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Monday 03rd, June 2002

Inkfish was founded in 1998, their first track under the name Inkfish was picked up by Ian Ossia who featured the track on his Renaissance compilation. The four of them are producing together while Johan & Andreas is the guys behind the dj sets. Inkfish started with their residency at Club Tranceformation in Borlänge (Sweden). In 1999 Johan moved to Oslo where he hooked up with the owner of Concept. Inkfish received a monthly residency at the concept club night, which also featured dj's like Anthony Pappa & Steven McCreery. In the year of 2001 Inkfish became one of the resident dj's at Renaissance in Norway alongside with Prof. Scuba & Vidar Kroken. After releases on labels like Limbo, Choo Choo, Dorigen, Tune Inn and their own Inkfish label, Inkfish is well known in the international clubscene. Taking care of the Dj gigs you find one half of the Inkfish moniker, the two brothers Johan & Andreas. They provide a sound not different from their productions, consisting of dark driving progressiveness with elements of techno & trance. To quote Renaissance Scandinavia: They are well known to rock the dancefloors wherever they appear, whether it's live on stage or behind the wheels of steel.

What do you listen to when relaxing in the livingroom, driving the car etc ?
Michael Bolton J Not! We’re listening to decent house music.

How would you describe your Inkfish sound?
Progressive house music with influences from techno & trance

You being from Sweden, how's the progressive house/trance scene evolving there (and for the rest of Scandinavia) ?
Progressive house has exploded in Scandinavia and it’s still growing!

What track would you love to remix, and why? Something from Madonna so we would earn a lot of money. HAHAHA

What's your favorite labels ?
It varies from day to day. There are no labels that consistently release stuff that attracts me, not in the way Limbo and Fluid did four years ago. There are however a lot of very good tracks and productions out there and I nowadays tend to follow producers instead of labels. Futureshock, King Unique, Evolution, Oliver Moldan, Dj Remy, Sander Kleinenberg & Andy Moor just to mention a few.

Who do you think will have his/hers breakthrough this summer? Perc, Madoka, Yunus perhaps ?
If I would be able to see into the future, I would have played the lottery …

How has it been working with top guns such as Misja Helsloot and Hardy Heller ? Can we expect more collaborations in the future?
Of course! The Inkfish & Hardy Heller collaboration is working with a new tune at the moment, and hopefully Misja will come visit us again.

What are your plans for the year? Any forthcoming productions/remixes we should look out for ? (both as an artist and for your Inkfish label)
The remixes of Hardy Heller Vs. Inkfish – Feelings, (John Johnson & Hardy Heller mix) on Tune Inn, Prism – Globalism comes with a Inkfish remix and Inkfish - Miss Denial on Inkfish Recordings.

What are your plans for the summer? attending any big parties? residencies ?
We’ll be playing at “Hultfreds festivalen” in Sweden and spin some records at various clubs. At the moment we have a residency at Renaissance in Norway.

What's hot in your box at the moment (top 5/10 tracks) ?
1. The Grifters "Flash" (D.Ramirez 'Vudu' Remix) - Duty Free
2. Inkfish - Miss Denial – Inkfish recordings
3. Minilouge - In a deeper motion – Baroque promo
4. Evolution - Walking on fire - Bedrock
5. Prism - Globalism (Inkfish remix) – Inkfish Recordings

Any final words for your fans at www.trance.nu ?
Thank you for your support!!


Transformation -The Vision/ Nine months in water
Inkfish - Late Night Pimp/Ocean (Mad Records)
Tweak Peak - Rainbow Bug/Flight to Harlem (Mad Records)
Slitscan - Illusions (Mad Records)
Inkfish - Beone/Life Changes (Inkfish Recordings)
Inkfish - Sui-kaku-juy/Silent surfer (Inkfish Recordings)
Inkfish - Internal/External/L.F.H (Inkfish Recordings)
Inkfish - Body and Mind (Choo Choo)
Inkfish - Lost/ Agouny Aunt (Limbo Records)
Inkfish - Siempre (Clip Recordings)
Inkfish - Orange Envelope (C4)
Inkfish - Fake (Inkfish Recordings)
Inkfish - Spank (Covert operations)
Inkfish - Origin Unknown/Accelerator (Dorigen)
Inkfish Vs Cosmic Dawn - Cubic/Everything Moves (Inkfish Recordings)
Inkfish & Heller - Feelings (Tune Inn Rec.) [Original & Inkfish Rmx]
Inkfish & Heller – Feelings (Tune Inn Rec.) [Hardy Heller & John Johnson Rmx]


2 Men Strong – The beast within (Basic Energy) [ Inkfish Rmx]
Prism – Globalism ( Inkfish recordings) [Inkfish Rmx]
Hardy Heller Vs. Inkfish – Feelings (Tune Inn rec.) [ Inkfish Rmx]
Rising Rhythm – Skydiver (Inkfish Rec.) [ Inkfish Rmx 1 & 2]


Hardy Heller - Tibet (On a mission) [Inkfish Rmx]
Jani Bravo - Dunkadunksim (Inkfish Rec.) [Inkfish Rmx]
Inkfish - Miss Denial (Inkfish Rec.)
Inkfish - L.A.M. (Inkfish Rec.)

Trance.Nu would like to thank Johan and Andreas for their co-operation, and wish them the best of luck in the future!

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