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Tuesday 16th, April 2002
Jan Johnston

The voice behind some of the finest trance productions of all time, working with BT, Oakenfold, Chicance and Tiesto, chats to Trance.nu. We present, Jan Johnston.

Which of your tracks, solo or collaborations, are you most proud of?

All the collaborations I've worked on I'm proud of. I only write something if the music grooves me and it will do us justice so I get to choose what music is good for my writing. Lucky chick hey?

Early February there was a hold on the release on your album 'Emerging', what were the reasons behind this?

The hold on the album was so that I could write more dance tracks and collaborate with BT and Tiesto and others as the original Emerging was more singer/songwriter and we decided we wanted more tracks that could be remixed. So Paul Oakenfold was totally cool about me trekking around working with the guys and thats why I`m in NEW YORK right now.

What can we expect in the future? are there any plans to work with Paul Oakenfold or BT again?

BT and I will always write together I hope. We've just completed 3 songs for his new album and I'm very proud of them. I think its the best stuff we've done together. I've also got a song of ours that i'm going to do for my album. PAUL OAKENFOLD is my mentor and he always pushes my work. I had a song in SWORDFISH totally because he brought me to the notice of the powers that be in film....he's just given me another piece for a film he's about to score but I can't give the title but its a great opportunity and big thanks to him always.

How does it feel to work with such prolific producers in the trance scene?

I'm so lucky that I worked with BT as he opened the door...it showcased me and I went in at that level but i'm working also now with guys I think are stars of the future also. I'm no snob, I love music so if it captures me I write regardless of who it is.

Trance.Nu would like to wish Jan all the best with the upcoming collaborations and future songwriting.

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