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Wednesday 07th, January 2009
Down The Pub With... The Netherlands New Skool!!
Updated: Friday 20th, March 2009

: As you’ve probably spotted we are indeed down the juicer with 5 thirsty members of The Netherlands Nu-Skool. Namely: Leon Bolier, Sied van Riel, Galen Behr, Cliff Coenraad & ReWard. Reflecting on the landlord’s ‘welcoming’ words we do start to wonder about them a little bit though! Could there actually be something in his on-the-surface insane, half-plastered dribblings? After all these are the people to whom the word ‘trance’ seems to mean everything, and yet nothing at all. They’re the ones that have taken the ‘formula’, as prescribed by the founding fathers and given it an audio-rhinoplasty, shattering it and re-shaping it their own, wide-ranging vision. Dutch Trance 2.0 or “Trance, (as one of them is fond of saying) in the broadest sense of the word”. Anyway enough chin-stroking from us! That’s why they’re here but NOT what we’re here to discuss. Today we’re interested in getting to know the personalities. Cracking open the skulls with a small toffee hammer and seeing what lurks inside, if you will.

So! In order to lubricate your laughing gear gents, what can the landlord get you in terms of refreshment?!

Sied van Riel: Looks cool here, who decorated this pub? Where is the pool table and who is that girl behind the bar? I’ll have a coffee thanks... still early. Can I get a slice of pizza with that?
The Landlord: A Malibu it is. Neat and a pint of, I presume…
Cliff Coenraad: I would have to say a nice rosé please! I stopped drinking beer, but if the wine’s too much trouble I could also go with a Malibu & 7UP too.
Those are the best!
Galen Behr: I'll have a Bacardi Lemon & 7, please!
Landlord: Right, two pints of real ale it is, what about you young Sir??
Wardt: Corona with a slice of lime please! But just a common beer would be good as well.
Landlord: Just a packet of crisps, right you are then young young man, but we’ve only got the boiled curried egg flavour…
Leon Bolier: Christ! I’ll have a Heineken… Or a vodka and Orange Juice, or Sied’s Malibu. Or perhaps just some water from a toilet. Yes, that would probably be better.
Landlord: Malibu & toilet water it is. A great pleasure!

Trance.nu: Ok, let’s get underway. Celluloid matters first! Without using either the words ‘Wars’ or ‘Star’, name your favourite movie?

Leon: I don’t have any particular favourite movie, but I like films like ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’, ‘Crash’ or Coen brothers movies like ‘The Man Who Wasn’t There’ and ‘Fargo’. Sometimes when you’re in a silly mood it’s nice to watch films like ‘Employee of the month’. I saw it on a flight together with Cliff and we were giggling like little girls.
Galen: I’m the same, I don't really have one in particular, but ‘Shawshank Redemption’, ‘The Usual Suspects’ and ‘The Matrix’ are definitely amongst my favourites!
Sied: I’d have to say The Green Mile and The Goonies.. I’ll be honest I just bought The Goonies again on DVD. It’s something from my youth, I can’t help myself... I love Chunk!!
ReWard: I really like the Bourne franchise. I’m also a huge fan of ‘Good Will Hunting’, ‘The Lord of the Rings’, ‘The Game’ and ‘The Big Lebowski’.
Cliff: I’m not a ‘Rats Sraw’ fan (heh - I didn’t use the words!!). Thank god! But it’s hard to choose one… I watch a lot movies and have a couple of favourites like ‘Zoolander’, ‘Transformers’, ‘Super Troopers’, ‘White Chicks’, ‘Freddy Got Fingered’, ‘Employee Of The Month’, ’40 Year O… (At this point, sensing that Cliff’s “couple of favourites” may be about to slide into a list of the worst reviewed films ever, Trance.nu politely nudges the conversation onwards!)

Trance.nu: Nederlanders! What’s your favourite non-music, non-porn orientated website?
Sied: YOUTUBE! I’m always watching stand-up comedy there and the mighty Fonejacker!
Leon: One of the non-music orientated websites I visit on a daily basis is
nu.nl, a Dutch news site.
Galen: There's this Dutch website called Geenstijl.nl which always brings facts and news in a funny interesting way.
ReWard: Ah yeah! For me its www.dumpert.nl, which is a division of Geenstijl.
It’s like the Dutch failblog.org. Fucking hilarious! You should check it out!
Cliff: My iGoogle startpage! I can really recommend it because you can put your favourite news items, TV guide, weather forecast, and more on it through RSS feeds. I even have my mobile phone account on it so I can see how many minutes I’ve spent on making useless calls!

Cliff Coenraad

Trance.nu: Excellent! Right, were diving into the honesty box: what’s the worst fashion crime you’ve ever committed?

Sied: Uhmmm..... Let me think. Wearing white socks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Galen: Few years ago I and a friend of mine decided to wear something ‘original’ to this house-party. He dressed up as a Russian mine-worker and I dressed up in traditional Arab clothes pretending to be his wife. We still needed to get a parking ticket so, as I was holding a burning candle, we walked arm-in-arm in downtown Rotterdam to get one. I think we scared off some people that night!
ReWard: I used to be a skater dude, so I wore those skate clothes all the time, but because I’m like 2 meters tall (which is over 6’6ft) all my trousers were too short and stuff like that. Really awful!
Leon: Uhhhhhhh…. buying a pink cowboy hat at Trance Energy a couple of years ago.
Trance.nu: From time to time we need to see pictures. This is one of them!
Cliff: Ehm... I think it was sometime during carnival, it’s this weird kind of celebration week we have in the south of Holland where everybody needs to dress up as something, I had this mailman outfit, but it didn’t really fit my size. So you can already guess starting on the first night it was torn apart. In the end I stood there during the winter, - 5 degrees... in the snow... in my boxers... and jacket! But it was a fun night though!


Trance.nu: While we’re getting such things off our chest… what’s your most embarrassing moment?
Leon: Too many to mention actually, one of them trying to impress a girl when I was young by making some phat moves on my bike – and falling flat on my face just in front of her!
Galen: One of the first times I played in Poland I was hanging out with some people in the DJ Booth after my set. A local DJ took over the decks from me and as we were all drinking and partying I must've tripped over something. As I fell I tried to hold myself up and accidentally pressed the play button on the CDJ player that was already playing. You can imagine what that sounded like! Considering it was the debut gig of the local DJ, it wasn't exactly pretty. Fortunately we both can laugh about it today.
ReWard: Tough one to choose, because I experience one hell of an embarrassing moment every day! (Trance.nu would like to point out that Wardt didn’t expand on this sentence, so we leave it down to you to interpret what he means!) But one of the worst ones must be on my holiday in Spain this year. My friends and I were going out to a very fancy club, full of pretty ladies. I saw 2 very hot chicks who looked like porn stars you know. So my friend and I walked right to them and said ‘’hello how are you’’ or something like that. When they replied, their low, looooww voices made clear that, well, they hadn’t always been girls!
Cliff: We all have a lot embarrassing moments! But the worst one was this summer when Leon, Sied, Galen, Joop and some other friends and I played in Romania. We arrived a day earlier because we had to play in the afternoon. The night before we all went out to a bar and we had the best night ever. The alcohol was consumed and in the end me, Leon and Galen were the last ones left standing. The guys decided to get a bottle of whiskey (something I really don’t like, but by that time it didn’t really matter!). We ended up diving into a Jacuzzi filled with beer and cigarettes looking for Leon’s bracelet, falling hard on the bathroom floor, wrecking a door made of glass...
Sied: I was 14 or something... Don’t know what the hell was I was thinking. I probably did it to see girls, but I actually bought tickets for a New Kids on the Block concert in. 1992, I think it was. I didn’t go to the concert though - I ended up shipping the tickets on for a profit!

Trance.nu: Yowsah! Ok, so what do you obsess over?
Cliff: Transformers! I’m not a toy collector or anything - heh, wish I was! The toys still rock - I liked them from the very first time I saw them! I drove my friends crazy when the movie came out last year. I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing Optimus Prime looked when he transformed from truck to robot for the first time!
ReWard: I’m really into travelling. I love to see new places and meet new people all around the globe. So I’m very lucky that my job includes a lot of travelling. I hope that in the future I will see a lot more places and countries. I think you could say that’s my obsession.
Galen: Anything technical! I'm a bit of a nerd when it comes to little gadgets.
Leon: To discuss a good movie or a nice South Park episode can raise obsessive madness in me.

Trance.nu: As sponsored by Depeche Mode: Who was your musical inspiration?
Sied: I listen to a lot of 80s/90s music. Pet Shop Boys, Jacko, Simply Red, Simple Minds, U2, Guns ‘n Roses, Nirvana, Lenny Kravitz, etc. That 80s/early 90s music has something man... So there’s not a single musician who inspires me... it’s more like a decade!
Galen: My dad recorded this videotape of a Vangelis concert in Rotterdam back in 1991 when I was a kid. I watched that tape over and over again and it has had quite an influence on my musical taste.
ReWard: Well, sounds kind of predictable, but it was Tiësto. When I heard Flight 643 for the first time, I was immediately and totally blown away! Really loved ‘Lethal Industry’ and all his other singles as well..
Leon: Chopin, Tiësto, Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Vincent de Moor, Laurent Veronnez, Radiohead. to name a few.
Cliff: Like the rest it wasn’t really just one person. I got my inspiration from everything. I’ve listened to every kind of music. Started out with the music from the 80’s, Listened to LL Cool J and Kriss Kross. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, their music got me into dance. The Invisibl Skratch Piklz and DJ A-Trak; I was really into the art of scratching. Ferry Corsten and Marco V, because those 2 are the most creative & innovative artists I know in electronic dance music.

Trance.nu: Right, let’s get out of it a little bit: Little Green Men… Total rubbish or ‘Hell yeah, I Believe!

Galen: I'm the kind of person who needs some sort of proof to really believe in something. But I wouldn't say they don't exist. The universe is pretty f'ing massive to simply say we're the only ones around here!
ReWard: I do believe that there is life anywhere else in this universe, but we’ll never get in contact with them. If you look at the size of the universe, it’s just impossible that our planet is the only one that has the right circumstances to make life possible.
Cliff: I don’t know, there might be something up there. Maybe I’ll get the chance to see them when I get a sip of some Absinth.
Leon: It’s not about believing, but with the vastness of the universe surrounding us it wouldn’t surprise me at all if somewhere and at sometime a system somehow had the same evolutionary development due to kind of the same environmental circumstances as in our solar system. And hence that might support life forms we don’t know about. Aside from all that, when Sied had to puke in an airport after a gig he looked like a little green man, so there’s proof right there!
Sied: Yeah, right back at you! And the same goes Wardt too! That said, my neighbour from 2 doors down the street… Now if that was born on this planet…. nuff said!

Galen Behr

Trance.nu: Man-skills, DIY (Do It Yourself) Home Improvements, call it what you want but what’s your proficiency level?
Sied: I usually wake up around 8/9 no matter what time I go in the night before...and since I’m at home all day long I do a lot around the house. Clean the house, vacuum cleaning, the laundry; I cook at home since I have my degrees in cooking.... I’m actually a cook ... well I used to be a long time ago.
Trance.nu: Not bad, very commendable. But we’re looking for something a bit more, well, hardcore! What about you Leon?
Leon: Well, I used to earn some extra cash by working on construction sites when I was still studying at university, so I guess I might be able to do some home improvement stuff. I’ll give myself 7/10 for home improvement, and a 9/10 for home demolishing. Having said that, I think Wardt gets 11/10 for the latter, he’s really, really skilled.
Trance.nu: That’s more like it!
Galen: My specialty is refurnishing rooms. Ask Leon, he knows!
ReWard: I’m really good at telling my dad what he has to do! I can’t even hit the nail on its head straight. But yesterday I replaced a broken light bulb… I did risk being electrocuted though. But my friend Willem was standing steady with a wooden baseball bat to get me off the electricity!
Cliff: On a DIY scale from 1 to 10... I’ll be a 5, I’m not really bad I guess, but I think I’m just too lazy to do things. I’ve build my own soundproof home studio, but after 2 years since I started, it still isn’t finished! I still need to build a desk and make a door!

Trance.nu: Admirable stuff, now let’s talk leisure time….

What was the first, last & best concert you’ve been to?

Galen: My first big one for me was the first edition of Tiësto in Concert, but I don't think that really qualifies as a concert, although the name suggests otherwise. Last one I've been to was Lionel Richie - not something I would usually attend, but I quite enjoyed it! The best show I've ever been to was Daft Punk at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam. The music, the sound, the lights… Everything was just insane! It will be hard to top that one I'm afraid!

Sied: My first concert was Bon Jovi in Rotterdam. Their so-called goodbye concert... They did it 4 times again after that. The last concert I saw was Tiësto in Concert.. The best I ever saw was... um.... Seal!

ReWard: To start with, the first one. I think that was Tiësto in Concert pt 2 in 2004 which was totally awesome. The last one was Armin Only in Belgium which was cool as well. A long drive but it was worth it. The best one must be Coldplay, I’m a huge fan of that band. I really like every single one of their songs.

Leon: The first concert I attended was something called Pepsi Pop, back in 1996. I think, with amongst others: Backstreet Boys, Aqua, N’Sync… w0000t. But on the other hand MC Lynx and The Course were performing too, and back in the days I really liked the music they were putting out. The last concert I’ve been to (apart from DJ gigs and stuff) was Trentemöller in Paradiso, Amsterdam a couple of months back. Very nice! Best concert, I don’t really know… saw Alice Cooper live once, and though it’s not my kind of music, the show was very much fun to watch.

Cliff: My first concert I went to was from... ah hell, I can’t even remember!
I do remember my first dance event I went to, that was Mysteryland 1999
The last concert I’ve been to was from Pete Philly & Prequisite. A friend of mine introduced me to his music, and I really liked it! Cool new school electronic HipHop.
The best concert I’ve seen so far was the one from Pablo Francisco (US comedian trance nu-ers – the interviewer is a big fan)! He performed in my hometown so I couldn’t miss this. I thought he was doing his old acts, but he wasn’t for a change! It was the best night ever!

Sied van Riel

Trance.nu: Outside of music, who’s the most famous person you’ve met?
Galen: And there’s a thing… I’ve never met anyone famous outside of music!
ReWard: I think it’s the dad of my producing partner / one of my best friends Willem. If you like soccer you know him for sure. They carry the same name as well.
I also met the prime minister of our country. I was 17 years old back then, and I was with all my classmates. We kinda jumped on him, so all his bodyguards had to pull us off the poor man.
Leon: Actually when thinking of that, all celebs I met were music related I guess.
Cliff: Jacques D’Ancona! Dutch celebrity from the 80’s… He was in the jury from the famous TV show “The Soundmix Show” with Henny Huisman!

Trance.nu: Wearing sunglasses indoors: is it ever acceptable?
Sied: Yeah it fine... When Easter and Christmas fall on the same day!!
Galen: If someone's wearing shades to cover up a black eye I guess I won't complain. But hey, they are called sunglasses for a reason, right?
ReWard: That shouldn’t even be a question, of course not! Because…
A. It’s lame, and it looks like crap.
B. If you’re trying to hide the fact that you used Ecstasy, you just shouldn’t take it.
Cliff: No, it’s stupid! If you want to hide behind your glasses, try and hide under the couch!
Leon: Only Galen can do that when his eyes are beyond red.
Trance.nu: We need to step in here and say that, with first-hand experience, Leon gets the WORST post-club red eye we’ve every seen. 8am Eternal!

Trance.nu: What’s your dream car and what colour are you getting it in?

Sied: To be honest, I don’t like cars at all. I used to have 2 but I sold them both.
My friend Sam always takes me to the airport and picks me up when I fly back in. I pay the petrol bill and speeding tickets. It’s a good arrangement!
Galen: When I was younger I always dreamt of having a Ferrari 360 Spider - in Ferrari-red of course. But nowadays I don't really care what car as long as it does the job!
ReWard: Aston Martin V8 Vantage in grey please. I’m really addicted to Aston Martin, I love all their cars. I was actually really shocked when I saw the new James Bond movie, where he crashed the new DB7 in the first couple of minutes. And imagine: it must have taken maybe 5 or 6 cars to shoot the whole scene properly. What a waste!
TNU: Vantage, not a Vanquish – interesting!
Leon: I really like Ken’s car, and you get Barbie with it – what a pleasure!!
Cliff: I really would like to have an Aston Martin DB9 someday... Saw it once on Top Gear and I was sold! I prefer a black metallic paint. I also wouldn’t mind having a black or green Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera instead.

Trance.nu: Video game maniac or do you prefer life in the real world?
Sied: I prefer the RIEL world! I used to play the Wii a lot, but I’m over that now. I‘m behind a computer in the studio 13 hours a day.. That’s enough for me!
Galen: I like to play video games every now and then, but I’ve been addicted quite a few times in the past. I absolutely loved Half Life (and Counterstrike) and the Grand Theft Auto series. But I need to be careful since I might get drawn into it too deeply and won’t spend enough time on important things.
ReWard: Well of course I prefer life in the real world, but sometimes I love to shoot some n00bs in Call of Duty 4 online mode. You can find me under the ‘’Drukke Henny’’ alias or try ‘’JostiJager’’. Come online and I whoop all ya asses, dude!!!
Cliff: Video game maniac, I love to play video games! Wii tennis, NFS Undercover, and Call of Duty is what I play a lot lately. Every now and then everyone needs to escape from the real world.
Leon: Real world? What the hell’s that?!!

Leon Bolier

Trance.nu: What’s your hot-button topic of the moment – Financial Crisis Special!
Galen: It has made such an impact on everyone. No matter where you go, you’ll hear people talking about it.
Sied: I personally want to know who’s responsible for it. A collective group of people made some rubbish choices and decisions with mortgages and now they should be punished for it. I say let them run around naked for one week in Time Square with a hat on their heads, which reads ‘donkey’. Then they do a global tour with them in every country that got struck by the recession that they’ve caused.
Leon: It annoys the hell out of me to whenever you switch on your TV and hear people talking about it. I think that only encourages people to stop spending and makes it even worse.
ReWard: I was really curious about who was going to be the next American president, because I like world politics. Now that Obama has been chosen, I don’t need to watch any news anymore, cos St. Obama is going to fix this world! (wink!)
Cliff: I guess that would be about the wining and bashing on the internet.
That could be about music, dj’s/artists, movies, really everything. It made me sick at some point, but I don’t really care anymore.
There is more out there than spending your day on the internet...

Plug your latest single/album/comp or gig here in 50 words or less!

ReWard: Please buy all the music I’ve ever made, cause I need money to buy myself some new hair extensions! On the serious side of things: W&W – ‘Arena’ just got its release and next month my new single on Spinnin records, called ‘Think Twice’/‘My Moves’ is gonna be released.

Leon: The next release will be the latest album track release, ‘Acapulco’ with Galen coming with an amazing W&W remix. I already finished a bunch of new tunes to be released afterwards. Besides that I’m planning to do a mix comp later on in 2009.

Cliff: New Repimp is out; Cor Fijneman ft. Melissa Mathes – ‘Disappear’ (Cliff Coenraad & Thomas Hagenbeek’s Repimp) on Songbird. New Cliff Coenraad single is ready and will be out early 2009!

Galen: The track ‘Acapulco’ I’ve done together with Leon will be released as a single including a W&W Remix in February 2009. I’ve also got new solo stuff in the pipeline for next year.

Sied: Go to every event that has my name attached to it and support all my releases and get the chance to win a RIEL Coupon for 2 hours of “RIEL TIME”

* This action last till Oktruari 32nd 2011. SvR has the right to refuse males, animals, politicians, investment experts, cars and/or superheroes. The winner will be contacted via email but that doesn’t mean you won anything.

Written by:
Tim Stark

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