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Thursday 23rd, October 2003
E-Craig Interview

The trance.nu staff took their steps into one of Amsterdam's most famous and historic clubs, the iT. The reason was that we were going to interview the DJ/Producer E-Craig (Dimitri Siliakus) who is a resident in club iT. Busy for years in the music industry, he produced killer tracks like Drum Beats, It Feels So Good, remixed top tracks like "Live in Bilbao", "4 Strings - Let It Rain", "Singles & Angels - Submerge" and now his newest track "The Beat Goes On" has been released and is already voted Dance Smash at Radio 538. Furthermore he is DJ'ing all over the world and the end of the success aint there yet. Time for trance.nu to have a chat with this rising star and ask him what's happening at the moment. Between the dragqueens and female bodybuilders and all other visitors that make club iT an exceptional club, we sat down for a beer and a talk.

Trance.nu: Hey Dimitri, tell us something about yourself? What are your occupations in the music industry?
Dimitri: Well, I am a producer and next to that i'm also fulltime dj'ing at the moment. I combine the nightlife with a life during the day, which is sometimes kinda tough. But i'm highly motivated to keep doing the job that i'm in now. It's worth the busy life...

Trance.nu: How did you start producing?
Dimitri: Well, as most of all people I started producing together with a friend of mine in an old and dirty bedroom *laughs* and after a while, our first record got released called "It Feels So Good". (Dimitri was 18 years old at the time) Also the second production was made that way.

Trance.nu: You have been producing for a couple of years now. How would you describe your sound?
Dimitri: Well, thats kinda difficult. It's difficult to categorize music I think. Everybody calls gives it a different name, depending from which country you come. I think the best way to describe my sound is: the theme is trance, but with a cool, tough bassline. But I also made some more groovy records or more techno-ish tracks.

Trance.nu: And what about your DJ Sound? How do you build up a set?
Dimitri: Yeah, that depends where you spin... Here in club iT I have the time and the chance to build up a set. From more groovy till a little harder. However, when you are programmed between two people that are bangin it all the way, then you'll spin in the same line. But in general I spin a very wide range of musical styles.

Trance.nu: You have been DJ'ing now for quite some years. Tell us, where have you been spinning? And what are your best memories?
Dimitri: My absolutely best night was in South Africa, in Kaapstad. There was an amazing vibe with the crowd and I played longer then I planned to. Tokyo was quite an experience as well. These people are really living for the music, it's a lifestyle. Further I have been playing in Norway, LA, Curacao. And since a few months I have a residency in New York! It's an amazing club and I play there once or twice a month. And furthermore I'm gonna make a mix for ID-T as well soon happy

Trance.nu: And now we are here in club iT. U expected to be resident here?
Dimitri: Well, not really. Club iT was together with the Roxy one of the most trendy and biggest clubs back in the time. So it's still a big name. A year ago DJ Jean was still a resident here, but now he plays only regularly. But I'm still a resident here and it feels like it's my homebase.

Trance.nu: Often people do a little degrading about the clubtrance sounds or clubsounds. What do you think about that?
Dimitri: I can understand that some people think that way, BUT I think it's wrong to convict other musical styles. U should respect every musical genre, because it can always make people have fun. My mom will probably think the music I make is noise. She likes salsa music.. I don't care about salsa, but I still respect it.

Trance.nu: Dance Smash on radio 538 (big Dutch radio channel), great selling records... Any further dreams, maybey a (mix)-album?
Dimitri: Oh yeah, an album would be cool, but as you know it's quite a difficult time in the music industry. Especially for dance artists. I still survive, so I'm not complaining. I think I'm still growing musically wise.. A thing for the future I would really want is a pass to get quickly through security on airports.. Those waiting lines always.. pfff *laughs*

Trance.nu: And what about upcoming productions/remixes?
Dimitri: Well a new E-craig has just been released and I will make a new one of that. I'm gonna do alot of projects, from commercial style till underground groovy records. I got enough inspiration, that's for sure. I definatly wanna do something with vocals again, just like in the last E-craig. Vocals seem to touch people. I am now working with a singer Manon and we work together very well and the creative process of making a track with her works very well!

Trance.nu: And we see a big selling record called Alegria - Cuba Libre. Seems like you are involved into that too?
Dimitri: Yep, me and the Beat Freakz made that record together. The Beat Freakz consist of Mark Nieuwenhuijzen (Mac Mark) and Errol LaFleur (Deekai). It's a mixture of South American latin groove and club and a blend of techno. It is selling like a hot cake and the response is superb! Alot of people can play it and they do..

Trance.nu: Are you active on the internet regarding dance music? Visiting sites and stuff?
Dimitri: Yes, I read forums now and then. There you can see the response of the people. Not only about my productions but also about other producers, which is quite interesting. But I don't respond, because I don't sign up most of the time. I just read.

Trance.nu: What's your highlight in your career this far? What are you most proud of?
Dimitri: Wow, that's difficult. I think it was my first performance in New York, which was about 3 months ago. I was driven in a limousine. And then I had to perform in the club. The day before me Carl Cox had played and the night after me Roger Sanchez would play. Then I thought: Wow, I am playing between those big names! Also I'm proud that they book me, pure on my productions. They never heard me spin a set there before.

Trance.nu: And your biggest disappointment?
Dimitri: That my first Ibiza gig got cancelled this summer. It wasn't the biggest one, but still, had loved to play there.

Trance.nu: Any opinions about the huge amount of mp3 going around?
Dimitri: I don't really know what to think. In some way it's increasing the downfall of the music industry. On the other hand the music industry has not reacted good enough. We don't have much possibilities to solve this problem. This is partly due to organisations like BUMA/STEMRA (t.nu: something like Dutch RIAA). If I had the possibility to download as much as I want for, let's say, 500 euro a year, then I would do that. That way u can still support the artist even if the cd is not available near you. But it's gonna take years and years for these kinds of regulations to come. Every country has different rules and laws, so most probably there will not be a solution soon. Small artists can get famous this way tough. On the other hand, you'll loose income through these things.

Trance.nu: Small Questions:
Best record ever: Pascal Lasini - Where can I find you?
Top traxx ATM: Benni Benassi - Illusion, JXL - Red Pill, Blue Pill
Favourite DJ: Paul van Dyk, a man that's really seriously busy with his work. He isn't acting like a clown or something. And DJ Jean, because that man can spin every style. Trance, techno, club, groove... Besides that he's always a good laugh. I like that...
Best Party: I spinned once on a illegal party on an industry terrain. That was about 1 year ago. A DJ I know was playing there, so I spun a few records there too. It was a really dark and illegal party, with a fantastic sphere. The unexpectedness of the party was the best. The best party I've been to was the first Sensation.

Trance.nu: Any tips for the producers here?
Dimitri: Well, it might be personal, but since I bought a Macintosh, the producing is going much better. It seems like my programs work better and it's a different way of thinking. Also some new music software is only for MacIntosh now. It works for me...

Trance.nu would like to thank Dimitri for his time and Jorn for arranging this interview. After the interview E-Craig played his second set of the evening in the iT including Alegria - Cuba Libre, Alegria - La Luna, Junkie XL - Red Pill/Blue Pill. E-Craig has a residency every friday in club iT in Amsterdam.
More info:
http://www.e-craig.nl (u can listen to the new e-craig track here)

http://www.it.nl (the club we interviewed E-Craig

artist discograpy: http://www.discogs.com/artist/E_Craig

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