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Wednesday 10th, October 2007
Jonas Steur Interview
Updated: Thursday 11th, October 2007

Jonas Steur had one of summer 2007's biggest hit with "Fall to Pieces", featuring vocalist Jennifer Rene, out now on Tiesto's ISOS 6. Jonas has releaserd his first artist album, Born For The Night.

Born in 1982 in Belgium. Born for the night...Jonas has become a familiar name in the trance scene the last 3 years, with several big hits like Tales from the south, Castamara and Second turn just to name a few and remixes for all the major labels in the trance scene he did his part for the melodic yet modern side of trance. He's allergic to supersaws and snare rolls and doesn't shy away from playing techno and house in his sets. Playing all arround Europe Jonas keeps on sharpening his DJ skills and entertains the crowds with diverse sets featuring trance in the broadest sense of the word. 2006 especially was a breaktrough year with Jonas playing on several very high profile events like asot 250, tomorrowland and lots of both huge and intimate gigs all over the continent. Entering on a 130th place in the controversial DJ Magazint toplist at the end of 2006 proved that the buzz was and still is growing. 2007 is the year where Jonas takes the next step: His first artist album ' Born for the night' is going to be released and Jonas tries to show that he is more than just the 'melody man'.

Hey Jonas, where are you right now?

Well I'm at home in my studio at the moment, just returned from the airport in Amsterdam

Where were you coming from?

for this once it wasn't me coming back but me bringing away my girl to the airport, this weekend I'll be home but next week I'm headed for the UK again

What gigs will you be playing?

I will be playing at the syndicate club in Blackpool , should be massive !

Why did you start releasing songs as Jonas Steur after you had gained some popularity as Estura?

It started actually because at that moment, beginning of 2005, I started releasing tracks on 'intuition recordings' and because the 'Estuera' name was exclusive to Black Hole Recordings I had to choose another name. Instead of being difficult with aliases I just used my own name. Nowadays the 'Jonas Steur' name is also on Black Hole though, since the 'born for the night / fall to pieces ' single

How did you begin your relationship with Black Hole?

Well it started out very good actually, I sent them 2 tracks at the end of 2003 and 2 weeks later they were signed and formed to first ' estuera' EP. Since that time I grew closer and closer to black hole, doing several remixes for them, a lot of singles from several projects and eventually an artist album deal. And I'm sure we will continue to work together a lot on several things.

Unlike its neighbor, Holland, Belgium is not as well known for its music scene what are people listening to, how big is the EDM scene

Actually Belgium has a very rich history in EDM , it goes back way further than Holland. In the 80's even an own style ' new beat' was developed here. The prodigy and the chemical brothers to name just a few were influenced a lot by this sound. There always used to be a very healthy club scene here but it's more concentrated on the techno and industrial things. Although from the early 90's up to 2000 trance was also very popular here, before it took off in Holland the Belgian Bonzai label released and licensed a lot of classics in those days: Da Hool - Meet her at the love parade , Café del mar, all the Nalin & Kane works , all those things came in here from Germany and from our own : Push, Airwave, and lots of other projects hose things got me into trance music actually , before I started checking out Tiesto mixes and other Dutch things

Your track "Fall to pieces" has been a huge hit this summer and will be featured on Tiesto's latest release ISOS6 what is the evolution of a vocal track, how does it start

In the case of fall to pieces I had an instrumental track first and sent it to Jennifer to see if she could do something with it, than she came with her great vocals and I completely re-edited and mixed the track until everything fitted, so Jenni was recording her vocals at home in the US, sending it to me over the internet and I mixed everything here in Belgium

Now that your are a “big name DJ”, do you still get thrills to hear your own music being spun by others?

If it happens when I'm at the party myself where this happens I always am looking arround to see how the crowd is reacting, it's always very exciting. When I just see it on a playlist somewhere I'm very pleased but after a few years of being playlisted very regulary the 'wow factor' isn't that strong anymore. But it's still great of course hehe

Why did you decide to release your first artist album now?

Black hole actually asked me somewhere mid 2006 if I didn't want to do an album for them. So with them backing me up I felt really motivated to make it happen. It was a very satisfying thing to do , when you're not limited to just singles it's super how creative you can be. I loved the freedom

What is your favorite track from the Born album

hmmm difficult question , as every track has my blood , sweat and tears in it hehe
At this moment I'm playing Level up , La nuit noire and Nightwalker the most. I think they all have the real 'nightlife feel', but I can't really choose one above the others

Now its time for you to become a psychic, what does your future hold?

hehe, well I already know some things , too bad I can't share everything with you

Stop, you have to tell trance.nu everything, no holding back!

What I can tell is that I started a few new things with Spinnin Recordings , I have a tech house release there very soon with a cool Leon Bolier remix

Tech house-wow where did that come from

I also have a full on house track coming up there but I can't spill the details on that one, only that if it works out it could be pretty big and DJ wise I have some interesting developments coming up as well, hehe, my goal for the not too far future is to do a mix compilation, already talked a bit about that with black hole and yes, the future is going to be me making different styles, trance, techno, house, and everything I like .Before I forget, in the near future Black Hole also is going to release the next album single : level up + some cool remixes !

Finally Mr. Fortune Teller, what about you and the girl friend?

I'm pretty sure we'll be together for a looooooooooooooooooong time , it's going great hehe

Album tracklist :

Cd 1

1. Fall To Pieces Feat. Jennifer Rene
2. Nightwalker
3. Level Up
4. Seven Moons And A Bit
5. Pure Bliss Feat. Jennifer Rene
6. Rise And Shine
7. Born For The Night
8. Left In A Daze
9. I Know
10. La Nuit Noire Feat. Re:locate

Cd 2 (mixed)

1. Tales From The South
2. Flow
3. City Lights
4. Silent Waves
5. 7 Clouds
6. Palma Solane Feat. Re:locate
7. Red Shores
8. Second Turn
9. Castamara

Available in the black hole recordings shop ( digital and cd )
Beatport exclusive this week and soon all other digital download stores
including itunes and dance-tunes. And of course the cd will be available
in regular music stores as well.

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