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Thursday 31st, October 2002
DJ Scot Project (2:nd)

You can’t escape this man’s music right now. The dread-locked hard trance producer from Germany has created some of the hardest basslines and heavenly melodies ever witnessed in union; alone his remixes have kicked more ass than Schwarzenegger in both Terminators! You’ll agree that is quite some kickin’!!

How would you describe your current sound, and where can you see it doing in the next few years?

I think my music is hard trance in the ‘Scot Project’ style. I have not idea what will happen in the next few years. Over the past few years a lot of musical styles have melted together. Music will always take some elements from other music and that’s what keeps it alive and pushing forwards.

You don’t use many vocals in your tracks, why is this?

I like vocals in some pop-dance tracks or house, but if I listen to 100 vocal trance tracks there will be maybe one or two that I like. In some cases the vocals can make a track cheesy (especially female vocals), and it is really hard to find a good voice.

Will we see any collaborations in the future?

I would like to do that but for the moment I produce everything by myself and I only have time to produce from Monday to Thursday. Maybe next year I will have more space for productions and we will see what happens.

And remixes?

Yes. I have just finished a remix of the Overdose 100 “City 2 City”. It is also the first production that I completed in my new studio.

Have you any plans on releasing other material than just hard trance? Or is hard trance / house the only style you will produce?

I only have four days per week in the studio, so I haven’t got much time to produce other styles of music. About a year ago I had a house project, as “De Zenk”, and I will try to move ahead with that next year.

Any plans on starting out your own label in the near future?

I just started my own label, called “Druck”, together with Kan Cold (one part of Hennes & Cold and Derb). The first release was Yoji Biomehanika “Ding-A-Ling” and the second release will be Diego DJ “Eres Una Puta” (22.09.02). Check <A HREF=http://www.druckrecords.de/ target=blank>www.druckrecords.de</A>. I started a label because a few producers gave Kan Cold and I some test productions and we decided to release them on our own record label. We found a perfect partner for distribution (Discomania) and the first release was really successful.

Specials thanks out to Frank, Beccy @ MostWanted and Neptuna (for helping out with the questions – cheers bud!)

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