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Wednesday 12th, October 2005

Twenty-year-old Tidy trickster Guy Mearns takes time in this exclusive interview, courtesy of MostWanted management, ahead of the highly anticipated October clubbing event, Tidy and Extreme Euphoria, London Heaven. The hard house boy wonder has wowed the hard dance scene since he was 17, producing under his most popular pseudonym, Guyver, and others, such as Barely Legal, Euphony, Masif DJs and Riot Bros.

What you have achieved at such a young age is nothing short of phenomenal, how did you get into DJing and music production? Cheers! I got into it pretty much the standard way! I used to be a regular clubber, and then it just intrigued me, the whole DJing thing started first, and then I got into production about a year after DJing. I started clubbing when I was 15 so managed to learn a lot of stuff while I was still young!

You obviously have the fire in your belly to succeed, what advice would you give to other young hopefuls trying to break into the music industry? Well I think one of the main reasons is that Iím a perfectionist, while at times it can be annoying it helps me get the best out of myself, the best advice I can give is to keep your head down and get on with learning and practicing what you want to do, donít get big headed as well if you get a bit of success, thereís nothing worse than a big head or someone who can't stop talking about themselves.

What qualities and quirks do you think you need to possess to make it as a world class DJ? First and foremost you need to know your crowd, while its important to have a good ear for tunes, you also need to be able to adapt to your crowd, as they might want something different. Also you need to interact with your crowd a bit, whether it be while your DJing or afterwards signing autographs it doesnít matter in my opinion, as long as they get some contact with you! Being all showy and in your face while your playing just doesnít suit some DJs so don't do it just for the sake of it. Oh it helps if you can mix well as well! Haha.

Which club have you played at where the crowd were most appreciative? Probably at the Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa. They are great down there, the hard trance scene is particularly big there so its helps, but they are just up for having a good time every time Iíve played there, love it!

Having an international fan base, which country do you most enjoy DJing in? Why? Mentioning it again, South Africa, Iím a bit of a sucker for the whole wildlife and lifestyle of Africa, so I love going there, its somewhere where I always wanted to go when I was younger and now Iíve had the privilege of going there a few times already!

Are you looking forward to playing alongside fellow Tidy DJ's at what can only be described as October's most exciting and much-awaited clubbing event, Tidy and Extreme Euphoria, London Heaven? Definately, Iíve heard nothing but good things about the club and it's always a good night playing with fellow Tidy DJs, we always have a good laugh!

What have you got planned for the up and coming months? Iím currently working on an artist album which is about half done, so hopefully I can get it released next year providing anybody likes it! Haha. Thatís taking up nearly all my time at the moment, I want to be committed to it otherwise I'll never get it finished.

Have you got any plans to release another compilation album? Well apart from the Tidy Weekender 8 mix that Iíve just done nothing is planned, as I said previously though my time is going to an artist album, its the next step on the ladder for me career wise so I think it takes priority over everything else.

What are your long term plans and hopes for your music career? I'd like to expand into other genres, under different guises, generally keeping busy and earning a good living but most importantly making sure I keep on enjoying making music and DJing by trying new things and not getting stuck in a routine.

What make and model were your first set of decks? Assuming you have since upgraded! I had a pair of Soundlab DLP3s direct drive and they used to squeak when I stopped the platter! Haha! But I did manage to pick up a lot of the basics on them, it was hard work getting a smooth mix with them though.

For more information on the forthcoming Tidy and Extreme Euphoria, London Heaven check the Tidy site. For your chance to win tickets check the Trance.nu news!

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