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Friday 22nd, February 2002
Hiver & Hammer

Hiver & Hammer talks about their careers, forthcoming projects, upcoming collaborations and more, in this interview with Trance.Nu.

02. When did you and Mario Hammer decide to start producing together ? and
how did you meet ?

Answer: - We met in 1997 at The DJ Meeting in Bochum, Germany. It was one of this
situations that can change your life happy Mario and an earlier productions partner
worked for a compilation called "Houseverbot". I was there with a friend of mine.
We also had a girl with us that was also working as DJane. I think all people
(Mario included) were more interested in her than in us happy We changed our phone
numbers for a possible co-operation project between the 4 of us. About a month
later Mario called my partner and told him that his partner had quit. At this
time Mario had rented some studio and offices in Hamburg. So he asked us if we
want to work together in Hamburg. We accepted and went to Hambourg in November
1997. In December the same year my partner decided to leave the music business
(after 1 month! - isn't it crazy?) So at the end of the day Mario and I were the
last two guys in Tune Town. Since then we've worked perfectly together.

03. Which other artists/djs inspires you ?

Answer: - There are lots of really good artists all over the world, but there's
also a lot of bullshit going round. Underworld and Faithless are two "bands" that
really blow us away with their fucking good productions. It has always been a
dream to work with such artists. After 3 remixes for Faithless we are really proud
of what we've made. We are basicly focused on the UK stuff. Riva and Iio are only
two of many high class productions. What we really hate is the "German Millitary
Trumpet Sound" that works in the German ODC or DDC charts. There is no feeling
in this music - it only has to be loud. Fuck that! DJ's like Sasha, Dj Tisto,
Sven Vath, Pascal F.E.O.S., Andy Nalin, Seb Fontaine, Judge Jules and Oliver Lieb
inspire us with their amazing sets and productions. Finally I think that every
good produced record reflecting some emotions has an inspiration for us. We also
love bands like Depeche Mode, The Cure, Front 242, VNV Nation and many more.

04. Progressive music is growing more and more popular at the moment, how do you
think the sound will develop in 2002 ?

Answer: - Progressive music has quit different meanings in Germany than in the
UK or in the Benelux countries. For us the basic meaning of progressive music
is producers like Chris Liebing, Oliver Lieb, Sven Vath - you see more in the
techno way. No problem with that - we love that style. Our wish for 2002 is that
these cheap and cheesy "one two, one two" coverbullshit will end. We hope that
people will again listen to tracks with interest. Open minded is the aim. We also
think that this summer will bring out some good House stuff too.

05. Any forthcoming projects of yours we should look out for ?

Answer: - One of our main projects is a compilation we make here in Germany called
DJ Convention. It has grown up to the best DJ Mix Compilation in Germany. We release
4 Compilations a year. Since around 6 months we've only produced remixes. We have
one mix to finish and then we'll start with the new "Hiver & Hammer Hands On Divine
Single" called "Shot your Shot". A remake with the original vocals from Divine.
The last single called "Step By Step" was licenced in 8 countries. The new M.U.T.E.
single will also be finished in April. We'll also start in April with the follow
up single of HH-22047. For that we have a really big co-operation with a famous
"band" planned. Release in summer 2002.

06. Some say there will be a "Hiver & Hammer mix" of the forthcoming "Perpetuous
Dreamer - Dust.wav" ..is this true ? Any other confirmed remixes ?

Answer: - That's nice but we really don't know from where it comes from. Till
today we have no remix request for the new Perpetuous Dreamer. We liked the last
single of theirs (Armin van Buuren). It was a really good commercial tool. We're
open for a remix, so give us a call happy These are the remixes we've just made and
will finish soon: -

Faithless - Crazy English Summer (BMG UK)

Jam & Spoon - Be Angeled - 2002 UK Remix (BMG UK)

Paffendorf - Be Cool (Ministry Of Sound)

T-Factory - Message In A Bottle (Inferno Records)

Madelyne - Beautiful Child (Polydor Zeitgeist)

VNV Nation - BeLoved (Div. Labels)

Donna Louis - Take Me Over (Div. Labels)

Kyan vs. Albert - Save Me (WEA Records)

Also except remixes of Lasgo, Agnelli & Nelson, Sinister and Marco V, all due
to be released in summer 2002.

07. What's hot in your box at the moment, top 10 tracks ?

Here is our Top 10:

01. 4 Strings - Take Me Away

02. VNV Nation - BeLoved

03. Faithless - Crazy English Summer

04. Nat Monday - Waiting (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)

05. JSJ - Deep Love 9 (van Bellen Remix)

06. Azzido Da Bass - Speed

07. Max Graham - Sepia

08. Romanthony's Nightvision - Never Fuck (Dj Tomcraft Remix)

09. Sven Vath - Mind Games

10. Underworld - Born Slippy

08. Do you go under any other guises besides wellknown Hiver & Hammer, M.U.T.E.,
HH-22047 ?

Answer: - As mentioned before our compilation DJ Convention is well working. Another
project we made in the past together with Dj Tandu / Ayla called "Elastique Culture"
and another compilation called "Strandhouse." That's all at this moment.

09. Which country is your favourite for Dj'ing, and which club ? Any clubs
you really want to go to ?

Answer: - I think for us the best country is definitive the UK. There are lots
of cool clubs and partypeople there. Surely you also have some great clubs in
Germany like Treibhouse, Poison Club or KW in Munich. But most of the clubs here
are big commercial discotechs - always playing by the charts. Our main club we
would love to play this year is at the Manumission in the Privilege on Eivissa.
For us a club has three Faces: the people, the location and the management. If
these three parts work together - we'll love the club happy

10. Final words for all your fans at Trance.Nu ?

Answer: - We would like to thank all people who believe in our music. Our music
and success will not change our personality, but we hope to have contributed for
more quality in the music business. We also apply to all - illegal downloading
will kill the music!

Many thanks for your interest and stay tuned for more exciting productions happy

Trance.Nu would like to thank Patrick Wintter, Mario Hammer and everyone else
at Tune Town Productions for making this interview happen.

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