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Friday 30th, July 2004
DT8 Interview

Darren Tate has more aliases than you've had hot dinners, and is about to hit the UK charts hard with his track "The Sun Is Shining (Down On Me)" under the name DT8. The track is his second using this alias, but this time is backed with a live act as well. In light of the new single, trance.nu caught up with Darren to have a word about what we can expect from DT8 in the future...

"The Sun Is Shining" is a bit of a departure from the typical DT8 sound. What are the reasons for this?

DT8 Project is fundamentally a new act, and for me that means a new sound. It’s a bigger and bolder project than I’ve taken on before and ‘The Sun Is Shining’ is just the icing on the cake. There’s an album in progress and I believe it’ll surprise quite a few people.

Is this a permanent change of style, or can we expect a return back to the trance sound?

I’ll still be producing trance records (I still love the genre) under various guises although they will be fewer and farther apart.

DT8 is more of a "proper" band, talk us through who does what...

Well it’s fronted by a new comer called Rob Li, and the act will consist of backing singers / dancers and a live performing element. In addition there will be a lead female vocalist who is featuring on the 2nd single and album (all will be revealed soon). Of course I’ll doing my usual thing and stripping off during performances.

How did you all meet?

Through industry contacts, friends, and of course pimps wink

Why did you choose to use the DT8 alias for the live act rather than an alias like Jurgen Vries or Angelic?

DT8 Project is my first serious album project and my most important to date, and as a consequence I decided to use the pseudonym that best fit my name (DT8 being an abbreviation for Darren Tate). Also this is the first major release for Mondo internationally, so I’m pretty much hedging my bets.

Why do you use so many different aliases for your music? Do you have favourite and why?

I think each pseudonym has brought different things to the table, all of which have been very important to me. Projects such as Orion and Angelic have lead to club classics and Jurgen was a massive commercial success. As to why so many pseudonyms – because 1) each can be representative of a different style and 2) you can only sign an act once..

Obviously DJing and live performing are totally different, which do you prefer and why?

I prefer DJing personally – it’s very interactive and you can work with the crowd by adjusting the music throughout. PAing is obviously more predictably but exciting none the less.

What can we expect to hear from DT8 in the future, and will you be continuing with any of your other aliases?

As said there’s two further singles in the bag and an album which is really taking shape. And yes I will be continuing with other aliases.

And Finally...

Describe the DT8 sound, and why we should all be rushing out to get "The Sun Is Shining" on its release...

DT8 Project (the album) will span various styles including house and break-beat, combining a fusion of electronica and live acoustics. People have often said to me I should write for film, and I think there will be evidence of neo-classical and ‘filmic’ influences across this particular work.

There’s also going to be some diversity in the writers and artists that we’ve worked with on this project. For example Victoria Horn (who co-wrote Dirty Vegas – Days Go By), More Kante and Swahtee Natekar (who sang on Jakatta ‘American Dream’) have all contributed.

‘The Sun Is Shining’ is a feel-good summer record designed for lying on beaches and summer parties. I came back from Ibiza last year wanting to write a summer anthem which had the live sound but still stuck to some of my trancier roots and the culmination was this. So if you’re a sun worshipper then you shouldn’t be without a copy!

DT8- The Sun Is Shining is released on August 2 on Mondo Records. You can see what we here at trance.nu think of it by clicking here. You can find more info at www.mondorecords.com. T.nu would like to thank Darren for taking the time for the interview.

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