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Wednesday 30th, November -0001
Johan Gielen

For months people has been asking us about interviewing Johan Gielen aka Airscape, Des Michell and Balearic Bill. It took some time but it was worth the wait. Here you can find the latest and most informative interview with Johan Gielen ever made.

Question: Your not only known as the DJ Johan Gielen but also as the music
producer Johan Gielen. You are one of the masters behind projects like Des
Mitchell, Balearic Bill, Airscape and many other projects together with Sven
Maes (aka Svensson). Are you working with any new projects at the moment, or had
thoughts about it? (Alone or with another producer, name)

Answer: Yes, we're very busy with an album from Svenson & Gielen and when you
ask me to work with other producers I tell you No, because Svenson and me are a
top-team so why should I go work with another producer in a studio? We are
producing together for about 5 years now and it's all going really, really well
for us.

Question: Will there be any new tracks out soon from your current projects,
what will they be(sound) like ?

Answer: Yes, you may expect a new Svenson & Gielen track in the near future
as well as a new Airscape. I don't want to tell the way they sound, because I
like to surprise people.

Question: Some people think that the trance you produce and play is a bit
"cheesy". Any comments on that ?

Answer: Have them think what they want. I smile when I get my check from
Buma/Stemra (dutch agency that serves dutch musicians :red) every six months and
what if it's 'cheesy', how do you explain the succes I have in the charts?
(Germany, Japan, England, Belgium, etc). We do not do it as well as I like it to
do in Holland, but that's not up to us or our recordcompany. I regret to say
that there still are people in Hilversum (the dutch radiostation center :red)
who determine whether a record will get air time or not and if it will become a
hit or not. But I do not worry. Maybe it will happen.

Question: Since you have to make a lot of music, you have to have a really
good inspiration source. Whats the wheel behind your music, what makes you able
to produce such good tracks ?

Answer: I think its a god's gift.

Question: The trance is growing really fast these days, and alot of people
want to become something, make their names known as you've done. Do you have any
tips or suggestions on how to produce music. What to use, and how to use it?

Answer: Just follow your heart and do what you like to do best.

Question: One contributor to the spread of trance is the internet. At
websites you can download pretty much every track or album that is released. Do
you see this as a positive or a negative issue for the trance, and for your

Answer: Positive. I'm not worried. You can't stop people downloading from the
internet. Within 5 to 8 years people will be buying everything via their
computers, so .....

Question:A wellknown DJ as yourself is requested all over the world, but you
cant be everywhere. Will there be any tour around the world this year, people
from all corners of the world (Scandinavia, USA, Australia) really want to see
you live.

Answer: Yes, we have plans for a USA tour and in summer I'll be in Ibiza,
Mallorca and Greece, you can find all of my tour dates at <a href=http://www.johangielen.com target=_blank>www.johangielen.com</a>.
Just click Agenda.

Question: What is your own opinon about the drugs ?

Answer: Music is my drug the rest is a load of crap!!!

Question: Airscape has made its way through the lists with alot of 'hits'.
Will there ever be an album from the successful project ?

Answer: When it's ready, but I asure you there will be an album.

Question: What will your 2001 be like (hopefully) ?

Answer: Same as last year I think, just continuing with doing the things I
like best.

Question: What does the trance mean to you, why do you think you chose this
kind of music ?

Answer: Trance is a very big word I think, but to me it means that by playing
this music I can deliver a message to people without talking to them. That's
what makes this kind of music so special to me.

Question: Whats the name of your first release ever ?

Answer: Ravecrusader, the track was called World Destiny

Question: What do you do on your sparetime, do you ever hangout with other
famous DJs and producers ?

Answer: Yes, sometimes it happens, but I'm very busy right now, so I don't
have to much time to 'hang out'. It's something I regret.

Question: What are your thoughts about the future trance. For how long will
it stay and what will it sound like ?

Answer: I think, Trance is here to stay. It will have a different sound
though, a bit more progressive or a bit more vocals, but it will never go away.

Question: Alot of visitors of trance.nu wonder what equipment you use in your
studio. We're really excited to see if you can hold all the names of the gears
in your head, since you have alot of them.

Answer: TOPSECRET!!!!!!!!!!!

Question: If you had the chance to work together with any producer at all,
dead or alive. Who would that person be and why ?

Answer: Paul Van Dijk. I like what he does.

Question: Why do you think there are so many really good producers and DJs
from the mid-europe (Netherlands, Germany, Belgium).

Answer: Good question, but why .... eeeehhhhhmmmmmm ...., I think it has
something to do with talent.

Question: Its been on numbers of compilations, I'm talking about Balearic
Bill. How come you've only done one single track under Balearic Bill ?

Answer: It's a project solely intended for summer. Last year I didn't have
time to make a new Balearic Bill, but this year it could suddenly happen
......... that I make a new Balearic Bill track.

Question: As the trance spread and grow popular amongst the big masses,
people see that there are ways to make much money within the scene. How do you
feel about the fact that some people try to make the music more commercial ?

Answer: Commercial is the big audience and those are the people that by your
vinyl or CD's

Fast questions:

Best trance track ever / at the moment ? Dark & Long by Underworld / Deliver Me
by Sister Bliss

Best ownproduced track ? Pacific Melody by Airscape

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