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Sunday 02nd, March 2008
Ernesto vs. Bastian Interview

Trance.nu caught up with Trance Energy '08 anthem makers Ernesto vs. Bastian. We discuss the 'Thrill' of landing the anthem spot, their experiences of the event and the release of their debut artist album "Authenticity". Then also give us a track by track description of the album.

Hi guys, how are things with you at the moment?

Bastian: Very well, thank you. Busy of course, making music all day.
Ernesto: Yes doing great thanks.

How was your set at Trance Energy?

Ernesto: We arrived at the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht around 21.30 to take a good look around and see all stages. We were very impressed with the lights, sound systems and decorations. We thought this will be a night to remember! When at the mainstage the first DJ started the intro and began with Thrill it gave us shivers!

The High Contrast stage was already full of people at 22.00 and loads of people were dancing, the sound system was banging and it looked amazing! We couldn’t wait to get on the stage. After doing some interviews with radio stations, magazines and TV we went back to the High Contrast stage to see and hear the other artists play. At 3.30 it was time for our set and it was an amazing feeling to see the full room with happy smiling faces! We started with the ‘Thrill’ and everybody went nuts and the room was on fire! The crowd was going to the next level and we had a really good time! It was even better than we could imagine. Thanks to ID&T, the High Contrast crew, and YOU for being with us and party with us. A night for the books!

Excellent! You must have been really… um… thrilled to be picked as this year’s Trance Energy anthem. Was this chosen before or after you made ‘Thrill’ and how do you think it will effect your career?

Ernesto: Thrilled! Yes that’s the right word. We were very pleased when we heard it was chosen for this year’s anthem, after all it’s the biggest trance event in the whole world! It resulted in a new relationship with ID&T, because they have become our bookings agent from now on "Agent Audio" and yes, it has turned out pretty well!

Bastian: We finished "Thrill" in September 2007 and after trying it out in clubs and getting a massive response of the crowd we thought this little piece of music should be an anthem. You never can predict how something is going to work out career-wise, but till now "Thrill" has done amazingly in the charts and download portals, so we’ll see.

You have an artist album out, “Authenticity”, and I have been honoured to have been given a sneaky listen and it is rather good! Tell us your aims in making the album and what to expect from it.

EvsB: You lucky bastard haha! We worked for all most three years on "Authenticity", because of all the travelling we didn’t have enough time to work fulltime on the album. But from the beginning our goal was to give the people an album with electronic dance music, which you can dance on but also listen to it when you’re at home or in your car. The most important thing was to give lots of variation, different chapters and moods each piece of music tells its own story. Just like life itself. Not just boring monotonic beats, but
dance music with a deep emotion.

You worked with many different vocalists and musicians on the album, what did they bring to it?

Ernesto: Well to achieve dance music with an emotion it is sometimes a good idea to mix electronic sounds with some acoustic sounds. For example on "Sound Of Soul" you will hear Amanda Lair, a violin player. We side chained the violin in Cubase and the results are quite nice.

Bastian: We also worked with lots of other and different vocalists. We recorded "As The Shadows" with Elliot Johns. He’s known from his records with Nic Chagall and Marco V. We worked with the German mega-talented singer Jiga on "Dive In Your Love" and "Sound Of Soul". We think she is one to watch in 2008!
And we recorded a new song with Susana as well. You all know her from “Dark Side Of The Moon”. For the album she did a real trancey vocal track "Stranger In Paradise".

There is also a new version of your big hit ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ on there. What was it like re-visiting that track and what were you aiming to achieve with the remake?

Ernesto: The vocals in that track are such an inspiring tool to use and memories came back from four years ago when we first started with Dark Side.

Bastian: The new version is a down tempo remix (127 bmp), because we didn’t have much of those tracks on the album. We always like to be energetic even when the tempo is 127. After that we brought some new melodies in and we just thought why not bring in a whole choir! We contacted the Dunham Cathedral Choir and mixed them in an electronic way and stacked the result with some synthesizer strings.

After ‘Thrill’, do you have plans for the next single release?

EvsB: The next single will be "Super Jupiter" and it will be released late March packed with loads of remixes! Nice we say!

Do you have plans to tour the album?

EvsB: Yes, at the moment we are planning dates and countries, looking for the right venues etc. Watch out for the "Authenticity Tour"!

How did you guys meet and how long have you been working together?

EvsB: We where both working for the same company in that time (2000) we met and shared the same passion for music and found our way to the studio together.

What is the partnership like, is one of you more the producer and the other the DJ, or are the roles shared equally?

Ernesto: Yes, Bastian is more the producer and I’m the DJ. I’m more of the grooves, beats and arrangements production-wise. Bastian is the star in the emotional music and vocal parts and putting this all together in a full track.

How do you see the current state of trance music and the dance and club scene in general in 2008?

EvsB: Music is changing all the time so is trance music or as we call it floating dance music. You have to look forward where the music is going and try to do things that sounds new and fresh.
Good thing in the music nowadays is that the tempo is going down and the grooves are back! Lots of good producers around are trying new sounds, so everything is going back up to the top. 2008 will be a great year in Dance Music and for EvsB!

Many thanks for your time guys!

EvsB: Thanks for the interview!

Here is Ernesto and Bastian's track by track album description...

1. Thrill

The first 2008 EvsB record, it’s the first single of the album and chosen as Trance Energy Anthem 2008!

2. Sound Of Soul
We first tried a synth sound for the melody line, but somehow it didn’t had enough emotion, so we hired Amanda Loir and she is great violin player. We also teamed up with German singer Jiga for the vocals she has such a wonderful voice and always seems to fit in very nicely with our music.

3. Dive In Your Love

Again with Jiga, we made many demos of this song, but it always sounded a little commercial in our ears. Suddenly Bastian gave it a complete different twist which resulted in a club-bomb with one of the best breaks we have ever made.

4. The Double Life of Mr. Shorofsky

The first version of this song had a vocal and was called "Sexgames". Yes, you read this right!
But in the end we liked it better without the cheesy vocals. If someone out there knows what this title means, he or she can win a free tour in our studio!

5. As The Shadows

With vocals from the mighty Elliot Johns known from several other trance records. We tested this song a lot before we could finish it and the crowd likes this one a lot! Amazing vibe in it!

6. Mexican Caravan

Nice and simple track. Even people who are not into dance music like this one.

7. Ein

On the album we mixed the atmosphere of Mexican Caravan into "Ein". They seemed to have the same kind of darkness which worked out very well.

8. Stranger in Paradise

For this one we worked together with Raz, Adrian and of course the lovely Susanna. Again on this one we tried different vocalists before we realized that Susanna was born for this. Vocal trance how it should be made!

9. Remind

Big hall melody trance!

10. Dark Side Of The Moon

We just had to put DSOTM on our album, but it is too simple for us to add the original mix on our tracklist. That’s why we made a new version which is much more down tempo. Bastian always wanted to do something with a choir and this opportunity was now. He went to Bristol and recorded the choir together with Michael Tron, the conductor. Back in the studio EvsB realized that the sound of the choir sounded to realistic for the song, so they mixed it with some synthetic strings and voila!

11. UM dub

Dub version of our single from 2007.

12. Super Jupiter

Our forthcoming single and we put it on our MySpace site a month ago and received many emails from people who were asking for the track! We don’t do many melody tracks we even don’t like most melody trance tracks, but this one is something different. When we finished it we didn’t had a title yet and couldn’t come up with something. One day Bastian was selling some equipment from our studio and one of the synthesizers was called "Super Jupiter"! It was a rack version of the famous Roland Jupiter 8 synth. Ernesto saw a picture of the ad and jumped out of his chair (which he rarely does) because the name of the title was born!

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