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Tuesday 13th, December 2005
Jochen Miller

Dutchman Jochen Miller (formerly known as DJ Jochen) developed his interest in dance-music in his early teens. The lucky fact of his father having a discotheque gave him the opportunity to practise on his mixing-skills. He became the resident DJ at that club at the age of 16, followed by a residency at club Zino's (Tilburg, Holland) when he was 18. At that same age he made it to the finals of the Dutch mixing championships at Dance Valley '99. He stood out from the rest because of his scratching, looping and mixing with three turntables. Inspired by all of the pumping club-tracks he played for his audience every week he decided to start producing house-music himself. Since 2001 he has had several tracks produced by himself released on vinyl, and compiled on mixing-albums. The Paul van Dyk-compilation 'The Politics Of Dancing', which featured Jochen Miller’s 'Active-X -Let's Go' even went worldwide. Around that same time, he joined an upcoming agency which is now known all over Holland and in Europe as DDA. From January 2000 until now Jochen Miller has been playing in the Lexion, one of Holland’s biggest and most popular clubs once or twice a month. In December 2001 Jochen was offered a residency in the newly opened mega-club The Matrixx, in Nijmegen. Not a bad move, because as the Matrixx’ popularity grew, so did Jochen Miller’s. All this resulted in gigs all over the Netherlands, Spain and Greece, including some of the largest Dutch events, like Trance Energy, Mystery land, Impulz Outdoor and Decibel Outdoor. Jochen Millers highlights of last summer were playing in Miami’s hottest club, the Space, the Fast Forward Dance Parade in Rotterdam, where he played solo on the Matrixx-truck, and the summer parties in Nijmegen, where he played four days in a row, including a smashing solo-gig, for over 5000 people! Also production wise Jochen Miller is a busy bee! You may know him from his own productions 'Vanity' and 'India' and the release 'San Andreas' which he did together with Cor Fijneman. At then end of November 2005 Trance.nu catched up with Jochen Miller and Boy Lamoen in their studio for an interview.

Trance.nu: Jochen, you are resident DJ at the well known club ‘The Matrixx’ in Nijmegen in The Netherlands for already 4 years now. Can you tell us how you became the resident DJ over there?
Jochen Miller: It’s a long story, but I will try to keep it short: My dad used to have a club himseld. I think that that’s written in almost every biography about me. In this club there was a girl who was working behind the bar. She was a good friend of David Brons, who is one of the 2 owners of ‘The Matrixx’ now days. David was searching for a DJ for their club, so this girl introduced us to eachother, so that’s how it happened!

Trance.nu: ‘The Matrixx’ have their own mix compilation CD’s. At the moment there are 5 editions of this CD. The last one was a double album with CD 1 which was done by yourself and CD 2 was mixed by Cor Fijneman. Is there already a new edition scheduled of ‘The Matrixx’ CD?
Jochen Miller: We discussed it a few weeks ago and I can tell you that there are plans indeed to release a new part of this compilation. But I can’t give you release dates and other information yet, but there will be a 6th edition of ‘The Matrixx’ CD for sure!

Trance.nu: And will this be a double CD as well?
Jochen Miller: We have random thoughts about that, maybe it will be an ‘Exxelent vs Millermixx’ CD, so maybe Sydney Samson (also a well known DJ behind the decks ‘The Matrixx’) will do the first CD , which will be filled with nice club-groove tracks. CD 2 will be done by myself then, with the real Jochen Miller sound. But we are still discussing things, so maybe it will be this way or maybe it will be completely different!

Trance.nu: For the people who don’t know you: What kind of music does Jochen Miller play?
Jochen Miller: When I start an evening in ‘The Matrixx’ I play some relaxed progressive trance in the beginning. And at the end of the night it can be some banging techno! But of course not without a good build up.

Trance.nu: When did you start with DJ-ing?
Jochen Miller: Haha, that’s a while ago already! I think it was when I was around the age of 15 or something like that. I had the luck that I could practice a lot in my dad’s club, which was really cool. I also did the lights over there when I was DJ-ing and I liked to do both a lot! When I was a little kid I was already interested in music. So from the beginning, I was already always very busy with music related things, so you can say that music has always been my passion.

Trance.nu: Besides your residency in ‘The Matrixx’, you played at big parties and events such as Mysteryland, Dance Valley, Impulz Outdoor, Decibel, the Fast Forward Dance Parade en of course on almost all big events organiseed by ‘The Matrixx’. What was your best party so far?
Jochen Miller: My first time at Mysteryland in 2003 was great! It was my first gig on a big event done by ID&T, so that was very impressive for me! And last year the ‘Emporium’ party was just fabulous! It was a sort of a ‘home’ feeling, since it was a huge party organised by ‘The Matrixx’. The event was held in the open air and the weather was really perfect. The whole area was pretty known for me as well, so that all made it a very special event for me!

Trance.nu: Do you have a special memory about the ‘Emporium’ party?
Jochen Miller: Yes, that one of my records skipped a few times in front of almost 6.000 people, hahaha! Yeah, things like that can happen!

Trance.nu: What do you prefer: in a club or on a big event like Mysteryland or Dance Valley?
Jochen Miller: Both are great to do. I really like spinning music in clubs such as ‘The Matrixx’ or club ‘Asta’ in The Hague. But big events (both indoor and outdoor) are also fun to do. I really liked the times that I played at Trance Energy and when the weather is nice, outdoor parties are great to do as well. ‘Mysteryland’ was a nice party to spin at and ‘Emporium’ was also amazing. Playing in a club or at a huge event is very different, but I like to do both.

Trance.nu: Is there a specific classic which you like to play from time to time in your DJ sets?
Jochen Miller: Not really… Well… Boy and I really like ‘Ralphie B - Massive’ both, so I spin that one sometimes. Not very often since I mostly spin new stuff , but if I have to choose a track, ‘Massive’ be will be one of the first tracks that I would pick.

Trance.nu: What are your 5 favourite tracks of this moment?
Jochen Miller: My 5 favourite tracks at the moment are:
1. Jochen Miller - Chromatic (Original Dub)
2. Silent Electra - Polarity (Jochen Miller Remix)
3. Miller & Fijneman - Genuine Draft
4. Marco V - Calling The Shots
5. Octagen & M.I.D.O.R - Flyback

Trance.nu: Do you have any favourite DJ’s, or DJ’s who inspire you?
Jochen Miller: I don’t have a sort of an idol to be honest. But I have a lot of respect for Marco V. I like his sound and the way he builds up his DJ sets. What Marco reached in the last few years with simply doing his own thing is just amazing! For the rest I must admit that I always liked Paul van Dyk’s DJ sets a lot.

Trance.nu: In the past you played your music as ‘DJ Jochen’. Nowdays you are using the ‘Jochen Miller’ alias. What’s the reason of this name change?
Jochen Miller: On a certain moment I found out that there were more people who had the name ‘DJ Jochen’, so there were websites with domains such as djjochen.de, djjochen.tk, djjochen.org etc. So you can image that it was a bit confusing for a lot of people and also for myself. So that is the main reason why I changed my name. I was born in a place called ‘Mill’, so that’s why I decided to call myself ‘Jochen Miller’.

Trance.nu: You are doing very well in the Dutch DJ Awards list. What’s your opinion about lists like this?
Jochen Miller: Well, it’s always cool when you are high in a list, but to be honest, for myself those lists aren’t that important. In my opinion a DJ just has to play a good set and entertain his crowd. People will like a DJ or not, so for me it’s not about lists. But of course it’s nice when you are high ranked in a list. I think that people who are ranked high in a list will say that it’s an important list and people who are not in it, will say that it’s not an important list, haha! I’m doing very well at the moment in the Dutch DJ Awards list, so of course for me it’s an important list, haha!

Trance.nu: Besides your work as DJ, you are also busy with producing music. You released tracks such as ‘India’ and ‘Vanity’. I’ve heard that the new Jochen Miller track will be out pretty soon. Can you already tell us something more about this track?
Jochen Miller: The title of the track will be ‘Chromatic’. Boy Lamoen and I did this one together and we finished the track a few weeks ago. I tried it a already few times in my DJ sets and I’m glad that it works very well on the floor! At the moment Alex Morph is busy with remixing the track. The release date is scheduled for the end of February 2006 on ‘Be Yourself Music’, the label of Dick de Groot.

Trance.nu: Together with Cor Fijneman you are producing tracks for the Black Hole sublabel ‘Outstanding’. The ‘Miller & Fijneman’ track ‘San Andreas’ was released early 2005 on the label of Cor Fijneman. When can we expect the new ‘Miller & Fijneman’ track?
Jochen Miller: The follow up is finished already for a while, so at the end of December ‘Mono Dura / Genuine Draft’ will be available in stores! The reactions are good and Tiësto is already playing it, so that’s pretty cool!

Trance.nu: Besides your productions with Cor Fijneman, you work a lot together with Boy Lamoen. Which projects are you doing together with him?
Jochen Miller: The ‘Silent Electra’ project on ‘Dedicated’ we’re doing both together. For the rest the Boy Lamoen tracks of course and also my Jochen Miller tracks as well. We’re also doing the remixes together. And we also have a new project on the United label, which is called ‘Morrison’. And we have the ‘Modena’ project there as well!

Trance.nu: You just named ‘Modena’, which is a project you have on the ‘Dedicated’ label. Can we expect a follow up from the track ‘Resenator’ soon?
Jochen Miller: Yes, it’s finished, but we don’t have a name, a release date or any other information about that one yet…

Trance.nu: On the United Recordings label ‘Dedicated’ you have the project ‘Silent Electra’. In February 2005 the track ‘For This Moment’ was released on that label. This one was done together with Tom Peters and Viktor van Ophuizen, who are also the producers of ‘Cream Team’. When can we expect the follow up from this one?
Jochen Miller: The new ‘Silent Electra’ is called ‘Polarity’ and it has been just released actually. I did ‘Polarity’ together with Boy Lamoen, so not with Tom and Viktor. On the A-side you can find my own remix and on the B-side you can find a remix done by Hemstock & Jennings.

Trance.nu: In the past you also released tracks on various labels under project names such as ‘Carmen Glenn’, ‘Trance Providers’, ‘Coppa D’Amore’ and ‘Club Crashers’. Will there be new tracks for those projects in the future?
Jochen Miller: No, those projects are things from a few years ago and they also have the sound of a few years ago. We have starteed a few new projects now and we want to focus on. So there will be no more releases of the projects you just mentioned.

Trance.nu: Can we expect some new projects or collaborations with other producers?
Jochen Miller: I’m doing all productions and remixes together with Boy Lamoen, so I don’t work together with other people. But I have to mention that we are busy in the studio with Ton T.B. at the moment!

Trance.nu: So that will be a new project together with Ton? Or what can we expect of that?
Jochen Miller: Well… to be honest, we don’t know what the plans are, we’ll just see how it goes. Ton recently remixed the new track for Boy and now we’re trying some things out in the studio together. And we also finished a track with him, but we don’t know yet where that one will be released. It’s a bit for fun, so we’ll just see how it all goes!

Trance.nu: Are there any producers or vocalists who you would like to work with?
Jochen Miller: Hmmm, not really. It’s always fun to work together with a well known producer, but I don’t have any names that I can mention now. About the vocals: At the moment we are busy with a vocalist for the new Jochen Miller track (the follow up from ‘Chromatic’), so you will hear that one later in 2006!

Trance.nu: When did you start with producing?
Jochen Miller: I think it was at the end of 1999 when I started with producing my own music.

Trance.nu: You already made a few Jochen Miller remixes for other acts and artists. Can we expect some new remixes made by you soon?
Jochen Miller: Boy and I recently finished a remix for the Ton T.B. track ‘Static Bullet’, which will see a release soon. There’s also a Jochen Miller remix of the new ‘Silent Electra’ track on Dedicated. But for the rest there are no new remixes scheduled.

Trance.nu: Are there certain bands or acts you would like to do a remix for?
Jochen Miller: Good question… 'Coldplay – Talk' would be cool!
Boy Lamoen: I would love to do a remix for Röyksopp. It’s a great band, they have some wicked productions and I love the vocals they are using, so I would love to make a remix of one of their tracks for sure!

Trance.nu: Do you have your own studio?
Jochen Miller: Yes, I have my own studio and Boy and I are working together on new productions and remixes over there.

Trance.nu: What kind of equipment do you use in your studio?
Jochen Miller: We have a Power Mac G5, Logic 7, Genelec 1032 monitoring system, we have the new Virus TI for a couple of months now with Virus B, Waldorf Q, Novation SuperNova, the Nordrack 2 and of course we are using a lot software as well.

Trance.nu: Do you prefer software or hardware?
Jochen Miller: Software! You can do almost everything with it!

Trance.nu: What’s the highlight in your career so far?
Jochen Miller: I think the Jochen Miller solo under the bridge for around 5000 people. This was 2 years ago during the ‘4 Daagse’ in Nijmegen. I would love to do something similar again for sure!

Trance.nu: Is making and playing music your fulltime job?
Jochen Miller: Yes, I’m doing it for 3 years now like this. From Tuesday ‘till Friday Boy Lamoen and I are busy in the studio with producing music. In the weekend I have my DJ gigs, so Monday is my day off.

Trance.nu: You’re very active as a DJ and producer. Do you have time for other hobbies besides music?
Jochen Miller: Yeah, in my spare time I’m busy with gaming. Also with Boy during our breaks, which is very important, haha! But music is my hobby as well, so I don’t mind sitting in the studio ‘till late in the evening to be honest!

Trance.nu: What can we expect from you in the near future?
Jochen Miller: Some new stunning Jochen Miller tracks, new tracks for the Jochen & Miller project and of course some new remixes made by us. I hope to continue with the Matrixx as resident DJ, because it’s a sort of ‘my’ place as well, since I’m there from the start. And for the rest I hope to play at the big events and in the clubs across the country. Just doing my thing and keep the people dancing!

Trance.nu: Thank you very much for your time and good luck in the future!
Jochen Miller: No problem, thank you too!

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