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Tuesday 28th, January 2003

Trance.nu has recently had the pleasure to change a few words with Ed Goring, Tom Lindley and Mark McCormick, mostly known as Goldenscan. Here you find everything you need to feel completely updated about their projects!

Name: Ed Goring, Tom Lindley and Mark McCormick
Aliases: Goldenscan, Fu Man Choo, Serie A
Age: 28, 22 and 32
Website: http://www.goldenscan.com (still under construction)
Nationality: British
Favourite DJ(s): PVD, Scott Bond, Matt Hardwick, Armin van Buuren
Favourite Producer(s): PVD, Above and Beyond, Armin, Ferry, Solarstone, Ronski Speed/Mirco de Govia, Steve Helstrip and many many more..
Favourite Tune: Tom: Sasha & Maria Ė Be As One
Ed: Lost Tribe - Gamemaster
Mark: Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday
Favourite Labels: ATCR, Euphonic, Anjuna Beats, Lost Language, Vandit, Black Hole/ITWT
Favourite Club: Gatecrasher

Firstly, where did the Goldenscan guise originate?
The name came about from a night out at Gatecrasher. Someone noted that the Goldenscan's were fantastic lights and it just seemed appropriate to use the name for a project. The name is catchy and it just seemed to stick and after the success of Sunrise it had to be used again.

tell us a little bit about yourselves, how did you meet? Have you always been intro electronica?
Mark and Ed have known each other pretty much all of their lives having grown up in the same area. Mark initially started writing music with Edís brother Will. Through the years Ed worked on various projects including the smash hit Funk and Drive as Elevatorman with his brother and Rob Davis (not of Mud fame) before starting the Goldenscan project with Mark. We met Tom through some friends at Gatecrasher and all ended up back at Marks house afterwards. We knew we needed a third pair of ears and Tom really knew his stuff. He is a DJ and we had heard him take the roof off at Nick Rileyís Trance night at Bed in Sheffield the week before. We initially decided to do a track together and things just seemed to work so we have progressed together since.

Your "Sunrise" was a huge success, even received some magik touches from worlds no. 1 DJ at the moment, TiŽsto, and we still havenít seen a follow-up? Do you think itís hard to live up to peopleís expectations? Itís still a much sought after 12", will it ever see a re-release?
Funny you should mention that one. We are working on a remix double pack of Sunrise for this summer with some very special mixes to be included. The package will also feature the very limited Pulser remix which I know a lot of people are trying to get on vinyl so watch out for that one. We canít say exactly who is giving it the remix treatment but we can promise you wonít be disappointed.

People do have high expectations so we were very weary that we couldnít write another "Sunrise" straight away. We decided to take time out to work on various other projects including Fu Man Choo with Good:AS and Serie-A with ATCR. Both proved successful, so when it came round to writing "Ascension" as Goldenscan we decided to do something a little bit different. We have also just signed Goldenscan "Of Our Times" to Lost Language and Super-8 right is remixing it now.

Your remix of "Insigma - Open Your Eyes" was caned by the likes of Armin van Buuren on his weekly A State Of Trance show on ID&T Radio. Will it see an official release?
Yeah! Armin even made the tune of the week and he is still playing it now so we canít complain. ATCR are planning to put the vinyl out later this year with the Liquidlife mix. The original is such a good track so we found it very tricky to remix. We felt we had to go for something different and this was the result.

What is your studio setup? How do you go about when producing tracks, or remixes for that matter? What do you prefer the most?
We recently switched our PC running Cubase and a desk for a G4 Mac and TC Powercore running Logic and logic control. For a full list of our studio equipment check out http://www.goldenscan.com when the site is up and running (not long now we hope).

Up until now we havenít really had a strict format that we use to write or remix. 9 times out of 10 we start with a riff and build the track around it. Sometimes we go off in a different direction slightly but the beauty of our set up means we can just revert back to where the track was 5hrs previously.

We try and take a different approach with remixes, we like to give our interpretation of a track and make it different to the original as much as possible whilst keeping it club friendly. On the Insigma mix you donít know it is "Open Your Eyes" until about 4mins in and we even excluded the main line, which was a bit of a risk, but a lot of people have given us positive feedback and it has been well supported.

What was the highlight of 2002 for you, and what are your thoughts about 2003? Will trance conquer the world once again, back to its glorious days back in Ď99?
There are so many Goldenscan highlights in 2002 that we donít think it possible to single out just one. We did find our feet in 2002 what with setting up our label Dubious Recordings and getting back to writing tracks and doing remixes. We want to get as much writing done this year so we can build on our profile and spread our music further afield.

Hopefully DJing will play a major of 2003. It's something we are very keen to push and you canít beat the feeling of playing your own productions to a crowd. We had fun playing Peach last year and we have been booked again this year as well as interest from Serious and Gatecrasher events so we are certainly on the right lines. We have quite a few remixes already lined up for labels such as ATCR, Lost Language and Good:as and we are planning to release as much original material as possible this year.

As for trance conquering the world again. We have found that music has always tended to work in cycles so Iím sure trance will have its time at the top again. The past couple of years have seen increased popularity in the funkier side of house music with established DJs such as Roger Sanchez being rediscovered by the UK crowds. However if you look at the top 10 of the DJ list 2002 you will see that no house DJs are featured whereas Armin, Ferry, Tiesto, PVD, Jules and Oakenfold all have been placed. I think this will tell a lot to where trance will go again in 2003.

Which producers would you like to collaborate with in the future, and who have you recently been working with?
There are many producers whose work we admire such as the big Dutch trance Producers and UK acts such as Above & Beyond and Solar Stone etc. Although we have no plans to collaborate this doesnít mean we would not relish the chance to work with some of these people. We would also be interested in working with some new talent as there are a lot of people out there with fresh ideas.

We have respect for a lot of people within dance music. Scott Bond has done a great job playing a major part at Gatecrasher and still maintaining to keep on top of things with regards to DJing and now even moving towards production. Paul Van Dyk has always managed to be very consistent with all his work and has continued to push the scene forward with his awesome productions and faultless DJ sets. Another is Armin, who for his years has certainly exploded into the mainstream. His productions are always spot on and I think when he plays he manages to generate excitement a lot of other DJs canít. You can see he loves his work and it shows when he plays out.

We have always had a lot of respect for Matt Hardwick as well. We have a good relationship with Matt and think he is one of the most underrated DJs in the world. He has always championed our tracks and remains one of the nicest and talented guys in the industry.

Do you have any special surprises lined up for this year? When will your "Ascension" hit retail on Dubious Recordings?
Ascension is going to be out very soon, the distributors are taking it this week in fact. It's been such a long time coming but we are sure people will still be interested in getting hold of it. It has had massive support from many DJs and we are really pleased with its success. We have also got Goldenscans "Of Our Times" signed to Lost Language with a mix to come from Super 8. We have a new track near completion and we are working with a very talented vocalist so hopefully there will be an update in our diary about that one soon as well.

What is the last non-electronica album youíve purchased ?
Mark: Nirvana - Nevermind
Ed: Tears For Fears - Songs From Big Chair
Tom: Julian Bream - Classical Guitar

What are your favourite tunes at the moment ?
There are so many quality tunes around such the new mixes of Solarcoaster, Lange Ė Donít Think It (Cosmicman mix), Sun Decade Ė Im Alone, Sonorous Ė Protonic (Ronski Speed mix) etc.

Any words of advise to all the talented upcoming producers and DJís here on http://www.trance.nu ?
We think it is important for anyone trying to break into this scene to stick with what you have a passion for. You need to give your creativity time to grow. It's important to learn from other peopleís productions but no to try and copy them. As for DJing I think you need to work hard to construct your sets rather than play every big tune available. We are not saying try to educate people or take them on a journey but at least have some direction and get the best from the tracks you play.

For more information about Goldenscan please check http://www.goldenscan.com or http://www.dubiousrecordings.com

Many thanks to Ed, Tom and Mark for taking the time to answer our questions. Best of luck for 2003

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