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Thursday 25th, September 2008
Down The Pub With... Judge Jules
Updated: Thursday 27th, November 2008

It’s October in the Trance.nu ‘virtu-pub’ (and everywhere else!). The evenings are darker and the bar area has taken on an ever more welcoming glow. The chair leather is cracked and the floor smells even more of spilt lager, so the mood is well and truly set! Who better then to knock glasses with then than Radio 1’s king of trance & chat, none other than the inimitable, the ever-convivial, Mr Judge Jules!

So J.J., what’s your poison-of-choice?

Why thank you Sir! I’d normally have a Vodka Lemon – the perfect juice of joy under an Ibiza sun. For the more wintery of times though, or in our case ‘the British summer’, I’ll just take a pint of lager please.

Right you are then! Snack?

No thanks! I just ate!

Cool! Ok, so kicking off - you look like a clever chap - what’s you specialist subject in Mastermind?

With a very sweet tooth and an indulgent passion for ice cream my specialist subject would have to be that king of the freezer-based deserts, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Flavours… I known a few! From your Dublin Mudslide to (the sadly limited) Pumpkin Cheesecake and Cherry Garcia to Fossil Fuel – all amazing! Undoubtedly the best bit about this particular specialist subject is the research process requires a considerable amount of tasting.

And on the other end of the scale, what’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever scoffed down?

I once ate lungs, in the China where every part of the anatomy is eaten in some dish or another. Have to say though… I quite enjoyed it!

Let’s talk technology, what is the best bit of non-musical gadgetry you own?
I suppose the answer is that most gadgetry can be musically associated. One of the biggest revolutions is the humble memory stick/SD card. Whilst it is not something that would be written about in most magazines, the memory stick/SD card has been one of the biggest revolutions for the music industry and computer users as a whole. In that the latest generation of pioneer CDJs now has a US port that allows you to play direct from the memory stick.

Couldn’t agree more… My brain issues ‘compulsory purchase orders’ every time I see a higher capacity one on eBay! So, chance for some controversy here, who would you put in ‘THE CORNER OF WRONG!!!’?

Anybody who is in the ‘famous for being famous brigade’. There are those that DO and there are those that are in Heat magazine.

Right, our John Cleese question (formerly ‘The Mike Myers’ question right up until he made ‘The Love Guru’) - who makes you laugh?

Will Farrell cracks a few ribs every now and again – his performance as Ricky Bobby in Talladega Knights is worth watching if you’re looking for a good comedy. You won’t find this under the comedy section but the new Shane Meadows film, Somers Town, also had some great laugh out loud moments. The lead role (Thomas Turgoose out of ‘This is England’) has a real honesty to his humour which you can’t help but go with.

Talking movies then, without using either the words ‘Wars’ or ‘Star’, name your favourite movie?

I’ve many favourites ranging from comedy to thrillers but unquestionably one of the greatest films of all time and my personal top film is Goodfelllas! A timeless mobster film....and perhaps Scorsese’s finest hour? With Raging Bull a close second.

Feeling you on that! Heh, “I see Dead People!”… What’s your greatest film line ever?

“We’re on a mission from god” from another great film, The Blues brothers.

Bit of a pointless triv for trance.nu-ers but did you know that during the filming the crew nicknamed John Belushi ‘The Black Hole’, for the amount of pairs of glasses he lost whilst shooting the movie.

What’s your favourite non-music orientated website?

www.Ibiza sun.com. Which is the island English language news website and a great resource for local activity.

What was the last thing that made you proud?

That would have to be watching my 3 year old daughter Phoebe learning to swim in Ibiza this year. It was a big achievement for her and a very proud one for me as her father watching her cut through the water on her own. Is only early days but she’s a natural swimmer.

So, generally are you the backpacking round Tibet or a sun, sea & sand-type of holidaymaker?

I enjoy the relaxation side of a good holiday just too much to want to pack up my sleeping bag, sauce pan and mug and go climbing up mountains and rummaging my way through forests. I love to go see new places and experiences new cultures but I think I would do it in small doses retreating frequently back to beach.

Music aside, what does Judge Jules obsess over?

Trying to stay sane and having some structure to my life. Amongst the travelling and gigs it is important to find time for my family and give my children the quality time they deserve.

I don’t obsess over it but the key is organisation in maintaining a busy schedule without everything falling down around you. Going to the gym is perhaps one activity that I make sure I stick to on a regular basis, if only to keep the body and brain fresh.

Clobber time... what item of clothing can you not live without?

My Heroes and Villains T’shirt line...it has become the staple of my wardrobe. The actual line of clothing has taken me a couple of years to set up and get functioning properly. But it’s now where I want it to be. I am really excited about because this year the brand has been a big theme for me, with the full launch expected towards the end of the year.

What brand of trainers do you buy?

I still love my Dsquared’s, but in recent times have found myself moving more towards Pro Keds [www.prokeds.com]. I’m not quite in obsessive territory yet but I can be found wearing them pretty much non-stop. They’re really comfortable for travelling in which also makes them a good trainer. As for the range on offer, I really think the designs of their trainers are superb and they look great with pretty much anything.

Proving a thorny question in general this, but wearing sunglasses indoors: is it ever acceptable?

If you’re Italian it is obligatory, but I’m not...

Very diplomatic! So what’s your dream car and what colour are you getting it in?

I’m a big lover of cars, Porsche’s and Jaguar’s being favourites on my wish list. The engineering and build quality of both of these cars are always exceptionally high. I once had a Bentley on loan, which was a beautiful to drive to say the very least. Although, I’m not too sure I would like to drive one all the time. Like many, I’ve learnt from bitter experience that having your dream car on the driveway leads you to getting broken into.

The first record you bought… what was it?

It is a really old one which was actually bought for me by my mum and I can still remember the day she gave it me. It is called ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ and it’s by a Canadian musician called Joni Mitchell.

Who’s the greatest super-hero known to humanity?

Humm surely the numero uno super-hero accolade can only go to one man? Springfield’s very own, Homer Simpson! He has gotten himself in to more self-inflicted battles than probably all the Marvel superhero’s Stan Lee has ever put pencil to paper on combined.

Whose poster did you have on your wall as a kid?

I was a big fan of ‘The Modfather’ himself - Paul Weller. His early music had a profound influence on me growing up and my walls were lined with bands from that era and sound. I respect the fact that he’s stuck to his musical guns and stayed true to what he believes in. He really is one of the giants of British music.

And finally, Wakarimasu! What languages do you speak?

English, French and Spanish… I particularly enjoy speaking Spanish and I really enjoy the Spanish way of life. Even though I speak fluent Spanish I do still have lessons to keep it polished and try to speak in any given opportunity.

Plug your latest single/album/comp or gig here in 50 words or less!

I will be following up this season’s Judgment CD with my second artist album but this won’t be until after the summer season is over now. In the meantime, my next single is called ‘Electronic Snare’, which has been a big favourite with clubbers over the past couple of months.

50 words exactly, Jules – perfect and many thanks for joining us! Next month we’ll in the juicer with Matt Hardwick. December sees us downing the frothy bevies with Cosmic Gate and then in a special festive edition it’ll be a full-on DJ lock-in with 5 of your favorites all together discussing CHRISTMAS! Stay tuned!

Written by:
Tim Stark

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