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Wednesday 18th, March 2009
Down The Pub With...Rank 1!
Updated: Friday 20th, March 2009

: Piet's the DJ, Benno's the producer, and between them they’ve been flooding our floors with mind-melting productions and performances since ‘Airwave’s stadium-sized sound opened the batting 10 years ago. We got them 'Down The Pub' in order to get to know the personalities and preferences behind the music-makers!

Trance.nu: So Gents, welcome to Bar Nu! Dump jackets, pull up a stool and tell us what your poison is?
Piet: All my friends know it: Coke without ice
Benno: A cup of coffee please, I just got out of bed!

Trance.nu: Right oh, yer big pair of lightweights…! Let’s get stuck into the question pile. First up, your country’s greatest sporting moment or glory, what was it?
Piet: Holland winning the European championship in 1988.
Benno: Marco van Basten's winning goal for the Netherlands is indeed my moment too. I'm not so much of a sports or television kind of guy though, only when the pride of the country is at stake.

Trance.nu: Oh yes… we remember that well. The hat-trick that put England in the quarter final; 20+ years and I remember it like it was yesterday! Let’s move on before I start weeping like a baby! What television show can’t you go a week without watching?
Piet: It’s a Dutch TV Show called ‘Jiskefet’
Benno: Currently that would be ‘Lost’. I normally don't watch that much television and I hadn't seen one episode till my girlfriend introduced me to it last year. In one month I caught up on all 4 seasons - very nice way to get the answers to cliffhangers right away! The downside is that now I have to get used to the waiting for the next episode every week.

Trance.nu: All well and good. For me, I just hope there’s a damned good explanation to the whole affair at the end! Sticking with moving pictures, what was the last film you saw?
Piet: ‘Along Came Polly’.
Benno: The Pursuit Of Happyness; great film! It shows that persistence and sacrifices eventually lead to success and happiness (with an 'i'!). The fact that Will Smith’s own son is playing the son in the movie gives it an extra twist. But this story actually reminds a bit of me starting to make music. I had no money at all and the money I did get I invested in equipment to make music. I didn't have to sleep in toilets though, thank god!

Trance.nu: Let’s move over to reading material Complete the following sentence: the greatest living author is:
Benno: Philip Newell. Lazy as I am when it comes to reading that's a hard one! I never have free time to read fiction because I often see it as a waste of time where I can do more useful things. So when I do read a book, it's often science or audio related. Philip’s book ‘Recording Studio Design’ covers all aspects of sound waves travelling through space in a step by step manner. Not a good recommendation if you like cliffhangers at the end though!

Trance.nu: The first record you bought… what was it?
Piet: Samantha Fox – ‘Touch Me’ (heh, it was for the cover…)
Benno: You are really testing my (awfully bad) memory here, but the one that I can remember is Los Lobos' La Bamba’. I don't know why the hell I liked it though!

Trance.nu: The record that made me want to become a DJ was……………
Piet: Confetti's – ‘Sound Of C’
Benno: I don't DJ, but it would certainly be one of those early house records like Manix – ‘88 to piano’, DHS – ‘House of God’, KLF's ‘What Time Is Love’

Trance.nu: All fine tunes! Now then, time to test the old grey brain cells, so... wakarimasu! What languages do you speak fellas?
Piet: Dutch, English, German and a little bit of French
Benno: The same goes for me, but I did some Greek and Latin in high school too (it was either those two or economics or geography which I find even more boring). I can't speak those of course, but I can read Italian and Spanish too. And when playing live in Kiev I found out that I could actually read some Cyrillic stuff to. It's quite stupid actually reading the word 'phone booth’ can make you happy while it's quite obvious what you are dealing with in the first place!

Trance.nu: Impressive! Now wearing sunglasses indoors: is it ever acceptable?
Benno: Sure why not!? Those blinders at the big festivals should indeed be prohibited! But seriously, I don't mind. As long as people are having a good time I don't bother.

Trance.nu: That does prove to be the more popular answer amongst our respondents, Piet. Now… motors! What’s your dream car and what colour are you having it in?

Piet: Chrysler 300C Hemi 5.7 Litres Automatic, colour would be grey.
Benno: Actually that would be a white Audi A5! But since I have a dog and take flight cases on the way to the airport once in a while as well, I doubt that's ever gonna happen though.

Trance.nu: We’d take either of those too! Let’s talk vacation time, are you guys the backpacking round Tibet or a sun, sea & sand-type holidaymakers?
Piet: Definitely the sun type!
Benno: I do like to be in the sun at a nice beach, but for no more than three days. In fact anything that is the same for three days will bore me. The one exception is a car trip through the Canyons. Driving 1200 miles for 5 days is no punishment at all! Having been to lots of places in the world I haven't seen a lot yet except airports hotels and big venues. Tibet is surely a place I would like to say I’ve have seen in my life.

Trance.nu: Video game maniac or do you prefer life in the real world? Piet: Bit of both.
Benno: Real world. And it's not because I don't like to play games, it's because of it! I can really get lost and addicted and would like to prevent that. I have been hooked up to games like Tomb Raider and online rapid chess games, but to be honest it was quite unhealthy. I do like to play a game or two, like PES or Buzz, but more with friends to compete and have a good laugh.

Trance.nu: Who would you like to shake vigorously by the hand?!
Piet: Anyone who is friendly to me.
Benno: The Dalai Lama. I really admire his thoughts, calmness and fulfilling of his task. But Chris Martin comes to a close second; there is no better band than Coldplay!!

Trance.nu: What’s your current ‘hot button’ world topic?
Piet: Financial Crisis
Benno: Please spare me, not those words again!!! You can't turn on a TV without hearing them…. Arrrgghhh! Good one Piet! Okay another one then. "Analog" is one for me. It most of the time evokes the famous-and-everlasting-Analogue-is-so-much-better war. Armin and I were walking in a vinyl store on Melrose Street LA last year when were killing some time before the big NYE party. And we were in awe how much this guy had collected. But when talking to him we unwantedly got dragged into such a purist discussion and we had to leave because it there can be no winner!

Trance.nu: What’s going on your gravestone?
Piet: GRAVE 1!
Benno: Until we meet again! I don't believe the light will fade out when I die, I am pretty sure we are here to learn and I feel I haven't learnt a thing yet so chances are quite high that I will be back again one day!

Plug your latest single/album/comp or gig here in 50 words or less!
Our latest single ‘L.E.D. There Be Light is out now with mixes from Wippenberg, Marcel Woods and ourselves. End of March a few new mixes will be available for the Australian edition of Trance Energy. Also worth checking is the new Trance Energy compilation which is mixed by John O ‘Callaghan and us.

And and and… expect more material from us this year!

Written by:
Tim Stark

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