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Tuesday 06th, May 2003
DJ Tomcraft

Thomas Brückner is the face behind Germany’s electro-meets-funky-tech-trance export, Tomcraft. The DJ and producer (alongside Eniac) has crafted a unique blend of electro-influenced dance music since starting out, turning in an impressive 21 tracks and 2 artist albums over the last 6-years. The genre-defying German is riding high on a success wave right now with his chart bomb ‘Loneliness’ and takes time out to answer your questions and more, about his relationship with Zombie Nation, the future of electronica and his dealings with Data, choosing to avoid the psychology of the nonsensical lyrics ‘happiness seems to be loneliness…’

What influences your music production?
Everything. All the music that I hear; while driving in my car, while having breakfast, listening to the radio or other DJs sets. And of course music that I love and all the producers that I know personally like Timo Maas, Taucher, Tillman Uhrmacher…their styles all have their influence on my productions and of course the crowd in the clubs. I love to see them storming the dancefloor.

How would you describe your production sound?
Funky electro groovy techno stuff!

How did it feel to have so many labels after your ‘Loneliness’ track?
To be honest with you – I don’t care about the label-hype at all. ‘Loneliness’ is my 21st release already and I knew that one day one of my tracks would hit the crowd in the UK and that means more to me than having a lot of companies chasing my track pulling out their big cheques. But of course I’m happy that finally I had my first full UK release and more than happy that ‘Loneliness’ is such a big hit there now.

Do you think the electro-influences in ‘Loneliness’ is the way trance will progress in the future or did you work with it because it sounded good?
If you’d listen to all the 21 productions that I have released in the past 6 years you would find out that ALL of them contain electro elements – some of them like 'great stuff' which I did for the MAYDAY compilation 3 years ago are even pure electro – the mixture of trance/ techno and electro has always been my style and I will go on with it because I like it no matter what the next trend will be. And of course I release my tracks because I think they 'sound good'.

Is it true your brother is one of the Zombie Nation duo?
Where does this rumour come from? I know that the Zombie Nation guys are also from Munich as well but I don’t personally know them at all! As many English magazines have asked similar questions I looked for my old vinyl copy of ‘Kernkraft 400’ last week and listened to it several times to find out why people compare it with ‘Loneliness’…and I still have no idea why.

How can happiness equal loneliness? Aren’t people truly happy when they’re with someone else?
I’m a DJ and producer not a psychologist. I’m married and 100% happy with my wife that’s all I can say.

How did your deal with Data Recordings come about? Are you exclusively signed to Data Recordings now for UK releases?
I leave this up to my label home Kosmo Records – they deal with my tracks worldwide – if Data’s commitment is a long term one I’ll be happy to go on working with them – if they are only interested in a one-off, Kosmo will find someone else for me I’m sure. But in the meantime we found a booking management that wants to push my DJ career in the UK and we’ll see what happens.

What’s next for DJ Tomcraft? New single? Another album? Will you ride the success wave you’re on right now, or step back a little?
Ride the wave! I can sleep when I’m dead! We just released the third single ‘Into the Light’ from my second album ‘MUC’ here in Germany and it looks quite promising – as I said before I don’t know jet where the journey in the UK takes me – we will discuss the next steps with DATA & Kosmo - but if the next track released in the UK is not a number 1, it definitely not stop me from going on with my productions.

With your albums do you stick with a specific genre or a multitude of different styles?
When my first album ‘All I Got’ got released we (Eniac, my producer, and I) had so many tracks out already that it turned out to be more or less a ‘best off’. While working on my second album ‘MUC’ we often listened to Depeche Mode and Brian Wilson and subsequently, styles varied from electro to electro-rock or electro-pop, from trance to melodic tech-house and there’s even a tech-reggae track on it called ‘Like The Sun’. On this album we had the freedom to produce exactly what we like – that is what makes it so different from most of the other dance albums. We hided away in the studio for several months – and we came up with so many weird ideas! Give it a listen and you’ll find out yourself – its fantastic!

What visions do you hold for the future of electronica? How will it sound in say ten years time?
Still fresh and exciting – but I rather live in the present and don’t think too much about the future.

Any words to those who burn your music?
Fuck you!

And those who buy?
Love you!

‘Loneliness’ is out now on Data – read Trance.nu review <A HREF=http://trance.nu/v3/review_show.php?id=620>here</A>. For more information on Tomcraft visit http://www.djtomcraft.de or http://www.kosmorecords.de

Many thanks to Tomcraft for taking time out to answer the questions and Dan, Nadia and Annie for arranging!

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