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Sunday 27th, August 2006
John 00 Fleming 2006

John 00 Fleming is truly one of the most revered personalities in the trance scene today, and has been for some time. His ability to cross genres and styles and bring underground trance music to the masses is unique and his enthusiasm and passion for trance music shines though in his sets, productions and albums. Few people can claim to have been at the pinnacle of their profession for a sustained period of time, having enjoyed so much success and still be leading the way forward. John 00 Fleming is amongst a small band of people who can say they were responsible for igniting the spark of the scene we all know and love today. Since starting his DJing career in the sleepy seaside town of Worthing as a fresh faced fifteen year old over twenty years ago he has steadily built up a powerful reputation – he is never afraid to push boundaries and experiment with new ideas and sounds. As well as DJing he is the owner of the hugely successful J00F Recordings and hosts his own radio show on Ministry Of Sound/di.fm, the highly popular Global Trance Grooves which gives him opportunity to expose the commercial market to his own blend of underground progressive trance with a psy/goa edge. Hes had his ups and downs in life but always comes back fighting, his passion for quality music made even stronger. Here he took some time out from his busy schedule to answer some questions for trance.nu.

t.nu: Hey John, firstly thanks for doing this interview for trance.nu. How's life at the moment?

J00F: Very very busy, I desperately need a holiday!

t.nu: Tell us about your new collaberation with The Digital Blonde, 00db. You've often spoken of your admiration for him as a producer, surely this was long overdue?

J00F: We've been very good friends for a very long time. Thought he is an artist on my label and I'm officially his boss, we see each other as friends rather than work associates.

t.nu: Your recent release with Astrix, 3rd Time Lucky, was very well received. What was he like to work with?

J00F: He works fast! He's also a great guy who takes his work seriously, this bit I like. So the result was a serious slab of Trance music!

t.nu: Have you got any more collaborations lined up and who would be your ideal producer to work with?

J00F: I'm currently enjoying working with artists. I enjoy experiencing how others work and having energy of others to fuel with. I've just finished a track with Wizzy Noise. This will be on their forthcoming album and will also be released as a single soon.

t.nu: You seem to have fully embraced the digital world with J00F Records now with all your releases being digital only… what influenced your decision to do this?

J00F: Though at the time I was frowned upon for making this decision a couple of years ago, people are now starting to realise why I did this. I write for various technology magazines so am in a lucky position that I can see where the future will be with DJ kit. Vinyl is a dying format. Most labels are lucky to sell 500 copies in today's climate, so why continue to support it when DJ's aren't buying it?

t.nu: Does this digital only approach stretch into your production? Or is it still very much hardware based?

J00F: This can open up a debate of Digital vs. Analogue?! It's down to how good the engineer is and how they use their kit, it's as simple as that.

t.nu: What do you think of the technological advances in DJing? Do you still play much vinyl for example?

J00F: I first started playing CD's 10 years ago and wanted to drop vinyl at the time but couldn't due to the public not accepting it. I officially dropped vinyl 5 years ago. With digital you have access to the whole of the music around the world, if you chose vinyl your restricted to your local record shop's taste in music… he can't afford to stock the shop with everything. Think about it!

t.nu: Your touring schedule is very hectic as usual… what have been your favourite events so far this summer and which ones are you most looking forward to?

J00F: There's been so many, it's not fair to mention just one. Highlights of the year had to be playing 15 festivals in Brazil in May with Infected Mushroom to crowds of 40,000 people! Then we saw WEMF in Toronto, this was amazing this year.

t.nu: You started your DJing career in a club called Sterns in Worthing, just a short train ride from my hometown of Brighton. It is not typically known for it's thriving club scene yet I read in one interview with you that it would be the club you would choose to play at if you had one day left on earth. What made it so special?

J00F: You had to experience Sterns then you would understand. A 16th century manor house in the middle of the country. It had seven rooms of dance music. There would be a mile long queue of people trying to get in at 8pm, and the parties would last until 7am! This place would be rammed every week with pure music lovers, I miss those days...

t.nu: What sort of music did you start out playing back then?

J00F: While others where playing happy hardcore I was playing 4/4 beat that was called Techno back then... but only because it was a 4/4 beat!

t.nu: You were a long term resident at one of my home town Brighton's oldest clubs, The Zap. What was your favourite memory of that time?

J00F: I enjoyed being a resident, playing every week. I rotated my time slot with fellow residents Dave Clarke and Eric Powell. I miss being able to experiment with a regular crowd that get to know your style and also the long sets.

t.nu: You have made no secret of your psy-trance roots and this seems to come across more and more in your productions and sets over recent years - can you see this genre breaking out of the underground into a wider market?

J00F: Yes I've dipped back into my roots playing more on the Psy scene. This happened because I was losing faith with the regular trance scene, it didn't seem to be moving forward musically. I couldn't seem to find the music I was into. The Psy scene definately offers me this. I can't see Psy going mainstream as they are passionate about keeping their scene underground. They have a habit of rebelling when they think things may go commercial and head deeper and darker... lets hope this happens!

t.nu: Your White Label albums are some of the most well loved albums in many trance fans collections… have you got a fourth one planned?

J00F: Yes there will be a fourth don't worry! In fact plenty more. I'm planning number four early next year, maybe digitally too..?

t.nu: Do you find much time to relax?

J00F: No because you're asking me all these questions!

t.nu: Oh John you cheeky scamp! Thanks for doing this interview and best of luck with the future!

J00F: Many thanks to you, also don't forget John 00 when voting in the DJ mag poll... we're on a mission this year!

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