bakke, he got his first deal. Markus Schulz picked up their tune, called 'Fanatic' for the Electronic Elements label, part of Armada. 'Fanatic' got released on the Coldharbour Selections 3 vinyl.Later on he's had success with both his JPL, Ljungqvist and LNQ aliases. 'LNQ - People I Used To Know' was caned by TiŽsto and Armin. TiŽsto liked it so much that he put it on his compilation 'In Search Of Sunrise 4'. The same tune also got featured on Pedro Del Mar and DJ Shah's 'Mellomania 4'. 'JPL - A Place Called Home' was also caned by famous DJ's like Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten. Ferry has put this piece on his compilation 'Passport: Kingdom Of The Netherlands'. The track 'Green Astronauts' by Joni's project 'A Boy Called Joni' is already featured on the 'In Trance We Trust 11' mixcompilation by Phynn and TiŽsto himself has put it on the brand new 'In Search Of Sunrise 5' compilation as well.

Trance.nu: Your release ĎA Boy Called Joni - Green Astronautsí is out now on Black Hole Recordings. The track was already on well know compilations such as ĎIn Trance We Trust 11í and it will be on TiŽstoís mixcompilation ĎIn Search Of Sunrise 5í as well. How are the reactions on this one?
Joni: Iíve got some good reactions so far. Both from DJís and also from fans of mine. Iíve heard that there was some talking about me ripping off Nathan Fake with a tune, but that was the only negative reaction that Iíve heard about it. So overall there are only good reactions on the track and itís on a lot of compilations as well already, so Iím happy with that!

Trance.nu: How did you came up with ĎGreen Astronautsí as a title for this track?
Joni: Thatís a kind of a weird story really, because when I first finished the track, I sent it to an American producer called Timo Mae. He really liked it and I was kind of discussing track titles with him. I really wanted to have a name with some color in it, to ďpaint it upĒ, so I came up with the color green and later I decided to name it ĎGreen Astronautsí, because in my opinion that really sounded cool. So thatís the basic story behind it.

Trance.nu: Are there always stories behind your tracktitles? Like for example titles such as ĎFastest Growing Stateí, ĎYou Can Trade Me For Something Goodí, ĎPeople I Used To Knowí and ĎPerhaps Another Timeí. Can you tell us something more about that?
Joni: Yes, there are stories behind those titles. I usually have meanings with my tracknames, so basically theyíre taken straight of my real life and itís happenings. For example ĎPeople I Used To Knowí is a track which is a sort of a Ďhello, and goodbyeí to the people I used to hang out with. But I lost contact with them because of different reasons. Thatís pretty much the story. I want to give some meanings to my tunes as well.

Trance.nu: How do you find inspiration when you start with a track?
Joni: Most of the time Iíll get inspired by real life experiences. Or sometimes I can get inspired by other tracks. If I hear a track thatís really amazing, I want to produce something myself as well, which can be inspired by the other song that Iíve just heard but with my sound.

Trance.nu: Are there moments you struggle with an inspiration gap sometimes?
Joni: Yeah, absolutely! There are a lot of moments when I really canít produce anything. So it can be that, one week I have a lot of inspiration and then I can produce twenty four seven. But the other week it can be that I canít produce anything at all, because I just canít get it. So itís really different. So sometimes I struggle a lot with getting inspiration indeed.

Trance.nu: When you have those moments, what are you doing then?
Joni: I usually listen to other tracks and then I really try to produce, but it usually ends up with me throwing the whole song away or something like that, because I really canít get it. So usually I listen to other music and try to do something with my time, to get inspired again.

Trance.nu: When did you exactly started with producing music?
Joni: I think it was when I was 11 or 12 when I first got my keyboard in my basement room working. It really has been going from there. Then I started with different software programs. At that time I found out that electronic music was the thing that I wanted to do, so Iíve been going on that track until now.

Trance.nu: What was your first release ever?
Joni: That was in 2004 on the Armada label Electronic Elements. It was ĎFanaticí, a track that I did together with Terje Bakke. That one was my first official release ever. I still love it!

Trance.nu: How old were you when that one was released?
Joni: That was at the age of 16.

Trance.nu: Now youíre only 18 years old and people like TiŽsto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten and a lot of other famous DJís are playing your productions and remixes in their sets. How does that feel?
Joni: Itís like a dream come true! Itís unbelievable, really! I still canít understand it sometimes. Last year I ended up on TiŽstoís ĎIn Search Of Sunrise 4í and this year for the 5th edition I did it again! Itís really an unbelievable experience getting played by the people you were inspired by, and that you thought werenít even living on this earth! Itís so unbelievable and amazing at the same time!

Trance.nu: You have a lot of different projects. When and why did you decide to start producing under your own name instead of a project name?
Joni: I have so many aliases, so I think to get really personal, it has to have my own name. So it really feels like itís me. And then of course I produce alot of different styles and different styles usually means different labels.

Trance.nu: You have 2 projects now with producer Terje Bakke: ĎBakke & Jonií (The track ĎBalií) and ĎBakke & Ljungqvistí (ĎFanaticí). How did you get in contact with him?
Joni: I know Terje Bakke already for a while now. Just before the summer of 2004 I did send him a few clips of some Reason productions that I made. Terje was like ďooh, this is really coolĒ and ďweíve got to make something out of this!Ē. So weíve talked a lot and we started to collaborate. The result of it was the ĎFanaticí track. So Iíve met him through the internet in 2003 or something.

Trance.nu: Terje is from Norway, isnít it? How are you guys working together, since youíre from Sweden yourself?
Joni: Heís from Norway indeed, but I havenít met him in real life so far. So weíre working together on our productions through the internet. It works out pretty smooth. Hopefully Iíll meet him in real life this summer.

Trance.nu: Can we expect a follow up from one of those projects in the near future?
Joni: Weíre discussing some ideas, but were both really busy at the moment with our own solo projects and other stuff. But hopefully we can work on a third tune this summer together, which will be real fun!

Trance.nu: And any other new projects together with other people?
Joni: Yes, Iíve been collaborating with a lot of producers in the scene recently. One of them is ĎSerpí, who made the track ĎSecond Dayí together with Jose Amnesia. And for the rest Iím discussing collaborations with people from the labels that Iím already on for now. For example Vincent Kriek is one of them. And Iím also busy working on a tune together with Thomas Bronzwaer now!

Trance.nu: You also did 1 or 2 MP3 only releases in the past. Was that an idea from the involved label, or yourself?
Joni: That was basically because of the label. Those tunes that were released as MP3 only, are a bit in a different style as what I usually do. So I talked to the labels and they said they could give me an MP3 only release. I was fine with that, because I just want to have that people can hear that Iím also doing other kinds of stuff too.

Trance.nu: I noticed on your ĎMyspaceí that youíre also doing a project called Ď3 Out Of 4 Dentistsí. Can you tell us something more about that one?
Joni: Yes, itís a project by me and my classmate Johan. Basically Iím really diverse into producing different types of music. I met Johan about 2 years a go and we found out that we both wanted to do something with music. We decided to team up and we recorded some things in my studio. Last year we were signed to an American label called ĎGreenhorní records. We are signed now to do an EP and an album as well. Also weíre currently working on a album for a release on a japanese label. The style weíre producing as Ď3 Out Of 4 Dentistsí is more pop and electro pop stuff and weíre both singing on the tracks as well!

Trance.nu: Is that EP released already?
Joni: No, itís getting a release in 2 months I think. The EP will contain 5 new tracks done by us.

Trance.nu: We know you from projects like Dauntless, External Art, Illustrator, JPL, LNQ and some others. Are you still busy with all of those projects?
Joni: No, actually Iíve tried to keep only a few of the special projects for now. In the time I really produced a lot, I had a lot of different aliases as well. This was because not all the labels wanted to release all the tunes. But right now Iím focusing only on the JPL, Ljungqvist and LNQ projects. I donít know about the other ones yet. Iíll guess we have to wait and see in the future.

Trance.nu: From which ones can we expect follow ups soon?
Joni: New tracks by JPL, Ljungqvist and LNQ are in the works now. And also a new ĎA Boy Called Jonií track for Black Hole Recordings.

Trance.nu: Why do you have some many projects and aliases already? I mean, youíre only 18 years old now?
Joni: Haha, thatís true! Yeah, itís because like I said, I produce twenty four seven so a lot of tracks come out of the studio. Those tracks I produce are also in a lot of different styles as well. I canít release all those different styles on one label, so all labels mainly focus on just one style. So itís really a matter of what style it is and the quantity of how many productions I have done. Only 1 label would never want to release all my tunes. Iím trying to narrow it down right now to a few projects only.

Trance.nu: We just talked about your Ď3 Out Of 4 Dentistsí project. So this will be also a project of you in a different style?
Joni: Yes, itís very different. This is more of an old, vintage analog synths and guitars and even my own voice. Iím doing more of this stuff solo too.

Trance.nu: So youíre singing yourself as well?
Joni: Yes, I do! There will be an upcoming track were Iíll do the vocals myself as well, so Ö look out! Haha!

Trance.nu: Are there plans to produce other styles besides EDM?
Joni: Yeah, Iím trying to do a lot of different thing at the moment. Iíve also been producing some stuff for other people as well, which is more Indie type music. And recently Iíve also produced some other styles solo as well. Besides I play in a band, I really need to try different things because I love music too much to only be able to work in one direction.

Trance.nu: You just told us that youíre doing some vocals yourself. Do you have plans to work with other people whoíre going to use your vocals on their tracks?
Joni: Iíve had discussions with other producers about doing vocals for them, but at the moment I really donít know. But maybe in the future I can do some vocals for other producers as well. That would be real fun!

Trance.nu: And would you like to work yourself with other vocalists for your own tracks?
Joni: Yes, Iím always open for suggestions to collaborate with other vocalists and stuff, so who knows!

Trance.nu: You also did a few remixes yet. Can we expect some new ones in the near future?
Joni: Yes, Iíve did a lot of remixes like half a year a go. Iíve been trying to not to do too many remixes recently, but for now I have 2 remixes that I still need to do. Iím doing one remix for Vank, which is Dutchman Ron van Kroonenburg. Heís one of the people behind the Driftwood. Heís going to release a track on Intrenze Recordings. And Iíve also got to remix the new Antidote track ĎCome Aliveí.

Trance.nu: What do you consider to be your best production or remix so far?
Joni: I still like the works that Iíve done with Bakke, but Iím also very proud on ĎLNQ - People I Used To Knowí. And remix wise I probably would say one of the first remixes that Iíve ever did, ĎKyamotoí, the track ĎStealth. Just because I think itís a tight remix and Iím still very satisfied with that one!

Trance.nu: What do you like more? Producing new tracks or remixing tracks of others?
Joni: I prefer producing, because when youíre remixing itís not really that personal. And when you produce, you can really get into it and work exactly how you want it to be. Plus it feels more like itís your thing, so I defenetly prefer producing.

Trance.nu: Are you DJ-ing as well?
Joni: Yes, I am. Iím playing in Poland in June and I think Iíll be playing in Scotland as well in July. I havenít gotten that many gigs so far, because I only started DJ-ing about 1 year a go.

Trance.nu: Youíre also having your own radioshow now, donít you? Can you tell us something more about that one?
Joni: Itís called í20 PMí on Futuregrooves and I usually play a lot of exclusive stuff from myself, which comes straight out of the studio. And I always have a guest on as well. Iím always trying to get a guest that spins a little bit more various stuff like Terje Bakke, who already spun in my show. Next month my guest will be ÷zgŁr Can.

Trance.nu: So itís a monthly radio show?
Joni: Yes, the last Saturday of each month, itís been broadcasted on Futuregrooves.

Trance.nu: You are still a student. How can you combine school with producing music?
Joni: Itís my last year at school now. Iím very busy now, because thereís a lot of stuff like exams etcetera. But I try to keep balance between producing, my private life and school. Itís tuff sometimes, but it works out so far.

Trance.nu: You told me this is your last year at school. What are you going to do after your study?
Joni: Iím probably going to study in collage afterwards if it all goes well. But Iím definitely going to keep on producing and running the company that I have as well.

Trance.nu: Do you have your own studio? And what kind of equipment do you use?
Joni: Yes, I have my own studio. Iím having Roland E36, which is like a master keyboard. I use it for more acoustic sounds as well. For the rest Iím using a Korg synthesizer and also an old Roland MC-303. Thatís mainly the hardware that Iím using, except for the mixer of course. VSTi instruments have really gone up in quality, so Iím using them a lot more then I did before. So basically Iím using mostly software now.

Trance.nu: This is maybe a stupid question, since youíre only 18 years old, butÖ What is the highlight in your career so far?
Joni: My first signing with the Armada label and also the moment when I heard that one of my tracks ended up on TiŽstoís ĎIn Search Of Sunriseí compilation. Those 2 moments were just great for me!
But it still gets me warm in my heart when people say they like my music and that it does something for them. I heard one guy who said he cried when he heard ĎBalií!

Trance.nu: What kind of music do you listen to when youíre not producing?
Joni: I have a real open taste, so sometimes itís electronic music, but other times itís indie stuff like indie pop and indie rock. It doesnít satisfy my needs if I just listen to one style, so I try to keep it diverse. ĎThe Postal Serviceí, ĎKings Of Convenienceí and ĎThe Perishersí are usually in my CD-player twice a week, at least.

Trance.nu: Do you have any hobbies besides producing?
Joni: Yes, playing football is something that I usually do and I also like to draw. So Iím making some drawings myself. And I also like to go out, haha!

Trance.nu: How do you see yourself in 10 years?
Joni: Hmmm, tuff question! I hope that Iím still producing and spinning records around the world. Hopefully I have my personal life established as well, a good home and being a lucky fellow, haha!

Trance.nu: What can we expect of you in the near future?
Joni: Probably more music and hopefully a lot of gigs as well. Iím thinking about starting up something bigger with my company, but I really donít know in which direction yet, but youíll see in the future!

Trance.nu: We also have 2 special questions, which were posted in the forum here. The first one: What happened at the Gothenburg train central 6 O'clock in the morning after some clubbing at Sub7?
Joni: Hahaha, wellÖ we went out partying and we saw David West and Inkfish play, but I was kind of sleepy afterwards when we were at the trainstation there, so I fell asleep on the floor there, haha!

Trance.nu: What is the weirdest contract you have ever signed?
Joni: Oh, thatís also a nice story! Ruben owns the Intrenze label and we did a remix contract for a remix swap. The payment was a few Heineken beers, haha! SoÖ that was kind of different, but it worked out good, haha!

Trance.nu: Thanks for your time and good luck in the future!
Joni: Thank you too and all the best to everyone in the future as well!

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