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Monday 01st, April 2002
Francois 'Chab – Moogwai - Star' Chabloz

While 1998 and 1999 saw the rise of trance in all its glory, the new millenium have been mostly about progressive. Deep, dark and tribal. Minimalistic, yet powrful. In the center of things we find Francois Chabloz from Switzerland, a country that is mainly known for harder stuff, the Goliath sound.

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB style='mso-bidi-font-size:7.5pt'>You have
the most amazing dark & deep drive under the chab alias..gets the adrenalin
rushing, and the best emotional uplifting flow under moogwai..just makes you
lay back and float away.

How do you manage to balance your productions so good between melodic and
progressive? </p>

<p class=MsoBodyText2><span lang=EN-GB>I’ve always loved those early platipus
tunes, it’ just subbtle, emotional... perfect “trance” in its real meaning..
this is what I’m trying to do with moogwai project, keeping that sound alive.
Chab stuff is more for the dancefloor where the groove is more important than
the melody.

<p class=MsoBodyText2><span lang=EN-GB style='mso-bidi-font-size:7.5pt;
font-weight:normal'>As we move along through this electronic dance music
revolution, where do you think progressive house is heading? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>I’m waiting for someone to show me ! I
reckon progressive house is splitting, one is more and more commercial for a
larger audience (IIO/Rapture.. ) and one is still that good underground vibe
(“west coast” sound, Halo and Hipp-e..)

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB style='mso-bidi-font-size:7.5pt'>Genres are
seeming to mix together to create new styles of music, what stlyes/types of
music have influence you the most? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>House & Goa. Goa is what I like<span
style="mso-spacerun: yes"> to dance on a big party. Open air .. even

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB style='mso-bidi-font-size:7.5pt'>What gives
you the inspiration for keeping this dark tribal & progressive beat trough
chab productions? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Clubs! Other productions when I’m
dancing and the crowd when I’m djing.

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Will there be a follow up to Rock Rose
under the Star alias? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>I would like to but noplans about it..
if something “rocks” it’ll be a rock rose thing..

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Our member “neptuna” wants to know: <span
lang=EN-GB style='mso-bidi-font-size:7.5pt'>how on earth you can come up with
theese absoluteley brilliant melodies and harmonies as you did in both
"Viola", and "Labyrinth"? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>I’m really glad he noticed and appreciated
this work on both tracks because it was a very long and hard work ! I don’t
like obvious Trance and “video-game” melodies. Usualy I start working a moogwai
track just with a SH101 to find some bass key changes and a Nord Lead for a
lead melody, working hours trying to find some bizarre and subbtle melodies
with many major and minor chords!. When I get some goosegumps, the rest will
follow by itself – percussion, strings, fx.. – A Chab track is the inverse, I
start just with the MPC, working hours on a groove, percussions.. and when it
grooves, I start dancing in the studio!

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB style='mso-bidi-font-size:7.5pt'>Do you
have any gigs in scandinavia planned in the near future? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>I’m going in sweden in May.. I hope for
the rest of scandinavia soon.

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>What do you think od the current state of
trance? Will it get deeper or harder? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Harder than now? It’s impossible! I hope
it will go deeper but most of all emotional and psychedelic!

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Are your tunes based on hardware or
software? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Hardware and a few audio tracks for
vocals, fx.. I like using my ten fingers when producing and not only one with a

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Do you enjoy music more now than when you
first started your career? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>it’s a different pleasure but it’s
always my reason of living

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB style='mso-bidi-font-size:7.5pt'>do you
feel under pressure to continue to progress, or are you content to stick to a
style? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>no pressure man.. cool </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>What releases are coming up? Any new
remixes? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>“Chab - The Dub Session” will be
released on Yoshitoshi very soon and it’s damn good! A couple of<span
style="mso-spacerun: yes"> remixes for yoshitoshi too: PQM/Nameless
(with the IIO vocalist) has some very cool vocals..

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>The Swiss dance scene is sometimes
described as “cheesey”, yet you seem to be totally different, has it been hard
to keep doing it deep and dark in a country that loves hard beats and easy
melodies? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>The swiss scene is more “Ravy” than
“Clubby”. That’s probably why it’s more “Cheesy”.

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>“Cheesy music” is the music you need for
BIG raves like we have every week. Some people here are starting understanding
my work recently and I appreciate that.<span style="mso-spacerun: yes">
I’ve always respected their work too.

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>How does it feel to be played by ALL the
big djs? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>very cooooooool..<span
style="mso-spacerun: yes"> But more than the BIG djs, I appreciate
being played and contacted for collaborations by the ones I’ve always admired
from the beginning.

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>What advice would you give to young
djs/producers out there? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Listen to yourself ONLY, do your music
for you and not for a crowd, other djs/producers, charts, reviews.. these are
results, but they should not be the motivation.

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>From one of our many users: “ <span
lang=EN-GB style='mso-bidi-font-size:7.5pt'>Please can you give out a big thanks
from all the Aussie fans for playing a magnificant set @ SweetChilli Sydney a
couple of weeks back .. His a genious!” </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Thanks, your crowd was brilliant! I
loved it.. I’m talking with your guys to come back very soon ..<span
style="mso-spacerun: yes"> I want to swim with those dolphins again!

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>What producer would you most like to work
with? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Mirwais on the Nord Lead (he knows how
to use it !), David Bowie on vocals,<span style="mso-spacerun: yes">
And Tenaglia on drums!

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>If you could choose any producer in the
world to remix one of your songs, who would it be, and what song? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Union Jack to remix Viola.. but
unfortunately Union jack is dead.. sad smilie

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>If you could remix any song in the world,
what would it be? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Whatever Kylie Minogue tune….. just to
meet her..

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Electronic music is often portrayed as
“drug-music” by media. What are your thoughts on this? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Some of them forget drugs have
always<span style="mso-spacerun: yes"> influenced every style of music
and more globally every art.

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>What is the biggest event in your life? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>today! </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>How did you get in touch with Nukem? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>we met playing together @Lovezoo and he
was making me dancing & sweating! I was really glad to hear this music in
switzerland! So we get in touch, went in the studio and did “Shaiva” in a
couple of hours.

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Will vinyl always be on top, or do you
think cd mixing will take over? Which do you prefer? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>I like both, I don’t really mind, the
club sound-system is more important then that small audio difference between
them. I wish a computer will soon do the dj technical shits, so we can focus on
music. I think this will be the (far) future of djs.. a computer can
synchronize all of your records instantly, but he’ll never choose the good
record! I don’t have a particular pleasure on doing things a computer can do..

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>What is best: stadium party or underground
club? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>definitely underground club! The smaller
club and the longer night..

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>If you could choose to play anywhere in the
world, where would it be? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Twilo a couple of years ago. By the way,
we were there with nukem the night they shut it down!

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>If you had 3 wishes that could come true,
what would it be?<span style='mso-tab-count:2'> </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>peace on earth, flying and meeting

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>What are your thoughts on Mp3’s, for or
against? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>It’s the way forward, I’m for. </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Any news about Imago? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Some very cool stuff coming (Abe Duque
remixed by Gogo will be hot). Mix cds probably.

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>A not so serious question from Macman.....
What ringtone is on your mobile phone? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Frogs .. </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Which song that you have produced are you
most satisfied with? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>The next one.. and for the past, Viola.
It’s very emotional

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Your remix of Rythm Reigns – Fuel is truly AMAZING!
What was the inspiration behind it? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>it’s pretty old now and released lately.
The inspiration of that was Goa of course! Atmos is a great producer, he
changed a lot in this new goa direction, deeper, slower.. psychedelic!

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Do you use the internet a lot? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>not enough with my *** 56k modem! mainly
e-mails that takes me half day everyday.. I’ll take a faster connection and
then I’ll be surfing and downoading 24/7!

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Fianlly, any last words for the users of
trance.nu ? </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Disconnect and go back working! grin </p>

<p class=MsoNormal><span lang=EN-GB>Here is a complete list of Francois
Chabloz’s productions:

<p><span style='mso-tab-count:1'> Productions
and co-productions:

" 1 " (Vitamyn, 1995) :

" A night out / Moogwai " (Platipus, 1999)

" Keo " (Platipus, 2000)

" Viola " (Platipus, 2000)

" Get My Love " (Imago, 2000) :

Dj Nukem Vs. Chab
" Shaïva " (Cyber, 2000)

" Matica " (Amato, 2000)

" Sinus / Tunnelling " (Aka & Plastica, 2001)

Nukem Vs. Chab " Dayna " (Cyber, 2001 ?)

" Rock Rose " (Imago, 2000)

Davis " Mutation " (Bonzai, 2001)

Davis " Underground Subway " (Bonzai, 2001)

Nukem " Instinct " (Imago, 2001)

Nukem " Deepset Level " (Cyber, 2001)

" Labyrinth " (Platipus, 2001)

Dj Nukem Vs. Chab
" Forward " (Cyber, 2001)

S " Shadow " (Imago, 2001)

9 " Gathering " (Imago, 2001)

Nukem " Secrets " (Imago, 2001)

Dj Nukem Vs. Chab
" Wanted " (Cyber, 2002)

"The Dub Session" (Yoshitoshi, 2001/2)


" Runnig up that hill - 2fr (CH) mix" (Aka, 1999) - Jam El Maar
(Jam&Spoon) project -

" B - Moogwai remix " (Mortal, 1999)

& Ries " Bassfly - Moogwai remix " (Liquid Asset, 1999)

Project " Get a rush - Chab vs. Moogwai remix " (Neo, 2000)

" Tomorrow - Moogwai remix " (Virgin, 2000)

" Sweetness - Moogwai remix, Chab remix " (Liquid Asset, 2000) - Matt
Darey project -

" Vicious Circles - Moogwai remix " (Platipus, 2000)

Process " DeepSide - Chab remix " (Pod, 2000)

Davis " Underground Subway - Moogwai remix " (Bonzai, 2000)

" OK - Dj Nukem remix " (Undercurrent, 2001)

" The Darkside - Dj Nukem Vs. Chab remix " (Positiva, 2001)

" Under Forever - Chab remix " (Additive, 2001)

Fisher " Love you some more - Moogwai remix " (Subversive, 2001)

Reigns " Fuel - Chab remix " (Undercurrent, 2001)

Painters " Wasteland - Chab remix " (Data, 2001)

" Pachinko - Chab Remix & Dub " (Platipus, 2001)

Fulton " Rain or Shine - Moogwai remix " (Multiply, 2001)

Rappacioli (aka praha) " Never Alone - Moogwai remix " ( ?, 2001)

" Musik- Chab remix " (?, 2001)

Tool " Deeper - Chab Remix " (Muteki, 2001)

D presents " Tribalism- Chab remix " (Pure Music US, 2001)

" Diversion - Dj Nukem remix " (Pod, 2001)

Kite "Aiwana - Dj Nukem remix" (Digital Structure, 2001)

Hamasaki "Unite!" - Moogwai remix & Dub" (Avex-Japan, 2001)

Stillwater & Alex Gardel " Unknown - Chab dub " (Imago, 2001)

" Move On - Chab remix " (GrooveOn, 2002)

" Generic - Chab remix " (Kubist, 2002)

Players " Into the sun - Chab remix " (Multiply, 2002)

Inc. "Autoporno - Chab remix"(Yoshitoshi, 2002)

"Nameless - Chab mixes" (Yoshitoshi, 2002)

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