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Dj Tandu

DJ Tandu is behind one of the most popular trance acts of the last decade. Better known for his productions under Ayla, alongside DJ Taucher, Trance.nu caught up with Tandu and put forward a selection of your questions about projects, DJing and much more...enjoy!

Question: What attracts you to melodic, dreamy trance?

Answer: You can just listen to that music and it takes you away
and carries you through all kind of emotions.

Question: How would you define the difference between the
Tandu sound and the Ayla sound?

Answer: I think the Tandu sound is bit more clubby, a bit more progressive.

Question: How did you come up with the name Ayla?

Answer: It was the name of a girl, that was with me in the studio when I
made the first Ayla single and I just liked the name.

Question: If you could remake any of your productions, what would it be and why?

Answer: I think Angelfalls and Liebe. Angelfalls because itīs my personal favourite,
and Liebe, because itīs a track that would be ideal for a remake at the moment.

Question: How do you like your residency at Gorgeous?

Answer: I love the people over there and I love Copenhagen.
Itīs great fun to be at Gorgeous everytime and the the Loveparade
last year on the Gorgeous truck was fantastic.

Question: In which country would be your ideal gig?

Answer: It doesnīt matter which country.
I was playing nearly all around the world, and I think that
people can have party everywhere in the world.

Question: How do you feel the German trance scene
has developed over the last few years and what direction
do you think it'll take in the future?

Answer: I think itīs getting more and more professional.
You can hear it in the productions. Itīs getting more and more pop.
I think there will be a split in the future and trance will go back
to the club and the commercial-trance will be pop (will get more radio etc.)

Question: Which producer have you enjoyed working with most,
and are there plans for further collaborations with this producer?

Answer: Itīs difficult to say, but Michael Parsberg is one of my favourites.
And there will be a collaboration.

Question: Will there be future collaborations with ATB?

Answer: Itīs not planned at the moment but maybe in the future.

Question: How do you decide a track to remix?

Answer: Normally a record company is looking for producers to do remixes.
That means they call me and asking me if I would do it.
I have to listen to the track and if I like it, I do it. That easy!

Fast questions

Question: What's your favourite piece of production equipment?

Answer: Waldorf Q

Question: What's your favourite remix that you've done?

Answer: Lange-I Believe and Schiller-Dream Of You

Question: Will you be updating your site again soon?

Answer: Recently I have done a complete update of my site...however some sections are still under construction, so stay tuned.

Question: Whose your favourite trance artist? <

Answer: There are a lot of good artist so I have no favourite.

Question: When did you decide to take up DJing / production, and which came first?

Answer: First I was a producer and after seven years of producing I started Djing.

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