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Sunday 18th, January 2009
John '00' Fleming Psy Trance Euphoria 2 Interview

The highly opinionated John '00' Fleming talks to us about his forthcoming Psy Trance Euphoria 2 album and he's as passionate as ever...

t.nu: Hey John, congratulations on Psy Trance Euphoria 2! For fans of the first one what can we expect from part 2 – more of the same or something a bit different?

J00F: This, the second one has to be one of the best comps I’ve put together… I’m not just saying this! Again it’s a triple CD, but this time I have a little more room to breathe as I have more room for mixing, because last years I attached my artist album to the last CD. So now you’ll find a lovely deep mix on CD 1. CD2 goes up a gear with some cracking deep driving Trance and CD pulls like a steam train!

t.nu: What are the highlights for you on the album?

J00F: Getting all the tracks I requested! Also I was compiling at a time when there was some amazing music around, so I actually had too much music, which is a rare thing in this day and age.

t.nu: Explain to the uninitiated – what different styles of psy are represented on the three discs?

J00F: There’s a massive misconception about Psy Trance, most people think it’s a world of hippies dancing around naked to music played at 100 Mph! Anyone can listen to just one track from any genre then say they hate it. They probably listen to the completely wrong track. Inside any genre there’s a huge world to explore. The Psy world offers anything from; chill, house, progressive, tech, amazing trance all the way up to the crazy full-on nose bleed stuff! I look at the word Psy as a filter, to let people know its serious music for true music lovers.

t.nu: Your roots are in Goa trance and over the last few years you seem to have fallen back in love with that style – what has made you go back? Do you still listen to much ‘conventional’ trance?

J00F: For me, the regular Trance scene seemed to go stale. It wasn’t evolving. DJs and producers seemed to be playing safe with a standard format using the same old sounds, euphoric breakdowns and vocals etc. Very predictable. Yes it was fun in 1995 when it was new and exciting, but over ten years later it can get a little tedious as it still sounds exactly the same today! I’m a DJ that likes to constantly explore new boundaries, and this is exactly what the Psy guys offer me. I try not to pigeonhole myself as a DJ, I simply play music that I love. But with the over saturation of ‘Trance’ DJs not exactly playing what I believe is Trance, I have distance myself away from the other forms of Trance, because musically I’m miles away from this. Hence Psy Trance Euphoria.

t.nu: What makes Psy Trance so exciting for you as a genre?

J00F: Because it constantly reinvents itself. When a certain sound heads in a somewhat commercial direction, you always get producers in this scene that rebel and head in a totally new serious direction. We saw this a few years ago with Psy’s previous incarnation; Goa Trance. They went as far as renaming the genre’s name!

t.nu: Who are the most exciting psy-trance artists for you?

J00F: There’s far too many to mention. Ace Venture and Vibrasphere are currently hitting the spot for me.

t.nu: Psy trance is a worldwide phenomenon – can you see it taking on in such a big way in the UK?

J00F: If we had any electronic music coming back into the UK it would be a result. I’m ashamed to say the UK scene needs some serious work. If everyone took their one directional blinkers off, we would have a thriving scene again. It’s about time people starting going out for the specialist music nights again and support new talent, then new styles of music would be able the thrive. I have to say, London has a pretty healthy Psy scene though with regular events like Antiworld and Brixton academy pulling in over 5000 people.

t.nu: Although psy-trance is defiantly underground, your Euphoria albums are released on one of the biggest commercial dance labels. Does this go against the ethos of the genre?

J00F: Euphoria have always tried to cover all styles of music with their releases, even chill-out. They asked me to come onboard to cover the more serious side of things. At first I was a little worried thinking they would control things. Five years later and on my fifth album for them, I’m a happy boy because they let me do my thing, with no restrictions. If I can show the masses a different side to Trance, then I’m happy. Is it against the ethos, no, as specialist albums are rare these days.

t.nu: What is next for the genre?

J00F: The million-dollar question! The progressive side of Psy seems to be getting pretty popular and they are releasing some pretty damn serious music. The full-on scene has been getting a little commercial in places, so maybe this is a sign of another rebel? Who knows, but I’m loving this progressive stuff.

t.nu: For fans of your 00db project with Digital Blonde, tell us a bit more about your forthcoming album.

J00F: Two years in the making and eventually its ready to go! Myself and Blonde seem to be a winning team in the studio. His weaknesses are my strong points and vice-versa. We seem to be producing a fusion of traditional Trance with elements of Psy. We never intend to head in a certain direction, we sit together start making some beats and see where it takes us. Our tracks have had support from a whole range of DJs; Astrix, Infected Mushroom, Ace Ventura, Armin van Buuren to Judge Jules. Something we’re amazed with. The first album, off the back of the first Euphoria Psy Trance, was welcomed with open arms. So we can’t wait for this double CD album to be released, and there are some surprises in there too! We’re already working on the third album!

t.nu: Many thanks John and best of luck with the album!

Psy Trance Euphoria 2 is released on Euphoria/Ministry Of Sound on 26th January.

Written by:
Jon Nix

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