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Wednesday 30th, November -0001
Dj TiŽsto (Tijs Verwest)
Updated: Friday 27th, June 2008

Tijs Verwest more known as Dj TiŽsto played live here in Sweden Sunday the thirtieth of September 2000. And The day after he was interviewed by the trance.nu crew.

Question: What's your best gig ever since you started ?

There's a lot of those but I think the first Innercity gig means most to me, because it was the party that made me very famous in Holland. I had my break-thru there.

Question: What's your worse gig ever ?

I was booked once for club in Holland and the guy didn't know what I was playing, he just heard my name. And people there didn't know me either and they asked if I could play r'n'b music. The place was very crowded and I stared to DJ and after half an hour it was empty.

Question: What's your advice to people that want to start produce trance or DJ, where should they start ?

If you look at me it was a long wait to get there. So start with playing music, start at the beginning (laugh). I started like 15 years ago.

Question: How where you discovered?

It took quite long time because I sent out like 100 tapes to all kinds of labels but nothing worked. But then I played at a club for 200 people in south and a friend from my hometown was there. He worked for Basic Beat and he heard me play. He liked it and asked if I wanted to mix the Forbidden Paradise series so I started on CD3 and it became very big in Norway. So I had my first big break-thru in Norway and people in Holland though "why is he big in Norway and not in Holland" and then they discovered me.

Question: Do people recognize you on the streets ?

In Holland they do, also in Israel. In England they do sometimes when I'm infront of a club.

Question:Does it bother you when people come up to you and want to talk about music ?

No no, music is my life so I love it.

Question: The best trancetune ever released, what is that ?

It's hard to say, there's so many. But with vocals I think BT's Mercury and Solace is the best one I ever heard, really a trancetune. A few old ones I like is Age of love, Jam & Spoon and Jens with Loops and things those are some classics, really good tunes.

Question: Whats your favorite tune right now ?

Hard question, let me think...

Question: Exactly what means trance to you? There's so many opinions what trance is.

For me trance is when you hear music and you forget everything around you. You forget where you are and what you're doing, you just hear the tunes.

Question: Will Gouryella release a full-length album ?

We're thinking about it because it's become so big. But I'm also working on my own album at the moment, it's going to be released next year in February or march i think. I think the name's going to be TiŽsto - Solo but I'm not sure.

Question: How is it going with the Tiesto Solo Tour ?

It's amazing. On Friday nights Holland is dead, most of the clubs are closed and hardly someone goes out. So I took a very big risk to do it on Friday Nights. But almost every gig is sold out already.

QuestionHow many project do you have besides TiŽsto ?

Allure, Kamaya Painters and together with Armin van Buuren I have Alibi and Major Leauge. I have Vimana together with Ferry Corsten and in Kamaya Painters it's me and Benno de Goeij. And Benno de Goeij is also the guy who made Rank 1 (together with Piet Bervoets).

QuestionWhy do you use all these names, is it because they all have different styles ?

Yes, and I made so many tracks and if i released them all under TiŽsto people would think that it's too much. And it's also it's because I work with other artists, if I do a track with Armin I can't call it TiŽsto because it's TiŽsto and Armin.

Question: We got alot of questions about if you will play in USA in the future ?

Hehe, It's because the MP3 is there. That's great I'm setting up a tour for next year in march, I'm gonna tour with BT (Brian Transeau).

Question: Any tour in Sweden or the Nordic countries ?

I would love to come back here, because yesterday I really had a good time (Docklands, Stockholm, Sweden 30th of September 2000).

Question: One more question from the visitors of trance.nu, will you release all you magikal remakes on one album ?

Im not sure because its all different companies and it's really hard to get the rights from a major company, they never give you the right to use the track.

Question: Magikal remakes, is there some special way of remixing them because they're very unlike the original mixes ?

I call it magikal remakes because the word remix is so used and I didn't want to use it and magikal because they call me the magic man (laugh), the magician from holland.

Question: Here's one question from one of Swedens most famous radio-DJs. He's wondering which one of the following DJs you would like mostly to co-operate with; Paul Oakenfold, Mauro Picotto or Judge Jules ?

Paul Oakenfold. He's got a lot of experience and feeling so he knows how to read the crowd.

Question: So you actually read the crowd and play by heart or do you have a playlist ?

No, I just start off with some songs and try to feel the energy in the crowd and then I test some things. If I go too hard I try to soften it down and if it's to soft I try to get it harder.

Question: Did you start out as a DJ or music producer ?

I started out as a DJ.

Question: Which song that you have made is best by your own opinion ?

It's still has to be made I think. It can allways be better but I really liked the first track from Gouryella, it's really special.

Question: Which one of your remixes of other artists tracks are you most satisfied with ?

I can clearly say that it's Delerium - Silence, I really like it.

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