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Dj Scot Project

In 1995 he released his first single, "X". Since that his productions been on charts all over the world, and filled alot of clubs to the max. Trance.nu got hold of Overdose's (www.overdose.de ) Producing DJ, Dj Scot Project and asked him a few questions.

Question: What do you find special about your productions? What makes them
different from other artists'?

Answer: I don´t know that exactly. I just produce songs that I would also
play as a dj.. The tracks I produce are the music I spin. I never would produce
a song that I wouldn`t play in a club so maybe that's my secret….

Question: What's the reasonig behind your single lettered track titles?

Answer: For the first release overdose asked me for the title of the track
. I had no Idea because there was no sample in the track. So I decided on the
letter "X" . Here in Germany the "x" stand for something unknown. Like x million
people or Mr. X and something like that… I thought it was a good idea and I do
it till now…

Question: You've made alot of tracks and remixes, which one do you find
the best, and why is that so?

Answer: I have no special favourites, but I still play some remixes and
tracks . French kiss , thunder in paradise and "W"( that sound) . Many people
at the Partys ask me for this tracks so I play them. Some tracks are about 1 to
2 years old but they still working in the clubs/ raves…

Question: How did you get into the scene and produce highquality electronic
dance music?

Answer: I start to work as a dj in the 80`s and I played many styles of
music from Breakdance to disco and House. I bought my first equipment with the
money I earned as a dj. 1993 I start to produce the first tracks and I was influenced
by the big trance scene here in Germany. In all the years as a dj I know some
people from the record companys so I called the overdose guys and they promptly
took my productions…

Question: Your artist name is Dj Scot Project. But what's your real name?

Answer: My real name is frank zenker you can read it on all scot project

Question: Do you have any colaborations going on or planned with any other
artist? If, with who, when will the first release come, and what will the project
be named?

Answer: No, for the Moment I`m to busy , because of all the remixes and
own tracks I produce by myself. At this time It´s not possible for me to work
with other artists. But I would like to to that in the near future.

Question: You're a kind of a crazy DJ, if you had to stick to one haircolor,
which one would it be?

Answer: Maybe silver…..

Question: What kind of turntables do you use (prefer)?

Answer: I prefer the oldschool technics 1210 but last month I got in touch
with the new Vestax turntables and I was really impressed. The backspinning function
is really fast and it works perfect. Maybe I will buy these turntables but they
doesn`t seem so robust then the technics…

Question: Which hotel allows you to party the most?

Answer: Only the hotels that have the biggest Mini Bar……

Question: How long do you think that you're going to be arround producing
electronic music?

Answer: Electronic music will never die. I`m sure. I just stop if I'll
have no more hands and ears…

Question: One last tricky question for you ... Which came first, the hen
or the egg?

Answer: ….please ask your local chicken farmer…..

More info about Dj Scot Project and his releases can be found at <a href=http://www.overdose.de target=_blank>www.overdose.de </a>

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