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Thursday 07th, April 2005
Hydroid Interview

Upcoming producer's don't get much more praise than Itay Steinberg aka Hydroid. His tracks are being hammered by all the top trance and progressive DJs out there, with the Armin van Buuren a particular fan, having just signed 'What If' to his own label. Trance.nu caught up with the young producer to see what makes him tick...

Some people may not be familiar with the name ‘Hydroid’, tell us a bit about the project.

Well , Hydroid is a progressive (mainly trance but sometimes house , electro , techno and what I came up with all blend with progressive) project which was created like 4 months ago.

How would you describe your style?

As I said , I describe it as progressive! Just progressive cause I like to blend a lot of styles with progressive , most of my tracks are called "Progressive Trance" but I got few that are not progressive trance so I can't tell my style is progressive trance , house whatever….just progressive! wow)

How do you go about producing a track? How do you start, what do you aim for? Maybe you could give the aspiring trance.nu producers some tips!

Usually I just make a melody , bass , perc , leads and all the stuff required for a the track then I just start building the track from the start copying what I need (all the stuff I made before) and adding what's needed…also I'm doing the mixing process through the track it self and not when I'm finish.

Your recent work has found support from some of the biggest DJs in the world, but how did you make your break into the scene?

Actually I just sent a track to Markus Schulz , track called Hydroid – Drawn To Depth and he played it few times. People liked it and started looking for my name and then I signed some of my other tunes and people looked out for it so It was kinda easy thnx to Markus.

‘What If’ has recently become a favourite with Armin, and he has signed it to his label, is this the proudest moment of your career so far? If not, what has topped this?

What If , one of my best tunes but not the top.
Got Ava Mea – In The End (Hydroid & Santiago Nino remix) , Hydroid – Atlantis , Hydroid – Greek Trick that I think they good as well , also people like Hydroid – Incurved so it’s a good tune to but "What If" is one of my best works that's for now.

What can we expect from the ‘Hydroid’ project over the next few months?

Well the style has been changed a little. the first "Hydroid" tracks we're dreamy and chilled , but the new ones are more pumping aggressive and also dreamy that's for sure!
Also got some new remixes for some of the hottest tunes on 2005. soon. wow)
my first album will release at Selective Progressive realy soon ..you will find 12 new tracks and a few remixes (:
Also Blue tubes incl Ava Mea remix will be release in Selective Progressive in April.
Me and Santiago Nino are working now on a new project , I hope that you had the chance to hear our first remix for the amazing tune Ava Mea – In The End already played by Markus Schulz on his show and in WMC and the reactions are wonderful.

How do you feel the trance scene is evolving? Do you see recent changes in popularity and styles as a positive or negative consequence, and why?

Trance scene today Is very different from the trance scene two years ago. The reason is many producers tried to do the same sounds other big producers did and that's made the trance boring, so naturally people looking for something different.
I think it is a good change. Positive one! I think that in few years trance will be much more complicated and interesting.

Digital download has become a more popular format recently, how do you think this will affect the trance scene?

I think digital download will have a positive affect on the trance scene because many people don't have turntables so they can't play vinyl's but now they can buy their favourite tunes in an mp3 format. People who buy vinyl's will always buy it so it doesn't really matter.

How do you expect the scene to evolve over the next few years?

I expect the trance scene to be more interesting and attractive! If it will be like I think , we're all gonna party big time!

And finally, what are your ambitions, what do you hope to achieve with your music over you career?

Well , every producer want to be one of the big names up there. Me to! I want to be a big shot in the trance scene , and I hope I got what it takes! Only time will tell. Mean time I'm just enjoying what I'm doing and I hope you guys enjoy it as well.

Trance.nu would like to thank 1st Release Hydroid for his time for the interview. Watch out for his tracks and remixes!

http://www.1strelease.com soon

For any requests like Remixes / sets / questions regarding Hydroid please contact:

[email protected]

[email protected]


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