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Tuesday 19th, June 2007
Ferry Corsten Interview 2007

Ferry Costen has released his latest compilation “Passport United States of America”. This follows his last release “L.E.F”, which was a huge success. Ferry is currently on tour supporting this latest album and you can visit his website for tour dates and other information. Passport USA includes tracks by Breakfast, Solartstone, Wippenberg, and his own epic track Beautiful.

T.nu: Its seems as though you’re the only top DJ and Dutch producer without a radio show, should we be expecting one soon?

Ferry: Radio was never really where my ambitions were, but things havechanged a little and there is something in the works as we speak. I can tell you more about that in a few weeks…we will have an exciting announcement soon

T.nu: How often do you listen to radio mixes/podcasts from your colleagues?
Any Favorites?

Ferry: To be honest, I don’t really have much time to listen to the radio. I
do hear Armin’s show every once in a while and also Above & Beyond’s,
but that’s it. I wish my schedule allowed more time for me to check out some of the other guys shows.

T.nu: When you released L.E.F. you said that it translates into Loud Electronic Ferocious, was that a way to shake off the trance label?

Ferry: No, not really! I’m not trying to shake off any label. I’m just trying to explain the way my sound is nowadays. It‘s a bit rougher
and edgier than my earlier typical trance sound, but still caters to a more trancey crowd.

T.nu: Do you consider yourself a trance, electro-trance, or some other type
of producer?

Ferry: I actually consider myself as an all-round dance producer because I like producing a lot of different styles of electronic music. From
house to trance and chill out to techno. But I do have most fun producing trance with a bit of an electro vibe…

T.nu: Passport seems to be a return to your trance roots, with tracks by Breakfast, Summer Sessions, and your own epic track Beautiful. Which producer did you discover for Passport, that did you not know much about prior to this release, and now really enjoy?

Ferry: Well, I’ve actually been following all of the artists featured on Passport already for a while. There are also quite a few of my own
artists on there like Rafael Frost, Mind One, Ronnie Allstar, Lemon & Einar K and of coarse Breakfast. Of the other guys, I’ve been playing tracks for a long time already….Solar Stone seems to be putting out some amazing stuff on their label lately.

T.nu: How did you choose which tracks and remixes would be on this album?

Ferry: For me Passport is a sort of preview of what a Ferry Corsten set would sound like. It’s a summary of tracks that I’ve played a lot, or that I am playing at the moment. It’s all about the flow of the mix. It’s one long continues build up with a few moments to catch your breath. Sometimes it just works better to use a different remix of a track because it just sits better in the ‘story’…

T.nu: What is the connecting/unifying theme to this album?

Ferry: Most of the tracks are trancey, but have this tiny rough edge to them…
They are all tracks that I would have loved to produce myself.

T.nu: Any further words or feelings about Passport?

Ferry: Just get it, enjoy it, watch the added DVD to get a ‘behind the
scene’ kind of idea of the bus tour I did in the U.S. last October and scan the booklet for your picture wink

T.nu: I have seen you at a small club in New York that holds less than 500 people and at big festivals with over 10,000 people, how do you adjust your sets for different environments?

Ferry: In smaller clubs like Cielo, the atmosphere is a lot more intimate. I’m a lot closer to the crowd. So it’s the perfect environment for meto test and to play tracks that I wouldn’t play normally. At a 10,000 people event I usually bang it out a bit more to lift up that energy. But the message will be the same in the end for both types of event…
to leave the place with a smile on your face…

T.nu: You have recently introduced a clothing line, can say some words about it, who does the designs, who is it marketed towards, what is
the ultimate goal for these products?

Ferry: I teamed up with a Washington D.C. based clothing company IKY for a Ferry Corsten merchandise line. They are taking care of the designs and the distribution. It works perfectly for me since I had some merchandise
going already, but never had the time to gain some knowledge about the industry. Working with IKY makes it possible for me to come up with a lot more designs and I know that it will be handled well.

T.nu: Is Ferry Corsten a DJ, Producer, or a brand name?

Ferry: I guess nowadays it’s all in one really. I am a producer, a DJ and my name and logo have become a brand on its own over the years. It’s very important to me to combine my logo etc. to a certain level of quality, so people will always know what they can expect.

T.nu: What are your musical interests outside of electronic dance music,bands, genres, etc?

Ferry: I love listening to chill out stuff like the Café Del Mar series for
example. Other music I love listening to would be by artists like Nora Jones, Sade, Coldplay, Keane and Erykah Badu.

T.nu: Your feelings about the new media, trance sites like this, MySpace, last.fm, and digital distribution (itunes/beatport)

Ferry: I think it’s great that the new media is contributing so much to the
scene. The best thing for me is that someone who will never be able to ‘see’ me live will now be able to get an impression of how it is.
That same person has now access to all the music he or she would like to purchase. People can ask each other for information and arrange
meet ups etc. In other words, it makes the world a little village. The downside of this new media however, is the illegal downloading,
file sharing etc. No matter what excuse people who take part in that try to come up with…there is no excuse. I’m also not stealing from
you now, am I?

T.nu: When can we expect your next artist album?

Ferry: Dunno yet! I’m going to start working on that soon…



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