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Saturday 30th, August 2008
Interview with The Zirenz
Updated: Sunday 31st, August 2008

It’s well know that Cat n Bex (The Zirenz) have devoted their musical lives to the development and promotion of memorable top class vocal productions, but it's 2008 where things have really been expanding for the girls so we were pleased to grab a few moments with them to catch up and find out whats been going on, read on...


CAT N BEX are a female vocal writing, DJ production duo that have been classically trained as vocalists & musicians at the ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC London.

In 2004 CAT N BEX won their first Award for song writing from the world wide renowned John Lennon Song writing competition in the USA and have recently signed to Ellis Rich, Chairman of the Performing Rights Society and Owner of Independent Music Publishing who now managers all their song writing.

As successful International recording artists the pair have now launched a number of new ventures under their ZIRENZ name, including Zirenz Media Records, Zirenz Media Music Publishing, Virtual Music Magazine, Release my music, Zirenz Media TV and an affiliated Radio station presenting exclusive Electronic-mixes whilst releasing, promoting and distributing future releases from other Global DJ’s and artists from around the world.

Zirenz have had releases on many independent international labels including Mondo Records, Binary Finary Recordings, Realmusic, Quake, Loverush digital and also appear on compilations including Godskitchen 2008 and the Award winning Armin Van Buuren - A State of Trance compilation..

Musically their vocals have been describes as Atmospheric, Luscious, Beautifully abstract, Spine tingling, Heart wrenching and Unique by many major magazines and internet music sites, they have also in the last 2 years been co-writing with the likes of Koishii & Hush, Mark Eteson & Sean Tyas, Aurosonic, Saint Rush and Firestorm.

As DJ’s they have also graced the radio waves with many guest mixes and have constantly appeared on a number of acclaimed stations globally. For nearly 2 years their own show, ‘The Cat n Bex Sessions’ on DTB Dance Web radio has received a great audience and is growing by the minute, but now they will be launching new radio shows on www.electronic-mixes.com towards the end of 2009.


t.nu: Hi Guys, firstly thanks for taking a time out to come and talk with us, so how are you both?

Cat n Bex: We are extremely busy working on all the new Zirenz media company projects and our new releases but it’s all going very well so tired but excited about the future at the same time.

t.nu: Can you briefly tell us how you both got involved in music, was there something in particular that drew you into it?

Cat n Bex: We have both been involved in music from an early age in choirs and orchestras that lead on to music collage. We started working together after Cat heard some of my early compositions and songs and she said “I think I could help you with your lyric writing” so I said “ok let’s give it a go” so we collaborated together and entered the renowned John Lennon Song writing competition USA and we won an Honourable Mention Award so decided then to continue to work together and have had a N0.1 in the DMC world Trance and IDJ Mag “Tune of the Month” so we think it was a good decision.

t.nu: Do you both work from the same studio or like a lot of collaborations nowadays are you located in different areas?

Cat n Bex: Yes we work from our studio together in the UK London, but we do a lot of collaborations with DJ’s from around the world and find this no problem at all via the internet.

VMM logo

t.nu: You have both been very busy over the past year with various musical projects, can you tell us what you have been up to? have you been working with any interesting artists?

Cat n Bex: Yes we have finished several tracks some that we have released on our new Zirenz Media Records label with Russian DJ Producer Aurosonic this was called “You Fade Away” we had remixes from our Zirenz Media Records artists A State of Mind, Paul Davies and Robbie Van Doe & Olly Lewin. Also we have just released the tracks “Magenta Sky & The Dream a co-write project with UK & Canadian Producers Koishii & Hush that’s out also on our new label Zirenz Media Records.

Our new co-writes include Zirenz & Saint Rush “SHINE ON ME” that we have remixes from UK DJ Ian Betts & Oliver Leighs and Mark Versulis that we will be releasing soon on Zirenz Media Records, also we have been working on other projects including Mark Eteson & Zirenz the “HYMN” with a Mark Eteson & Sean Tyas edit and Zirenz & Firestorm “FOLLOW YOUR HEART” so look out for these quality tunes we are very proud of.

t.nu: Could you tell us how you worked on these co-write projects with Firestorm, Saint Rush, Mark Eteson? Via the web or did you all get in the studio? How did you find the collaborations work for you?

Cat n Bex: We work in many different ways with all our collaborations but recently with the Aurosonic, Koishii & Hush , Mark Eteson and Firestorm we have sent over a song with and an acoustic mix and all the midi and vocal files the guy’s then start to working on a full on dance version of the track we then hear the mixes in various stages giving our feedback and that’s that until we are both satisfied with the overall track. We then also work in another way as we did with Saint Rush, we were sent over a very basic version idea we then write a vocal part to the track and lyrics if needed and sometimes string parts. We record and produce all the original vocal wavs at our studio and send the vocals over together with the sting midi parts. We find this process very easy and workable over the internet and it means you can work with dj’s from around the world.

t.nu: Your most recent collaboration with Koishii & Hush received rave reviews and gained a lot of support Internationally, could you tells us how that felt and was it expected?

Cat n Bex: Yes it’s great to get 5/5 Recommended in IDJ Mag for our release with Koishii & Hush or for any tune that you work on but we have found that it’s difficult to get support for vocal tracks theses days, dub’s are the in thing to spin out so we were very pleased to see this level of support yes.

t.nu: Other than the collaborations, will there be anything from you solo wise? Do you have plans for any albums or similar in the future?

Cat n Bex: Yes we have started work on a double side album that will be both in a classical crossover style and Dance mixes. We have wanted to do this for some time and since signing with Ellis Rich Chairman of Performing Rights Society of Great Britain who is now managing our publishing it seemed that it was the right time to move forward with this massive project. The plan is to work with other DJ producers as we like the collaboration work it’s great fun working with many different dj’s from around the world but with the Zirenz unique vocal sound brings it all together.

t.nu: Ok moving away from producing for the moment. Your new venture ZIRENZ MEDIA Ltd with VMM online Audio Visual music magazine is finally abut to be fully unleashed to the public can you tell us what’s been going on and what exactly is in store?

Cat n Bex: As you say the VMM Virtual Music Magazine is an Audio Visual experience. It is in promo at the moment and we are about to release Promo issue 3 to the public. We are soon to fully launch at the end of September beginning of October 2008. We are very pleased to say that we have had great support and feedback on the promo issues of the VMM and have already interviewed many international DJ’s and artists from around the globe including, Blank & Jones, Lange, Sean Tyas, Matt Darey, Jon O’Bir, Mike Koglin, Dale Corderoy, Tom Colontonio, Digital Nature, Mark Eteson and Graham Gold to name a few.

The VMM Promo issue 3 is jam packed full of more Top world Dj Producers so log into www.virtualmusicmagazine.com and take a look. The VMM magazine is for the whole of the dance industry and we hope it will become a place where you can find out masses of information about the dance music reading the latest Dance music track reviews, album reviews, tech reviews and watch and hear both audio and video Interviews and features, also find information on worldwide Labels, dj’s, Agents, Clubs, Events and festivals via the VMM listings. You will also be able to buy the latest dance music from all the known records labels from our VMM Download store at competitive download prices. Also all registered members will be able to download for free both a copy of a label sampler from a chosen Record label and the VMM Sound compilation series that will be mixed each month compiling all styles of new dance music this will also be supported by a new radio show called the VMM Sound which will be exclusive to hear and download from www.electronic-mixes.com our affiliated radio station. Finally you will be able to discuss your thoughts on the music industry via the VMM blog hear you can have your say! All this is coming soon and it’s free to all VMM registered members so we are very excited to say the least.

zmr logo Newsletter

t.nu: Zirenz Media Records has been voted label of the week on www.beatsdigital.com and seems to be really building up steam with some great releases coming out. Can you tell us what has been going on and what’s to come from the label?

Cat n Bex: Yes we were very pleased in being made label of the week on beats digital as there are many top quality record labels distributing their tracks on beats digital. Regarding our releases we have had great feedback so far and support from the likes of Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, Pedro del Mar, Graham Gold, Agnelli & Nelson and Daniel Kandi to name a few. In the coming months we have some great new releases coming out, and for us it’s important to say we are not just sticking to Trance we are a dance music record label and love all dance genres of dance music but they must have quality production and a strong tune for us to consider releasing on Zirenz Media Records.

Our next releases will be a UK duo called Killing All Systems Rules (K.A.S.R) and Electro House out fit. K.A.S.R have already released on other UK labels but will launch with us a 3 track EP of Electro House belters that we are sure will get the dance floors grooving. Look out for the Promo Video out on YouTube in the next few months and send us your feedback. Also we have signed a polish DJ Producer aka Blue Note and a UK DJ Producer Ashley Nutton who will both be releasing debut EP’s of both quality trance and progressive trance. Also you will see the new Zirenz Vs Saint Rush release Shine On Me with remixes from UK DJ Producer Ian Betts & Oliver Leighs, and Mark Versulis early signs show this tune is a stormer of a track so look out for this release in promo and hitting download stores before Christmas. We also have follow up tracks from both Paul Davies and also Robbie Van Doe and Olly Lewin so look out for those too in the new year.

Finally we are launching the Zirenz Media Sessions with Olive Leighs a 2 hour radio show with top quality guest mixes that will be exclusive from our affiliated radio station www.electronic-mixes.com each month and this will be supported by the release of a compilation series that will be available for download via our VMM download store and beats digital. We are also planning remix competitions of past and new releases from the Zirenz Media Records catalogue and the winners will receive a record deal with Zirenz Media Records so look our for details on future remix competitions on both www.zirenzmediarecords.com and www.virtualmusicmagazine.com .

t.nu: Are you seeking out new material? We have a lot of talent and budding producers here on trance.nu, where should they go to showcase their music to you if they wanted to?

Cat n Bex: Always we are interested to hear good quality tunes so please send them in to [email protected] along with your biog and photo and if we like your work we will get back to you and give you feedback.

zirenz cover you fade away

t.nu: Zirenz Media Records has been voted label of the week on www.beatsdigital.com and seems to be really building up steam with some great releases coming out. Can you tell us what has been going on and what’s to come from the label?

Cat n Bex: We are featured on Marcie’s behind the lyrics radio show DI:FM and other radio stations including www.electromic-mixes.com You can expect to see us working full out for the rest of 2008 on the Zirenz Media Ltd projects and in 2009 you will see us making big efforts to break through as Artists with the launch of our debut Zirenz Artists album.

t.nu: So finally can you tell us what we can expect from you in the rest of 2008? and whats install for 2009?

Cat n Bex: We are featured on Marcie’s behind the lyrics radio show DI:FM and other radio stations including www.electromic-mixes.com You can expect to see us working full out for the rest of 2008 on the Zirenz Media Ltd projects and in 2009 you will see us making big efforts to break through as Artists with the launch of our debut Zirenz Artists album.

t.nu: Thanks for taking a bit of time out to talk to us here at trance.nu, we hope to hear back from you soon with future developments on all your exciting projects. For now if we wanted to check out and keep updated where should we look?

Cat n Bex: Many thanks for the Interview it’s great to share our news and plans with the trance.nu readers thanks. For updates and news please visit www.zirenzmediarecords.com or www.myspace.com/catnbex and don’t forget to check out www.virtualmusicmagazine.com

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