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Tuesday 08th, October 2002
Hernan Cattaneo

Hernan Cattaneo was pushed into the limelight by his friend Paul Oakenfold not so long ago. Today he is the leading south-american DJ in the world, and has helped in finally putting a whole continent on the electronic dance-scene map! With numerous tracks out and in the pipeline pluss his own perfecto CD-mix, Hernan became a hot name amongst trance.nu’ers. We had a brief chat with Hernan, to see whats going on...

How would you describe your sound?

House and progressive

When you hear the word “trance”, what do you think of?

Paul Oakenfold

What inspires you when it comes to music?

Everything really, I’been always into music since I was a kid so it’s a music
World for me

If you coul choose to make a track with anyone in the world, who would it be?

Deep dish would be great

What advice would you give to young people starting out today? Both Djing and producing?

Always try to be youself, leran from others but never copy them

Electronic music is often defined as “drug-music” by the media, any thoughts on that?

There’s drugs everywhere, that’s a stupid kind of thinking!

Has your opinion about the music industry changed after you go into it?

No, not at all

What do you think is the future sound of dance music? Will it get deeper, more techy, back to trance, harder.....?

I think will go on a more musical way. There’s a lack of it at the moment!

Is there anything you regret that you have done music-wisely?

I wish I’ve learnt to play the piano

What is the best thing you think you have done so far, to music?

Putting southamerica’s dance scene on the map

How do you feel about MP3’s ?

Technology is always great, now mp3, tomorrow who knows!!!

Some people claim that English crowds are hard to convince if you are not english yourself, what do you think about this?

That’s not true, ask Sander, Deep Dish or Satoshi

What was your thought when you produced deep funk?

That was our first release on perfecto so we wanted to express
What we liked at the moment and that was the sound of deep funk.

Name: Hernan Cattaneo



Style of production:modern house

Favorite producer:deep dish

Favorite DJ:too many to mention

Favorite label:bedrock,yoshitoshi

Favorite food:meet

Favorite drink:water

Favorite song:underworld-dark and long

Favorite movie:goodfellas

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