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Tuesday 16th, September 2003
Ernesto vs Bastian

Ernesto vs Bastian is a Dutch duo that is known from tracks like "Who Is The Starter" and "Being Single". Recently Trance.nu had a little chat with Edwin (a.k.a. Bastian), who's one of the members from Ernesto vs Bastian.

T.nu: Who are the guys behind the productions of Ernesto & Bastian?
Edwin: The biggest part of the production-work is done by myself, Edwin Koelewijn also known as Bastian. Ernesto van der Meij helps me on that, but he is actually the DJ. He has got 15 years of experience DJ’ing, and he helps me to make the tracks dancefloor-minded, club-credible in other words. I myself am the producer of the tracks, I produce and write them myself.

T.nu: How did you guys meet, and how did that result in your cooperation?
Edwin: We met on the job, we both had the same job back then. We discovered we had similar taste in music, and we decided to join forces and produce together. And it happened to be succesfull.

T.nu: So you both were active in the musicbusiness before teaming up?
Edwin: We were, but nothing professional and not full-time. Although Ernesto had 10 years of DJ-experience back then. Ernesto was more professional than me, and I myself had just released a few records, but nothing big.

T.nu: So what was your first production together? Was that instantly a Ernesto vs Bastian record?
Edwin: Yeah it happened to be the first Ernesto vs Bastian, but that wasn’t too wellknown then. It was called “Bastians Dream”. The B-side contained the track “Heaven”. It has been played a few times, but didn’t become that popular.

T.nu: Have you both produced or remixed tracks on your own before teaming up?
Edwin: Not too much actually, maybe one or two tracks. We have always worked together so that hasn’t happened.

T.nu: Did Ernesto produce before you teamed up, or was he just DJ’ing back then?
Edwin: He only DJ’ed back then. Nowadays he is involved in our productions, though he isnt producing on his own. He is just backing me up on our productions.

T.nu: Do you guys both DJ?
Edwin: No. He is the real DJ, and I am the producer. We also have got a liveact now, he is the DJ and I play the keyboards.

T.nu: Is the summer the busiest time with DJ gigs?
Edwin: We actually kept them off our backs the last year, since we were merely focussing on the production-front. Its been too busy with own productions and remix-requests. Since march this year we’ve been busy on preparing our live-act. We have played live a few weeks ago for the first time. The live-act comprises of a DJ: Ernesto, myself on the keyboards, the drummer Gerrie Spaanse and Michelle van Trigt, the singer.

T.nu: So how did it go with the live act? How did it feel to play live on stage?
Edwin: That was a very cool experience, it went very well. All the people were very enthusiastic about it. And also because we played a lot of own tracks, who were known to the audience. It was superb, the roof went off!

T.nu: So this concept will stay for a while?
Edwin: You see, there aren’t that much liveacts around, and the majority of liveacts are not too well expressed. They don’t act too enthusiasticly in my opinion. They’re not too energetic. We on the other hand, we use live percussion and drums, to add to our tracks. Those will add a huge amount of energy, on top of our own tracks, that are full of energy already!

T.nu: Your track “Who is the Starter” has been spinned by Tiësto on his legendary Concert. What did you think when you heard that?
Edwin: That was pretty cool. It was one of his first tracks he put on, and offcourse in such a big hall, its very neat to hear about that! Too bad we ourselves weren’t at his concert. The concert was on a Saturday, the day im always working very hard in the studio.

T.nu: Next to the Ernesto & Bastian project, do you guys have other guises or projects you release material with?
Edwin: Yes. We got various guises, for instance We released some tracks using our Lumination-guise. Also my own name Edwin K, is a project of mine, that has a bit more trancy sounds. Then we got the DJ Ernesto solo project; Urban Cowboy is the latest track which has received plays from top jocks like Tiësto, Armin van Buuren and Judge Jules.

T.nu: What is your favourite own track or remix?
Edwin: That would be the new upcoming Ernesto vs Bastian track, its called “Stop”. And I think you should watch that one, since it’s a pretty good track, if I may say so. It costed a lot of time to produce, but I must admit I am pretty satisfied and proud of it.

T.nu: How long do you guys work on a production?
Edwin: In general we are working on it a very long time. We hear about other producers producing tracks within 2 weeks, but we work on it for a few months. We tend to dig deep into details that would result in just good music. I always like it to be complete and well produced, so when we put the record on in a few years, we still like it the way its produced. We want to be satisfied with it.

T.nu: On the new Blank & Jones CD theres a track called “Liquid love – Being Single (Ernesto vs Bastian Remix)”. You released the track yourself in 2002 under your own guise Ernesto vs Bastian. Whats the story about that track?
Edwin: We released the track indeed in 2002. End last year Blank & Jones licensed the track for their own label Gang Go. They had Liquid Love under their wings – with I didn’t know back then – and they had the idea to hook us up with them. We cooperated with them, resulting Liquid Love presents Ernesto vs Bastian – Being Single. So the vinyl will contain our own mix and the brand new Liquid Love remix. So actually it’s a new Ernesto vs Bastian release, in cooperation with Liquid Love.

T.nu: What track of an other artist would you like to remix?
Edwin: I myself would like to remix the track of an electronic pioneer from Germany, Klaus Schultze. Back in 1985 he created a track, and when I heard that for the first time, my jaw dropped and I was stunned by the sound and beauty of it. Its called “Audentity” and that’s the track I would like to get my hands on to remix it. I’m already into contact with his manager at the moment, to see if we might cooperate sometime.

T.nu: Are there people with which you would like to cooperate with sometimes?
Edwin: Klaus Schultze then, the German electronic producer. But also for instance an English Popband from the eighties; Depeche Mode or Petshop Boys. They have inspired me to make music. For singers I wouldn’t know at the moment.

T.nu: Are you fulltime music producers?Or do you have another job next to it?
Edwin: Music has been a fulltime job for the last years. Because of all the projects we have next to our own it has become a real fulltime dayjob. We made a job from our hobby.

T.nu: What equipment do you use in the studio?
Edwin: To sum up a few: Roland JP8000, Roland JX10, Korg Wavestation, Roland SuperJupiter (a very old module), Roland JD990, Yamaha DX7. Its mainly hardware, but we are actually heading into the software more and more.

T.nu: Do you have a wanted-list for the studio or do you think its complete now?
Edwin: We are moving in 6 weeks, we are planning to recreate our studio on the new location. The only thing we would like to add is the Access Virus, maybe the C, but we heard about version D coming soon, so we have to look into that. We are also updating our computersystems, since we got 3 computers linked now, via Cubase V-link or what its called. Its gonna be a totally new studio, with singing accomodation and all. Its 25 square meters.

T.nu: What could we expect from you in the future?
Edwin: The new Ernesto vs Bastian is almost done, its called “Stop”. The release of “Who’s The Starter” is out now, some remixes of this track will follow soon. The remixes are done by the guys we got in our lable, Miracle Sounds. The new Lumination is scheduled after that, it’s a more hardtrance track. The new Edwin K is also out now called “No Pain, No Gain” and its been played by some DJ’s now. DJ Ernesto – Urban Cowboy is only promo now and its soon heading to the shops, as a one-sided.

T.nu: What would be your top 3 of productions at the moment?
Edwin: If older records are allowed then I think number 3 would be Simple Minds – Spaceface (Tomcraft Remix). My number 2 is Delerium – After All (Satoshi Tommiie Remix) and number 1 is our own production called “Stop”.

T.nu: On your website http://www.ernestovsbastian.nl people can find everything about you guys. Are you active on the internet yourself? Do you ever check forums and stuff?
Edwin: Off course we check around on the internet. We are not too active on forums, we only check whats happening over there. The coolest thing is, that on our website theres a newsgroup – sort of chatbox - where people can leave messages, ask things of all kinds. Our own lable has been brought to life 2 months ago, and all the users on the newsgroup comment and discuss tracks and productions. That’s a good concept. Everybody could chat along, and let us listen to their own productions. We like it and we are on there also to comment. Sometimes we find something we think of releaseworthy and could be something for our lable.

T.nu: Is FTM your own label?
Edwin: Our own lable is a sublabel of FTM. It’s a part of that lable, on which we have been signed for 3 years exclusively now, but FTM is not ours.

T.nu: Would you like to say something to the visitors of Trance.nu?
Edwin: For the producers I’d like to say: Keep on producing and doing your own thing, since I’ve heard a lot of the visitors are producers themselves. Its very cool to see how the scene has evolved overthere and how it has grown to be one of the biggest trance sites around the world. Props for that!

T.nu: We would like the thank you for this interview!
Edwin: That’s alright! Thank you too.

Link: http://www.ernestovsbastian.nl

Translation: Paul Moelands

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