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Friday 19th, August 2005
John `00` Fleming Interview

One of the true pioneers of deep, underground trance, John '00' Fleming has been championing a deeper, psy influenced sound for the past few years now. His label J00f is going from strength to strength with some of the most respected progressive and psy producers in the world providing deep, intelligent trance music. Here at trance.nu towers we love John's sound so we jumped at the chance to have a chat with him prior to the release of his new White Label Republic album. The interview was delayed for a while while John was recovering from a nasty boating accident, but thankfully he is still in one piece!!!

Thanks for doing the interview John! First things first, how are you recovering?

Very well. Iím a very fit person and this has helped my recovery. Ribs, cuts and lung have healed; I need another 3 Physio on my arm. The old Fleming is back!

How did you manage to keep yourself busy while you were out of action?

My lap top computer. I also managed to sneak a few days in the studio, but it was very painful trying to move the mouse after a while. I canít stand daytime TV, so I have to do something!!!

Lets move onto your music now, "Attention" with Christopher Lawrence has just been released, what was it like working with Christopher?

Myself and Christopher are very good friends, it was a natural thing to happen. Heís a great guy and stayed with me on his visit. We plan to do plenty more projects together.

What other releases and collaborations have you got coming up?

Iíve recently made a track with Astrix. This will be released on HOMmega recordings very soon. Iím really happy with this trackÖAstrix is a genius in the studio.

The "White Label" album series is about to hit its third album, what sets it apart from the other mix albums out there?

I simply play music that I like. This takes me across many genres of music, so I seem to cover many boundaries. I also try to avoid the bigger anthemic tracks and head for new unreleased material. This seems to make my compilations more appealing as I try to create a timeless mix that doesnít age.

Your style is very distinctive, with psy and progressive influences in your sets. How do you go about building your DJ sets?

I am able to use these tools to create a journey, starting dark and deep then building to some full steam Psy Trance. I can create magic moments without the use of big anthems. I feel this take more of a skill creating an atmosphere without using the big tunes.

Which DJs are you a fan of?

Too many to mention!! Christopher Lawrence, Armin, Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, MIKE to name a few.

Your label "Joof" is coming along with more and more strong, underground releases. What can we expect from the label in the next few months?

Weíve taken a little break to reshuffle the company. Also my recent accident postponed things. Weíve gone full digital, this now allows us to concentrate on releasing material that we believe in pushing us yet further underground. We have some awesome releases lined up + some artist albums.

Which producers are tickling your musical taste buds right now? Are there any producers you respect and look up to?

Far too many to mention, wouldnít be fair just to mention a few.

What are your favourite tracks of all time?

They change all the time, I hate listing these!

What is your opinion on the shift from vinyl sales to mp3 and downloads?

Iíve been a fan of this for a long time, we have to face it digital is our future. We still have a lot of work to do get the digital infrastructure up and running correctly. Thereís loads of new ideas in the pipeline and this will save dance music sales.

When youāre not in the studio or behind the decks what do you do to relax?

I love watersports, Iím a true water baby and love the sea. I was supposed to be relaxing a few weeks ago when I got hit by a boat?!?!? This hasnít put me off, Iíll be back out too sea soon.

How do you see your sound evolving?

I donít know??! It will always have a Trance influence. There are so many talented producers out there, itís a matter of finding them and exposing their music. They are the ones that push new boundaries.

And finally what are your ambitions? Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Still Djing!!! I want to concentrate more on production, this has recently taken a back seat due to my hectic work schedule. Iíll try and find more time over the next few years. I also want to find more time for my personal life and find time for my friends and family, my works eats away at my lifeÖ Iím not complaining though!!

trance.nu would like to thank John for taking the time to do this interview with us and wish him a speedy and full recovery from the accident!

White Label Republic is released soon on HitMania, watch out for it!

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