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Tuesday 21st, May 2002
John "00" Fleming

It has been an interesting year in terms of the growth and changes associated with trance music. Many DJ's have moved over to the progressive side, and many towards the tech side of the genre. Few have mastered the art of genre- blending, which is what has been skillfully accomplished by John "00" Fleming and proven to us with his many recent worldwide performances. He'll take you on a seamless journey from progressive house & trance, trance, tech-trance and even goa! With his latest releases; Belfast Trance and White Label Euphoria, John will not dissapoint. Trance.nu catches up with him for a few questions...

KEVIN - What is the strangest thing anyone has ever said to you while you were DJ'ing?

JOHN - "Can I have a drink?" They were totally messed up and were convinced that I was behind a bar. He got really violent as well. I said "this isn't the bar, look turntables and I have records". He got mad when I wouldn't serve him a drink, I told him "I'm not the bar man I'm the DJ". He immediately got moody and actually swung at me, I'm not a fighter but I used to be a professional kick boxer so he got a surprise when he went for me.

KEVIN - What is your favorite gear to play on when you're DJ'ing?

JOHN - Well you can't live without trusty Technics turntables, I don't think they'll ever be replaced. Allen-Heath mixers are my favorite in the whole world. They specialize in making professional studio mixers so they know inside out how to make a mixer. With the eq you can zoom right down to the frequency you want to. The cross faders are smooth, they are not noisy the headphones are crystal clear. The Pioneer CD-1000 is next in line. They are brilliant!

KEVIN - What was the first equipment you used to spin on?

JOHN - I'm not sure what they were called but there were turntables before the Technics 1200, the 1000s or something.

KEVIN - What is the shortest and the longest sets you have ever played?

JOHN - The shortest, God's Kitchen I played for about 10 minutes, there was some confusion about the time. The longest set, probably about 8 hours. I've played a few of them. I think about four hours is good enough for me or any DJ. You can only go so far with one style of music or sound. I think some people get bored with that and want to hear alternative music. You can try and do an entire night and it just doesn't seem to work, four hours seems to be just perfect.

KEVIN - What is your take on DJ's using burned CDs and mp3s with things like final scratch and other tools?

JOHN - I'm all for technology. I play half my set from CD now anyways. It is convenient for me traveling around the world. Instead of taking boxes of records, which can get lost in cargo. I can just carry a bag around. What people don't realize is that you actually loose sound quality from analog vinyl to CD. Mp3s are very, very poor quality. I have played some music that people have sent me, new material, but it is woolly and muffled. Its not quite there yet. It is a tricky one. The music industry is all over the place with it. I'm scared of what will happen to some producers because they're out of pocket because of it and some of them will go under. DJ's and the industry need those producers in a big way, like now I find it difficult to find music. There has to be a way to solve this.

KEVIN - What do you think the biggest technical advancement in DJ'ing has been or will be?

JOHN - New equipment coming out, CD players coming out are very good. There are things you can do with CD players like make loops and samples. I think Pioneer leads the way. I look at a CD player and my mind is full of possibilities.

KEVIN - Who in your mind are some of the up-and-coming trance producers?

JOHN - Yahel from Israel, I've been a big fan of his for a long time. I see a lot of crossover trance DJ's play his stuff, like Tiesto and Scott Bond and now you see his tracks on Gatecrasher compilations. I think Yahel should get the recognition he deserves, I mean he has the melody and the energy and I think he'll do it.

KEVIN - Who is your favorite DJ or who would you like to see but maybe haven't had the chance?

JOHN - That's kind of difficult, I don't get to see most of my colleges play out. A tail end when I take over. I have great inspiration from Paul Oakenfold, I know he is the number one Dj and the obvious choice that everyone would say. That guy moves forward with his music, which is excellent.

KEVIN - Of all the clubs you have played in around the world, which would you say has the best sound?

JOHN - Godskitchen, it is just an amazing sound system, the way it is set up with the engineer there babysitting it for you. He'll set the eq for my specific music so it always comes through sounding good. With trance you have a lot of mids but you still want to feel it. I have a pin number so every time I go there I just put that in and it'll all be set to how I like it.

KEVIN - How did your work on Belfast Trance with 80's band simple minds come about?

JOHN - I just love Simple Minds. We upgraded the studio, listening to it and we needed to set up the audio side that we use. We were just kicking around and before we knew it we added a kick drum and we were remixing it. The song came out just this January but we actually did it about two years ago, it took that long to get all the legal issues sorted out.

KEVIN - Between DJ'ing, producing, your web site, reviewing records and everything else you do, how do you find the time?

JOHN - Sitting on planes, I spend hours and hours on planes. I have a full recording studio on my computer so I use that. I write all my email and everything, I do it all there.

KEVIN - What do you do outside of the music scene, what are you hobbies?

JOHN - I absolutely love water sports, I grew up and the coast so I'm a water baby.

KEVIN - Where do you see yourself ten years from now?

JOHN - Still DJ'ing and traveling. I don't know when I'll give it up, I love it too much. I'd like a bit more time to myself.

KEVIN - How have things changed in your life since your near death experience a few years back?

JOHN - I'm just silly all the time, I'm a big kid who can't grow up and I'll always be like that. You have to love the passion and blood. The music helped me through it all. I don't get moody or grumpy or pissed off. I'm lucky.

KEVIN - Thanks very much John!

JOHN - Thank-you Kevin!

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