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Friday 06th, September 2002
Johan Gielen 2002

On Sunday September 1st 2002, a few minutes after his gig in Palladio, Helden (Netherlands), Trance.nu interviewed Johan Gielen, one of the producers behind Svenson & Gielen and Airscape. We talked about his upcoming DJ gigs, the new Svenson & Gielen single, the long awaited album and other news.

Trance.nu: What is it that makes the trance music so special for you?

The word 'trance' is only a little word, but there's so much behind this style.
Trance can bring over a message to a lot of people without talking to them.
There's a lot of emotion in trance, also a lot of sadness sometimes. It's a
very large style of music.

Trance.nu: How do you think about the future of trance music? A lot of people
think that trance is going to be harder, like into hard house. What are your
thoughts about it?

It's true that the trance-music from today is harder then it was the past.
You can hear this when you're listening to tracks from people like Cosmic Gate
and Dumonde, the German-sound. Maybe trance is getting harder, but there are
still a lot of very good productions that remind me of work from 3 years ago,
for example the new Gouryella. Ferry Corsten proved, with 'Ligaya', that he's
not a one-day-fly and that he can go very wide with his music. But I think that
that it's good that there are a lot of different styles in the word 'trance'.

Trance.nu: You work a lot together with Sven Maes. How did you meet him?

Six years ago I was working together with Oliver Adams. He's one of the producers
from Praga Khan. Together with Praga Khan, Oliver had a tour through the United
States for a couple of months. The problem was that I wanted to go on with producing
my music. Sven Maes had a little studio next to the building where we had our
studio. So Oliver introduced me to Sven and from that time we started with producing
music together.

Trance.nu: In the past you had some hits with the Airscape-project - 'Amazon
Chant', 'Pacific Melody' and 'L'Esperanza' to name a few. A lot of Trance.nu
users wanted to know if we can expect a new Airscape track in the near future?

There hasn't been a new Airscape track for a while, due to some trouble
with the contract I had with my old record company Antler Subway. But since
I am the owner of the name 'Airscape' and now all contracts are over, we are
busy with producing a new one. So next year there will be a brand new Airscape
track and I can tell you that it will be better than ever!

Trance.nu: Another project that you did was 'Balearic Bill'. The track 'Destination
Sunshine' became a huge dance hit in 1999. Will there be a follow up from this

'Balearic Bill' was a project that Sven and I had set up with Alex Gold
from Xtravaganza. This was only a one-off project because I only want to work
with professional people in the future. If people try to screw me it's 'game
over' for me, just like in this case.

Trance.nu: When can we expect the follow-up from 'We Know What You Did…'?

The new Svenson & Gielen is going to be called 'Answer The Question'. It will
be the theme from the new Trance Energy. One week before Trance Energy the vinyl
will be released. This time we made a track that's a bit harder then the other
Svenson & Gielen tracks. It's a bit more 'German' sounding, because we had a
huge hit in Germany with 'Twisted'.

Trance.nu: Who are going to do the remixes for 'Answer The Question'?

At this moment in time, Cosmic Gate and Don Diablo are busy remixing the track.

Trance.nu: As said before, you work a lot together with Sven Maes. What about
collaborations with other producers like Ferry Corsten, Marco V, Rank 1 and
some others?

That's a good question… Next year I'm going to start with a Johan Gielen
project. Of course there are plans to work together with various people. At
this time I already started together with Rank 1 in the studio. And about Ferry
Corsten, he's a very busy guy, but I'm sure that if he has time that we will
do something together. Maybe I'm going to do something together with Marco V
too in the future. We are all very busy people but I'm always open-minded for
things like this.

Trance.nu: The Svenson & Gielen album is set for release very soon. Can you
give us some more details about it? What tracks are on it and what's your favourite
track on the album?

The album was released last week in Japan. Over there it got the title 'The
Beauty Of Silence'. I don't know what the title for the European release will
be, that's up to the record company, maybe that they are going to call it 'Answer
The Question', just like the new single. The album has 14 tracks, which means
that there are 10 new ones. What I really like is that it's a very diverse album.
We worked very hard for a year on this album and every track is different: There
are a few harder tracks, a few typical Svenson & Gielen tracks and some nice
ambient songs. And one track is very special. I also think that this will be
the follow up from 'Answer The Question'. It's the track we did together with
Jan Johnston from the UK. This track is going to be called 'Beachbreeze (Take
Me To The Ocean)'. I think that this will be a huge hit!

Trance.nu: For the Black Hole label you did a mix album 'In Trance We Trust
004'. Will you do another 'In Trance We Trust' album in the future?

2 Years ago I have signed a contract with record company ID&T. I'm very
happy about the co-operation with them. In those 2 years ID&T have really done
a lot for me, they very good care of me and I feel really happy about the things
that are happening. I think that when you are satisfied about how things are
going, you don't need to go to other record company. So that's why I only release
my stuff at ID&T.

Trance.nu: Will there be a new 'Johan Gielen - Recorded' album?

Yes, but unfortunately it won't be this year because I'm very busy with other
things at the moment. But I think that we can expect the third 'Recorded' in
the beginning of 2003.

Trance.nu: Are there some new remixes scheduled?

Yes, we recently finished a Svenson & Gielen remix for Divine Inspiration -
a new project in the UK. It's going to be called 'Show Me The Way'. This track
is signed at Ministry Of Sound Recordings. Our version is also going to be the
radio-edit. Furthermore we are also set to do a remix for the new Cosmic Gate
track 'The Wave' and we are going to do the new 'Brooklyn Bounce'.

Trance.nu: It looks like you are focused on Germany recently, with remixes
for German acts like Blank & Jones and now Cosmic Gate and Brooklyn Bounce.

Well, this is just coincidence. Look, 'Twisted' was a huge success in Germany
and I met the boys from Blank & Jones and Cosmic Gate frequently when we had
to play at festivals etc. We have all a very good relationship with each other
and with those remixes, there's no money involved. It's just a swap deal; we
make a remix for them and they do a remix for us and I like it that way.

Trance.nu: By the way, you just played a remix from 'Jürgen Vries - The Theme'
in your set. Was this a new Svenson & Gielen remix maybe?

Uhm… no answer…

Trance.nu: At Trance Energy 2002 in Utrecht you played a remix that you made
from 'Oleta Adams - Get Here'. I noticed very good reactions from the crowd
on this remix. Is there any chance that this remix will be released in the future?

Very soon… I think that it will be released within' 6 weeks. It took so
long because we used the original sample from the voice from Oleta Adams. We
had a lot of problems to find her and to ask for permission. Oleta liked it
very much. Then we had to clear the sample and this took so long, a lot of paper
work etc. But I'm glad that it's going to be released now!

Trance.nu: For what artist would you like to do a remix?

Celine Dion. I think that she has the best voice in the world. I really would
love to do a remix for her. Absolutely!

Trance.nu: Diving is a hobby of yours. If you could choose between diving
for a week on a tropical island or doing a remix for Celine Dion. What would
you choose then?

I would do the remix! My hobby outside the music is diving. Each year in
January I go on holiday for three weeks to dive and relax.

Trance.nu: What kind of music do you listen to when you're at home or in
the car?

That depends on the mood that I'm in. Sometimes when I return from the studio
or from a gig, I like to listen to some slow music like Enigma or the new CD
from Celine Dion and that kind of stuff. But sometimes I also listen to some
harder music; it just depends on how I feel at that moment.

Trance.nu: Thank you very much for your time and good luck with the new album!

Thank you very much for your support!

Homepage: <a href="http://www.johangielen.com" target="_blank">www.johangielen.com</a></font>

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