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Friday 01st, August 2008
At The Pub With...Marco V

This month Tim Stark is swapping trivia, tips and all manner of info what-not with the ever-charming, never-hirsute Marco V at Trance.nuís ĎImagi-barí!

Welcome to Bar Trance.nu, Mr V! What am I pouring for you?

Just a red bull with a side order of water for me please!

Let's start with the best bit of non-musical gadgetry that you own?

The new Canon HF10 full HD camcorder, itís so small and the quality is fantastic!

Who was your favourite Charlieís Angel?

Farah Fawcett from the original series and from the new movies - Lucy Liu.

What television show canít you go a week without watching?

Radar. Itís a Dutch TV show about people who have troubles with different kinds of things, like a broken car or problems with a telecom company. Sounds boring, but I love it!

Whatís the most disgusting thing youíve ever eaten?

Everything with the spice coriander in it; I canít stand the taste of it. For me itís like drinking a bad kind of eau de cologne.

Who would you put in ĎTHE CORNER OF WRONG!!!í?

President Bush; I donít think I have to explain why!

The Mike Myers question: Who makes you laugh?

Theo Maassen, a Dutch cabaret guy. He was born in the south of Holland (just like me) and we speak a kind of Dutch dialect, he used that to make jokes.
Very very funny.

ďSay Hello to my Little Friend!ĒÖ Whatís the greatest film line ever?

As spoken by Robert De Niro: ďare you talking to me? Hey you are talking to me?Ē

Whatís your favourite non-music orientated website?

I am building my own house right now, so at the moment itís a website about everything that is related to construction work. Bricks, wood, doors, paint etc. Check it at: www.bouwmaterialen.nl

What item of clothing can you not live without?

Itís a dark blue thin sweater from Prada thatís always in my record bag somewhere. Itís always my back-up shirt whenever I get could on the plane or a late set on a festival. Very useful.

Whatís the worst fashion crime youíve ever committed?

Loads of them! We have Carnival here in the south of Holland and everybody dresses up like something. I have gone as everything from a cowboy to a clown, an animal and even dressed like a nerd. Believe it or not - that was my best outfit for getting loads of attention from girls wink

Tell us which magazine do you have to read every month?

The Quest. Itís a kind of Science magazine about everything, like whatís the hottest spot on earth, the biggest city, safest plane, what makes people fat. Loads of useful and useless information, but nice to read.

Favourite pizza & favourite ice cream?

Pizza Hawaii and vanilla ice cream with everything on top: cream, chocolate, bananas, strawberries, cookies, you put it on there Ė Iíll eat it!

Punk, Nerd, Jock or What? Your teenage tribe was ÖÖ.

I was a bit punk/rock and later I was completely into hip hop. I even played/performed in a hip hop band for a while called Bugas B Posse!

What brand of trainers do you buy?

There is a new brand of trainers which arrived here in Holland that I am buying for the last 2 years, called Munich (who are somehow related to Adidas). They fit perfectly and look great! http://www.munichsports.com/

Whose poster did you have on your wall as a kid?

From the band Fisher Z, I was totally crazy about this band. They played a mix of new wave/punk/rock I still think they are fantastic.

The Toast alaí Baked Beans question: whatís your signature dish?

I am a terrible cook, the only thing I can make that I have the guts to feed to somebody is a fried egg or a hamburger. But then heyÖÖ. they are really fantastic ;-p

Wearing sunglasses indoors: is it ever acceptable?

I would say No as a rule, but I have been in a club where there was so many strobe lights going off I wish Iíd had a pair. Other than that Iíd say no!

Whatís your dream car and what colour are you getting it in?

Something classic like a Ford Mustang from 1965 or a Corvette from 1963. Both convertible and in red please.

Are you the backpacking round Tibet or a sun, sea & sand-type holidaymaker?

I like to see things but the whole backpacking thing is not for me. I also donít like to be on the beach for 2 weeks but itís better than walking around with a backpack for 2 weeks. Camping though Ė love it! I did it last year with my family and we had a great time!

Video game maniac or do you prefer life in the real world?

I never play video games because I know I will loose my head in it and never get anything done. Iíve quite an addictive personality when I get into things, so never tried games for obvious reasons!

Plug your latest single/album/comp or gig here in 50 words or less!

Sander van Doorn and I hooked up recently and made a track together after speaking about it on a flight. Itís called ĎOrganicí and itís coming out in 2 weeks from now on my label. There is also a second track and that will be out on Sanderís label over the summer.

Written by:
Tim Stark

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