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Wednesday 29th, January 2003
Ferry Corsten
Updated: Thursday 28th, May 2009

On Wednesday January 15, Tim (Afterhourpower) and Twan (Dancemania) went to the studio from Ferry Corsten for an interview with this Dutch top producer, remixer, DJ and label-owner. They stayed in Ferry's studio for about 2,5 hours and talked with him about the new Ferry Corsten solo album, Gouryella, Tsunami, new mix compilations, DJ-gigs and much more...

Trance.nu: In the past you've released some of your productions and remixes under aliases such as 'Pulp Victim', 'Albion', 'Moonman', 'Discodroids', etc. Do you plan on releasing new records under those aliases in the future?

Ferry Corsten: No, I'm going to concentrate mainly on the Ferry Corsten project, and continue working under my aliases 'Gouryella' and 'System F'.

Trance.nu: Do you plan on releasing anything under aliases we may not be familiar with yet?

Ferry Corsten: No, everything will continue to be released under my main aliases, 'Ferry Corsten', 'Gouryella' and 'System F'.

Trance.nu: 'Punk' was the first single which was released under your name rather then under your other aliases. When can we expect to see a follow up from 'Punk'?

Ferry Corsten: At the moment, I'm very busy in the studio with my productions for my new album. It's going to be my first solo album and I've already finished a few tracks for it. One of those tracks is going to be the follow up from 'Punk'.
The album should be completed by May, so hopefully it'll be in stores sometime around August of this year.

Trance.nu: You've also recorded a track with Katja Schuurman's (famous Dutch soap actor) sister, vocalist Birgit Schuurman. Will this track be featured on your new album, or was this track for Birgit Schuurman's solo-album?

Ferry Corsten: No, the track 'Show Your Style' with Birgit will be featured on my new album. It was great being able to work with her, she's originally from the rock scene as you might know. That's the reason I decided to make a combination of dance and rock for the track, I really like the track. The track is around 80% upon completion for the moment, it'll also be very different compared to my other productions.

Trance.nu: Can we expect to see some vocal tracks on your upcoming album?

Ferry Corsten: Yes, I think the album will be filled with vocal tracks for 70%.

Trance.nu: You've worked with artists such as DJ TiŽsto, Piet Bervoets (Rank 1) and Vincent de Moor, for 'Gouryella - Ligaya' you worked with John Ewbank, and you've also colaborated with Armin Van Buuren for 'Exhale'. In the future, you'll be working with Steve Hellstrip from the Thrillseekers for an upcoming project. Can we expect to see you colaborate with other artists in the near future?

Ferry Corsten: Well, I can't tell you anything about it yet, it has to come as a big surprise!

Trance.nu: 'Ligaya' was the fourth 'Gouryella' single. Do you plan on releasing a 'Gouryella' album?

Ferry Corsten: Yes, we're thinking about releasing a 'Gouryella' album. First I have to finish the follow up from 'Ligaya' and after that I might consider working on a full album. If I make this album, it should be completed sometime by the end of 2003.

Trance.nu: Which new productions or projects will you be releasing in the near future? Will the 'Indigo' track that was on your 'World Tour Tokyo' album be released soon?

Ferry Corsten: 'Indigo' will be on the Ferry Corsten album. It'll be released as a new single, but there's no release date scheduled for it yet.

Trance.nu: You've produced alot of tracks and remixes, Which one would you say you are most satisfied with?

Ferry Corsten: Well, it's certainly my remix from U2's classic 'New Year's Day'.

Trance.nu: The remix which never got a release...

Ferry Corsten: Yeah, unfortunately. Moby also did a remix and it was never released. The record company told me that the reason they weren't going to release the remixes, was because U2's leadsinger Bono is very busy with a lot of political issues and the lyrics from 'New Year's Day' are very political. In the end, they decided to not release the remixes.

Trance.nu: That's unfortunate... I've also heard that Bono himself gave you a phone call to give his comments about your remix. How was that?

Ferry Corsten: I got a phone call from the management informing me that Bono would like to phone me. The day after, I got a phone call from Bono, he told me that he was very pleased with the remix. Afterwards, we spoke to eachother a few more times, Bono is really nice and he's very down to earth!

Trance.nu: How was it for you making a remix from your own classic 'Out Of The Blue'? Wasn't it difficult to do a new version of the track after hearing the original so often? A lot of people say that nothing can beat the original, yet you still made a new version for it. How was that?

Ferry Corsten: When I was going to remix this track, I didn't want to make it much different from the original version. I wanted to make it very similar to the original. So, I decided to make new production from it and not really remix it. My intention was to make it sound like alot of my new production from me sounds nowdays. It's a sort of a re-production instead of a remix.

Trance.nu: Is it true that you're going to produce a track together with Jan Johnston?

Ferry Corsten: It's true that Jan and I have spoken about producing a new track together. Jan really wanted me to produce a new track for her, but when I saw the whole list of people she was going to be working with, I decided to decline the offer.

Trance.nu: We know that Jan Johnston has worked with the likes of DJ TiŽsto, Cosmic Gate, and Svenson & Gielen with the vocals the tracks have been released.

Ferry Corsten: True. I don't see myself as a part of that list, so that's the main reason why I declined.

Trance.nu: Do you have any plans work on some vocal tracks with people that you admire? Like Plavka from Jam & Spoon, or Kirsty Hawkshaw?

Ferry Corsten: Well, at the moment I'm brainstorming about it, but I haven't got a name yet. At the moment, I'm busy with a songwriter who's working together with a girl from the UK, it's not a famous name, but she's a quality singer!

Trance.nu: What do you think about the future of trance music? Will the style change?

Ferry Corsten: If it depends on me, it's not going to be any harder, it's going to be more agressive, but in the same tempo. With more variation such as breakbeats and progressive influences. I think it would be a new kind of style.

Trance.nu: You seem occupied when it comes to expanding your musical borders. For instance, we just heard your new production with Birgit Schuurman, I think that when people hear this track they aren't going to say "Hey, this is a Ferry Corsten production".

Ferry Corsten: No, most people will think of it as a rock track with a bit dance in it.

Trance.nu: Do you plan on making a dance/trance remix from this one?

Ferry Corsten: There will be more tracks on the Ferry Corsten album that aren't dance. I'll be making remixes from the tracks because I would to play them for myself, aswell as in my DJ-gigs.

Trance.nu: You've got your own recordlabel called 'Tsunami'. Do you have any plans as to setting up the 'Tsunami' label abroad, just like 'Black Hole' recently did in the UK for instance?

Ferry Corsten: No, we've discussed this already, we don't think it's a good idea. So, we won't be doing it.

Trance.nu: How much are you involved when it comes to a track being signed on the 'Tsunami' label? Are you the one who decide's if a track gets signed or not?

Ferry Corsten: We only want to sign tracks which are of good quality on the 'Tsunami' label. I'm the one who listens to things which are good enough for a release. Ronald van Gelderen (Kid Vicious) and myself are the ones who are DJ-ing very often. I only want to release tracks that fit good in a set from me. I'm also the one who decides when a track is good enough to release on the 'Tsunami' label.

Trance.nu: You made a remix for 'Yoji Biomehanika - A Theme From Banginglobe' under the alias 'System F'. This was the first time that you used the 'System F' alias for a remix. Can we expect more 'System F' remixes in the future?

Ferry Corsten: Yes, I think so. It depends on what kind of style the remix is based on. The story behind the remix of 'A Theme From Banginglobe' is a nice one: When I was in Japan I met Yoji and we went out to eat something. In the evening he let me listen to his track, I really liked the theme from the song, but I didn't like the sounds at all to play in my own sets. I really wanted to play this track, I offered Yoji to do a remix of the track. Yoji will be doing a remix for me in return in the future, so you can expect a Ferry Corsten, 'System F', or 'Gouryella' track with a pumping hardtrance remix from Yoji Biomehanika!
'A Theme From Banginglobe' was planned for a Japanese release only. The 'System F' project is very popular in Japan, so that was one of the main reasons I released the remix under the 'System F' alias.

Trance.nu: Can we expect some other remixes coming from you in the near future?

Ferry Corsten: No, I've decided to stop making remixes for other artists for a while, I wanted to make some time for the production of the new album. But I can tell you that I was asked a while ago to do a remix from an Elvis track. But I decided not to do it. Another remix from me is going to be released soon on 'Polar State'. It's called 'Subsola - So Pure'.

Trance.nu: How long does it usually take you to work on a production/remix?

Ferry Corsten: Most of the time it's the same, sometimes I work longer on a production because I need to search for a good melody, rhythm, and those sort of things. Normally, I'll work two or three days on a production, or a remix.

Trance.nu: That's fast!

Ferry Corsten: Yeah, it also depends on how it goes. For example, I did 'Punk' in only 4 hours, 'Ligaya' was made in 1.5 days, and 'Out Of The Blue' was completed in one day. With a bit of luck, everything goes fine, you can record a track in only a few hours.

Trance.nu: Do you find it strange that you've produced some of your greatest tracks in a short period of time?

Ferry Corsten: Yeah, that happens all the time. The biggest hits along with some classical tracks have been written in 15 minutes. Afterwards, you get that amazing "Yes!" feeling.

Trance.nu: Do you see yourself doing this kind of work 20 years from now?

Ferry Corsten: Yes, I think so. I really enjoy what I do, so why would I stop?

Trance.nu: If you weren't a DJ, producer, or label-owner, what do you think you would be doing?

Ferry Corsten: I would probably be working for an electro-technical company at the drawing-office. I've studied for that, so it would be something in that field I guess.

Trance.nu: You were in the same class as producer Andrť van den Bosch (producer from Tony Walker / De Bos). How was that?

Ferry Corsten: That was really funny, we would listen to tracks from eachother on a walkman between the lessons!

Trance.nu: In 2002 you released a CD titled 'Ferry Corsten - World Tour Tokyo' including a DVD. Will there be any other albums similar to this one, if so, what will it be called?

Ferry Corsten: Yes, I'm going to Washington in a few weeks to record 'World Tour Washington'.

Trance.nu: Will there be another remix compilation coming you like the 'Trance Nation' CD's which was released under The Ministry of Sound?

Ferry Corsten: No, this is due to the quality of the tracks on the CD's. In my opinion, the first 'Trance Nation' CD was high quality with a great tracklisting. Ministry always decided the tracklistings for the CD's, I could give them some suggestions, but they always decide what will be put on their CD's. The tracklistings were getting worse. In the end, I decided to discontinue the series because I didn't want my name to be published on their CD's anymore.

Trance.nu: For the Japanese market you've released a remix compilation titled 'Trancedome 1'. Will there be a second part?

Ferry Corsten: Yes, you can expect a follow up sometime by the middle of this year.

Trance.nu: How do you usually start off your sets? Do you begin with some groovy tracks, or do you only play what the audience wants to hear?

Ferry Corsten: I always judge based on what the DJ before me is playing. I want the audience to know that there's a new DJ spinning. On the other hand, if the atmosphere is already good, I don't want to change that much. I usually look around me to see what's happening in the audience, but I always start off my sets 2 or 3 steps back.

Trance.nu: Who's your favorite DJ?

Ferry Corsten: Carl Cox, he's amazing!

Trance.nu: His style is very different compared to yours, what makes you admire him so much?

Ferry Corsten: Yeah, it's the way he preforms on the decks. As you might know, he spins with three decks, it's like a train that's passing by. If you see him standing behind the decks, he's not a small person, its the way he sweats when he's behind the decks. If I see that... well, that's just terrific!

Trance.nu: Is there anything specific that you usually do before a gig? A ritual, or something like that?

Ferry Corsten: Hahaha! I know some people who do things like that, I won't mention any names. When I see it being done, I always have a good laugh! So, the answer is no!

Trance.nu: You've spun at venues all around the world; you've been to Australia, Asia, Canada, USA, Europe, etc. You seem to have a special relationship with Japan. You've got a lot of gigs in Japan and you've also released some special CD's. Why is that?

Ferry Corsten: I've always had a special relationship with Asian countries. Even my wife, Lia is Asian, so that says enough I think...*laugh* About Japan, it's awesome overthere! It goes very well overthere. I really like the people, and next to the USA it's the biggest market of the world. So there's several reasons for me to go to Japan a few times a year.

Trance.nu: What do you think of the Japanese audience?

Ferry Corsten: They're really great! Madness! The funny thing is that nobody is dancing on the beats! You have to try that! It's very difficult! *laugh* I also have a surprise for the people in Japan: Next time that I will be in Japan, we will do something special when I will play 'Ligaya' in my set...

Trance.nu: What was your reaction about your #9 position in the DJ Mag Top 100 from 2002?

Ferry Corsten: I was very surprised to see myself at the #9 position. I'm very happy and proud to have had the #9 position. I was very surprised because I didn't have too many DJ gigs in 2002. I was very busy with the Japanese System F album. I also didn't have that many gigs on Fridays, especially during the summer. Every sunday during summer I was in Ibiza for DJ gigs, so I only had gigs on saturdays. To see myself in the top 10 from this list, it says enough for me.

Trance.nu: Think you'll make the top 5 next year?

Ferry Corsten: I'll do my best!

Trance.nu: What's the best set you've ever spun in your career?

Ferry Corsten: That's a difficult one, I've spun a lot of very nice sets. I think that my set from January 1, 2003 at 'Spundae' in Los Angeles was one of my highlights. It was a madhouse! We planned to do a back-to-back set with Armin van Buuren, I did the first two hours, afterwards Armin played his set. Like I said, it was a madhouse! Amazing!

Trance.nu: You've got a very good releationship with Armin van Buuren, what do you think of Armin as a DJ?

Ferry Corsten: Armin is great! We've done a lot of things together, this year we'll be doing some back-to-back gigs together. He's a very talented DJ, the way he preforms with the audiences is just great. We both play the same music, but when you have a red line, he is right from it and I am left, if you know what I mean.

Trance.nu: Armin's done a few solo sets (Armin Solo). Can we expect a Ferry Corsten solo set in the future?

Ferry Corsten: No, I don't plan on doing that. 12 Hours of DJ-ing seems to be too much for me. I'm a perfectionist, usually after six hours of spinning I become tired and I can't play quality tracks. I would rather play shorter sets which are good and high quality instead of a long set. When you play long sets, you get tired from standing for so long.

Trance.nu: Which place, or country do you prefer the most to DJ? You just mentioned that you really like Los Angeles. What about Melbourne, Montreal, Tokyo, Ibiza?

Ferry Corsten: Everything is cool! Tokyo has a very specific atmosphere, USA and Canada also have a specific atmosphere. Australia is a bit like the European party scene, with the UK for example, it's all fun! To be honest, the atmosphere in the Dutch clubing scene is bad, in my opinion. We've all got to work very hard this year to make it better! But... the Dutch festivals are the best! I've done a lot of festivals all around the world, but the Dutch festivals are always great, they've got a good organisation, the audience, etc. It's the best in the Netherlands, in my opinion. Absolutely!

Trance.nu: Which festivals can we expect to see you preform this year?

Ferry Corsten: I'll be preforming at a lot of festivals this year, I can't remember them all. I'll be playing at a lot of nice festivals this year, absolutely!

Trance.nu: What do you think about the connection between trance parties and drugs?

Ferry Corsten: Well, what should I think about it. It's unfortunate that a lot of people are using drugs nowdays, even in bars, or clubs that don't play trance music. I mean, what about rock? In the seventies with the psychadelic rock music? I really don't know how it comes to people thinking that there's a connection between trance and drugs...

Trance.nu: What was your musical highlight of 2002?

Ferry Corsten: 'Punk' for sure!

Trance.nu: Do you have any hobbies other then music?

Ferry Corsten: Music is my greatest hobby. Next to that, I don't have a lot of time for hobbies to be honest.

Trance.nu: So you don't have a stamp collection? *laugh*

Ferry Corsten: Haha! No, sorry...

Trance.nu: What are your plans for the future?

Ferry Corsten: I would like to focus a bit more on some other things in the music industry.

Trance.nu: Is there anything you would like to say to the users from Trance.nu?

Ferry Corsten: Yes, I hope to see you all in 2003!

Trance.nu: On behalf of Trance.nu, we would like to thank you for your time and for the interview! We wish you the best of luck in the future!

Ferry Corsten: No problem, thank you too!

Written by:
Twan van Loon

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