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Friday 20th, April 2007
Updated: Thursday 28th, May 2009

Born and raised in New York City, Jes Brieden realized at a young age that singing was her passion. While enrolled in Art School, her truly unique vocal style, and range was discovered, and she quickly progressed to working in professional situations. All the while she continued to write and work in friends studios, always making music. While working at a popular recording studio in LA, Jes met Mike Olson, and the two formed ‘Gaurdians Of The Earth’, which was a hit on the very popular Mp3.com, with songs like ‘Starchildren’ and ‘One Moon Circling’. "Starchildren" was released on Paul van Dyk’s ‘The Politics Of Dancing’ series, and through hearing that, Jes began collaborating with more DJ's like ‘D:fuse’ and ‘Deepsky’, producing tracks like ‘Living The Dream’ and ‘Ghost’ and many others. Ultimately this lead to the collaboration with Gabriel & Dresden to form ‘Motorcycle’, producing the Billboard #1 Dance Hit ‘As The Rush Comes’. Furthermore she worked together with ‘Solorstone’ on the track ‘Like A Waterfall’. Now Jes comes full circle, putting a different twist on some of her favourites, while continuing to write new songs to bring you ‘Disconnect’, her debut solo artist album. By tapping into her rock roots, and mashing it with the big dance grooves she is known for we bring you this infectious new style we call ‘Roctronica’. Check out ‘Disconnect’, coming soon. Brought to you by Black Hole Recordings and Magik Muzik.

Trance.nu: Jes, your debut solo album 'Disconnect' is soon to be released on Tiësto’s Black-Hole Recordings. What can we expect on this album?
Jes: Many, many different things. I tried to put a little bit of everything on this album. Definitely it’s very dance-oriented, but I tried to but a little bit of where I came from: A little edgy, rock, some urban stuff, a little soul. I played on it as well, a little Wurlitzer and guitar. I do play some instruments myself.

Trance.nu: What’s your personal favourite track of the album?
Jes: I really love a song called ‘Around You’, its been around underground a little, but this is a different version of it. And I have a song called ‘Stronger’, but it’s actually many songs I like, which is a good thing I guess. And I like a song called ‘If You Want My Love’, it’s a little bit more R’n’B oriented. There are a lot of different styles.

Trance.nu: What will be the first single release of the album?
Jes: We’re releasing a song called ‘Ghost’, which has actually been around for a while in a way, but it has never had the support it needed to get out there. It’s a great song and its doing very well in America right now. It’s a new remix of it, the Clubjumpers remix, which is doing well, and I’m doing the version from my album. It got previously released as ‘Deepsky & Jes’, but this is a new version, a re-recording.

Trance.nu: Did you write all the lyrics on the album yourself?
Jes: Yes, most of them. On some of the songs I worked with a guy called Jim Jacobsen from L.A. of ‘Lime’. He did ‘Stronger’ and ‘Around You’ with me, but most of them I do write the lyrics myself.

Trance.nu: What do you get inspired by for your tracks?
Jes: From many places, from life. This Album I’ve been writing for a long time and between all the projects that I’ve done, I’ve held on to a few stronger tracks. ‘Around You’and ‘Stronger’ which I’ve had for a couple of years. But also I travel a lot, so I get inspired by being in different clubs and hearing all the music. I come back and get so inspired by the traveling I do and the people that I meet. And during the time of writing this album, I was definitely in a place to try to get a lot of stuff out of me, because a lot of different things had been going on. It’s definitely indicative of a time of my life.

Trance.nu: How long does it take for you to write a track?
Jes: It depends really. Some tracks take months and some tracks take days. Usually I try to stick with the initial idea while playing around, cause I always consulate playing guitar or playing around with a beat. The idea comes right away. I always ask myself the question: ‘How did I finish this? How did I get there? For instance with ‘Ghost’, I think it’s a beautiful song or ‘Waterfall’, it’s such a worthy song and deep in a way. I keep looking at my notes, and I’m usually worried all the time that I would never get to finish it. But I always know I will, so I try to remind myself of that. But normally when you have inspiration, it comes right away.

Trance.nu: Do you also produce the tracks yourself?
Jes: On this album I did, I produced a couple of tracks with different people. I’ve produced the tracks ‘Heaven’ and actually the title track called ‘Disconnect’ with Steve Sidelnyk and Sean Spuehler from Madonna’s band. And I’ve worked on many great records, so I was very lucky. I do put down most of the basic ideas myself, and we all work on them together. I also worked with a guy named Richard Robson from the UK, a friend of everybodys. It’s becoming kind of a family, they all worked on Richard Ashcroft’s album together and many different Amy Winehouse tracks and some things like that. And also Jim Jacobsen of Lime. So there is a couple of key people that I’ve had around me in my life, that we’re rallied around me and helped me finish this album!

Trance.nu: How long have you been busy to finish the entire album?
Jes: I started the album around 2 years ago. It was funny because of all these flyers saying that it would be coming out ‘now’… Even now I was supposed to come out in March, and I told all my fans. And they’re such amazing people and they are so patient. I can tell you, its coming out in May now for sure. And it took a long time, because I never stop working, cause you have to constantly be doing shows and you come back and you recover. And then you have to go into the studio again and also be doing interviews. For me at least, I feel more valid, more real and a lot more involved when I’m doing shows. I hate when I have a period of having no shows, because I think I’m done and over with, I’m going away, I’m fading…So, that’s why it took a long time. And we’ve also worked over the internet nowadays.

Trance.nu: The album will see a release in May. Will it also be released in the USA?
Jes: Yes. It will be released in the USA. Probably a couple of months after the European release. Usually its different and you might find some bonus material on it. We had so many tracks, now we’ve selected 14, so that is still a lot of different songs! I got attached.

Trance.nu: Can you tell us how your career started?
Jes: I come from a musical family, so I’ve always been singing and writing. I answered an ad in the newspaper called ‘The Village Voice’ when I was a teenager. Ever since I recorded my first song, I knew that was what I wanted to do, and I never did anything else. I was in various bands and working in the studio when I started working with a guy named ‘Mike Olson’, we had a band called ‘Guardians of the Earth’ and a song called ‘Star Children’. That was the very first dance thing I ever did, it had some sort of a Björk-y kind of feeling. It was an interesting song, that got very popular during the mp3 revolution and we were getting thousands of downloads a day. So that’s kind of where it started in the dance world. And we had a song called ‘One Moon Circling’, which I will be performing on the Tiësto tour, and we’ve included it on the album. Because it was a very popular song, in its own way, we did a new version of it now.

Trance.nu: What is the highlight in your career so far?
Jes: I’m very excited to be in Holland. The support there is phenomenal, and it kind of all started there. It has such a great dance scene and is a hub of it in a way. The first show I ever played was in the NEC Arena in Birmingham, but I definitely have to say that performing with Tiësto was up there. I got the chance to do some of his US shows. He does everything on a very high level. He played a show in Malaysia for 20000 people, so that was definitely also a highlight.

Trance.nu: You’ve worked with various producers and DJ’s already like Deepsky, Solarstone and Gabriel & Dresden for the ‘Motorcycle’ project. Can we expect some new collaborations with them in the future?
Jes: I did work with Tiësto on his new album ‘Elements Of Life’, and I hope to do some more with him as well. We already have a couple. With making this record and having Tiësto sign it, I really slowed down writing and working with a lot more other people. I wanted to focus on this record, cause it really took everything out of me. To promote an album, you need to be on the road for like 2 years or more. Ghost has been out for a long time, and you really need to push it. It’s a big world, and sometimes I look at a map and see where I have been and that is so many places, but there are so many more places to go. I look a lot forward to the remixes, cause I can work with great other DJ’s and producers. I have spoken to a lot of people and a lot of people are interested in working with me, so hopefully after I do the main push of the album, I go back to writing with some other producer/DJ’s.

Trance.nu: Are there any producers you like to work with?
Jes: A lot of them. Rick Rueben, he’s more traditional. I’d love to work with Nigel Godrich, he did all the Radiohead stuff. There’s a lot of ‘em; More alternative stuff.

Trance.nu: You already mentioned, you did the vocals for the track ‘Everything’ for the new Tiësto album ‘Elements Of Life’. How was it to work with him?
Jes: Tiësto’s so amazing and down to earth and equally excited about music in general. I was talking about inspiration, he was in LA, and just to be able to work with him in that way was very inspiring. It’s definitely a different song, and we wrote it in LA and then I came out to Holland to work with him and his producers. It was a great experience to be able to do that. I’ve been wanting to work with him for a long time, so I hope I can do justice to the song. It’s exciting to sing it live, because you get to give it just a little bit more. Especially with ‘As The Rush Comes’, I don’t like those vocals, so on stage you can give it a little bit more. I will also perform it on the Tiësto Elements Of Life tour.

Trance.nu: ‘Motorcycle – As The Rush Comes’ was a huge hit worldwide. What’s the story with the Motorcycle project?
Jes: We did a lot of songs, we actually have a new song called ‘Deep Breath Love’ and its on Sharam’s (Deep Dish) new CD ‘Dubai’. Its actually a mash-up with ‘Sedna’ from 16 Bit Lolitas. It’s another great motorcycle song. We also have ‘Imagination’ which is on my CD, and I’m actually going to perform it too. It’s a downtempo electro-ballad, and I play guitar on it. I think its going to go down well and its very beautiful. It shows a little bit more of what I do. We also have ‘My Blue Heart’, its this dubby mix. I also have a little on my album. With success with a project like that, we were both doing so much different things on our own separate tracks. Who knows with a release of these songs, maybe we’ll do some more. They released their album, you have to promote your album, and you can’t really sway. You have to make it a success and the only way you can accomplish that is by pushing, focus, promotion and just more of all the above.

Trance.nu: Is there a chance that there will be a ‘Motorcycle’ album?
Jes: Well, I’m not sure about an album. We actually recorded a lot of songs, and I’ve put some of those songs on my album, because I believe in those songs. I really wanted them to get out there. Maybe some remixes. We have a great chemistry; we did a lot of great things. But I never say never, we are all in our own world.

Trance.nu: What do consider your best track ever?
Jes: Well definitely ‘As The Rush Comes’, which is a beautiful track. But I really believe in ‘Ghost’ as well. And I really believe in a song called ‘Imagination’, which is an old Motorcycle song which I redid for my album. There are so many different ones. I believe ‘Everything’ is a great song too, and I really want to get in pushing it.

Trance.nu: Are you going to tour around the world to promote the ‘Disconnect’ album?
Jes: Yes, we’re starting now. We’re doing the kickoff party with Tiësto on Friday, which is sort of the beginning. I’m going to be over in Holland, doing a lot of shows for the ‘Elements Of Life’ tour. And in-between I’m going to be doing Jes shows and the album promotion and we’re going to be staying over in Holland a lot. In the USA, I’m going to do one show called ‘Global Dance at Red Rocks’ in Denver, Colorado. It’s an amazing show for 10000 people. That’s the only other show I’m going to be doing in America. I’m going to be European for the summer.

Trance.nu: What do you think of a lot of trance fans that say vocals rarely improve a song?
Jes: Wow. I’ve never heard that one. It’s funny because when ‘As The Rush Comes’ came out, there was clearly a hole in the market of trance music for great vocal songs. It was a time. I think that song, not only for being a great song, the trance market was in need of something and I think that song marked a new era for vocal trance music. I could see it clear as day. I think ever since that song came out, we had some great tracks out with female vocals. But then we almost had a saturation, where there were a lot of great vocalists. I think it was a trigger to a lot of things. Trance music is interesting, cause its very beautiful and melodic and a lot of the top lines are synths, keyboards, piano, guitars… And they’re melodic in their own way. That’s the vocals. I wouldn’t necessarily agree with them, there’s a lot of great trance song with lyrics, and I do love instrumental trance songs as well. But I do understand where they’re coming from.

Trance.nu: What do you think of the current state of trance or EDM in general in the United States?
Jes: It’s funny, because its not so popular as it is in Europe. But it dominates TV, commercials, film. It’s so interesting to me, because even making a record and people knowing what I’ve done and what I do, is almost, in certain areas, looked down upon in a way. You’re seen as a dance music artist. Personally I believe that we will move forward and crossover. And I think it already has, but I think people aren’t acknowledging it or want to admit it. So I hope to be part of it. I know myself; I’m always pushing to achieve that. ‘As The Rush Comes’ was played on national radio. We actually lost a lot of dance stations. We don’t have that many dance radio stations in America. But internet has helped a lot; it is all over the place. We’re not going away. We’re going to keep it going, but it’s definitely different in America.

Trance.nu: What kind of music do you listen to when you’re at home?
Jes: I listen to a lot of different things. A lot of dance music. I love the new Björk album. The Killers, a lot of bands I like. I hate to admit it, after recording in the studio, I just want silence. I hate to say that, but I feel so bad. You’re always around music, always in clubs, so I hear a lot of things. I’m getting into listening more. Now I’ve finished writing, I need to re-inspire myself from things that are out.

Trance.nu: What can we expect from you in the future?
Jes: Hopefully, a lot more music. While finishing this album, I’ve wrote a bunch of new songs. I’m ready to make my second album, but I’m really dedicated to pushing this album. It’s taken so long, and I’ve dreamt about having my own album for my whole life. Now that I’ve gotten this chance, that I have it, I’m going to do everything I can to push it. I’ll sing it to anyone who will listen. I’ve taken many detours in my life, and it’s taken a long time to create this Jes album. Finally I got there; my parents are happy!

Trance.nu: Thank you for your time and good luck in the future!
Jes: Thank you so much!

Twan van Loon / Paul Moelands

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