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Tuesday 17th, June 2008
Interview with Robbie Van Doe and Olly Lewin
Updated: Saturday 30th, August 2008

Robbie Van Doe and Olly Lewin have both been locked away for months working very hard on their new Correlation EP, they have literally spent every spare second in the studio and when Trance.nu caught up with them they are over the moon on the way it sounds. It seems there is no stopping them as recently they landed a residency at Passions pre-club bar where they have already build a massive following. Trance.nu took a moment to catch up with the pairÖ


The guys only started making music together after what was a relatively long time knowing each other, but never thought about jumping in the studio to collaborate. They met (ironically) whilst Oliver was DJing at The Engine, during Oliverís set Robbie gave him a demo CD of his latest productions and the pair stayed in touch but never actually got together to see how we got on in the studio.

Time pasted and they both continued to do their own separate projects but over a few beers one new years eve Robbie and Olly decided to really make an effort to get together and see what would happen if they actually worked together. When they finally did it was instantly obvious that they had something special, there was chemistry between them and before long they produced their first track "Entity" and the journey continues.

t.nu: Can you tell us what was your first big breakthrough as DJs & producers?

RVD: I think my biggest break came when Zirenz signed my track "correlation". It has received some hugely positive feedback from top DJ's such as Armin Vna Buuren who played it three times on his weekly radio show ASoT, and Daniel Kandi & Tiesto.

OL: My biggest break would have to be starting to work with Robbie. I have been DJing for years but never really took it anywhere. It's only since I met Rob who introduced me to Zirenz media and started producing with him that I have really been taken seriously.

t.nu: Your forthcoming EP Correlation out soon on Zirenz Media has been gaining a lot of support and good reviews, can you tell us more about the idea behind the EP?

RVD: I produced the first track (correlation) on the EP alone. I had the idea of making a serious emotional trance track that really got to the core of what trance is all about. I then met Oliver and together we continued this theme but with a bit more to the tracks technically.

OL: I had the same Ideas as Robbie on this. We both set out with the same ambitions from a track so we really get on as producers. We both put our input into the tracks we make so its really nice to hear the finished result that we both set out to achieve.

t.nu: Who in the industry inspires you as producers, do you feel you were influenced by anyone to get you into dance music in the first place?

RVD: I think I speak for us both to say that its the actual music itself that inspires us to produce. We both got into it pretty young so we have that in common, but if I had to name an artist it would probably be Chicane. I loved his earlier work. Recently there are some stunningly good producers about. Above and beyond probably top the lot as their productions are world class and set the bench mark in trance music.

Olly Lewin

t.nu: How would you describe your production Sound, do you have any other aliases?

RVD: I would say the sound we go for is pretty traditional in the sense that we tend to stick to the usual pattern. I like to use some modern sounds along with that to create a unique blend of traditional and modern.

OL: I think that what we have is pretty unique. We try to create very complex music, with lots of movement around the melody. Too many producers go for the layered sound where itís an accumulation of things that give the riff its complexity but I prefer to write complex pieces to begin with.

t.nu: Can you share with us at Trance.nu any hot tips on production or give us a run down of some of the bits of kit you regularly use?

RVD: Get your basses right! Bass is an art in itself and it takes a long time to master. Donít just go for an ofest 4 either- its way too easy and over used. Also play with your sounds. Don't just settle with the first preset you find- tweak away and make it unique. Also the key to that "pro" sound is all in the delays and reverbs.

OL: I would suggest teaching yourself to play the keyboard. Not like your average musician does though- teach yourself how to play trancey riffs and the rest comes pretty easily. Donít just go for the easy option just because you can. Dare to break the mould and make something thatís never been done. There are no "rules" in trance- do what sounds right to you. Also try to write what you are feeling. I can never force myself to write just because I need to. I have to feel something first then it just pours out of me. That emotion then exists within your music and thatís what music is all about.

t.nu: Can you give us a little exclusive insight to what is in store from you both in 2008?

RVD & OL: We are both working very hard on new tracks at the moment, both together and by ourselves. Expect much more of the same high quality flawless genre defining productions from both of us in the very near future. One to watch out for is "in our time"- we are very very happy with this record from us both.

t.nu: If you could only grab only item from your studio to save it from a fire what would it be and why?

RVD: All of our data is on there and although we take care to back everything up its still a horrible thought to lose it. Its the brain of everything we do.

OL: Same here my PC. My old PC broke a while back and I lost so much of my old productions. None were of much good but that part of my career is lost forever. If the PC was toast though my novation KS-4 would be next- I'm addicted to it.

t.nu: When selecting tunes what makes a track stand out for you, are the particular things you look for?

RVD: I always like emotion in my tracks. I'm not a big fan of "happy" tracks. I like tinkety little sounds in the back ground and good strong complex percussion. That along with a lush breakdown and you've got your perfect trance record.

OL: I'm really picky with my records. I need to feel that the producer is trying to get across a feeling that he had through the music. I have a bit of a soft spot for clever driving percussion as well and maybe even a little bit of harshness to it. But when it breaks down if it doesn't make my hairs go up on end or make me want to cry, then its not that good. Trance music is about emotion and if its not there, why make it?

Robbie Van Doe

t.nu: What career goals do you both hope to achieve in the music industry long term?

RVD: I hope to get recognised as a quality producer and DJ. Just like Above and Beyond set the standard of today, I would like to be looked up to in years to come. Nothing would please me more to be DJing in a big club and play my own records and watch the place go mad.

OL: I suppose I have the same dreams as every upcoming DJ and producer. I want to be up there at the top but I know realistically that probably wont happen. I would like to make an established name for myself as a producer and DJ, and have some input in shaping the future of the music that I live for. Just to have that input is enough for me, but as Robbie said, DJing a big club and playing your own records has got to be a pretty good feeling!

t.nu: If we wanted to catch you both Djing where can we see you next performing?

RVD & OL: You can find us at our residency, The Engine in Coalville, Leicester on June 21st. We will be playing a classics set there in August also so watch out for that.


t.nu: Whilst on the DJing subject can you give us your top tunes of the moment?

RVD: I've been in love with "Envio, For you" for a while now. Its one of those records that once you've heard it you need more of it. Also I'm really into "Blank and Jones, Miracle cure". I love the dirty ducked bassline along with the lush piano. Pure bliss.

OL: I'm into so much at the moment it'd take ages to go through it all. I would say "Stoneface and Terminal, MARS EP" is one of my favourite little bundles at the moment along with some really old stuff like "Above and Beyond, Alone tonight". It might be old but it is RAMMED with emotion and I need that. Its like a drug to me! I love my new stuff though- anything that takes its self seriously and has lots of hair raising potential.

t.nu: Thanks guys for taking a moment out to chat with us, if we wanted to find more on what you up to and your latest productions where should we go?

RVD & OL: Sure you can find updates on and what weíre up to on the sites below. Also through Zirenz Media you can hit our fan pages where you can leave posts for us both, and check out any other Zirenz releases.

www.myspace.com/djrobbievandoe, www.myspace.com/djollylewin,

Robbie Van Doe & Olly Lewin - Correlation EP support by Armin Van Burren, Tiesto, Agnelli & Nelson to name a few out now on exclusive release on www.myspace.com/zirenzmedia,
and the VMM Download store www.virtualmusicmagazine.com,

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