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Wednesday 13th, November 2002
Dj Mr. Sam

Trance.nu's Helen caught up with the very talented Producer / Dj, Mr. Sam

Helen: When was your first 'big break' djing?

Sam: I LOVE TECHNO i guess, it's the leading Techno event in Europe, there
are more than 40 000 people over there everytime. It's a well respected event
in Belgium. Dj's such as Carl Cox, Green Velvet, Paul van Dyk, Laurent Garnier
Jeff Mills, Underworld, Sven Vath too name a few are regular to it (Some are even
asking themselves for playing there...). I played in the Blue Room with dj's such
as Carl Cox, Mistress Barbara, Jack de Marseille and PUSH Live (and it's really
great, congratulations to M.I.K.E who is a great artist and has all my respect).

I played from 4h to 6h and it was more than great for me as I'm not a true "techno
dj" and I played the kind of music I like. People in that kind

of event are following the "hype", I mean that when they see that "big"
or this "big" dj's, they are screaming directly even before they have
even played one record! For me it was the opposite, they were like "who's
that guy ?" and I must admit that this is the kind of situation I prefer
the most. So I've started playing my own things and after a few minutes, I realised
that the crowd was getting nuts on my music !!!! I was happy and in the meantime,
I was conscious that I couldn't disappoint all the people in front of me and I
started to go higher and higher....Finally they closed the room at 07h00 instead
of 06h00...what a souvenir for me....even if my ears were destroyed for a couple
of weeks as the sound was too loud !!!

What advice would you give to young djs / producers out there?

Sam: Many people are going to give a lot of advice, such as buying good
equipment or even doing what the people are waiting for.....But for me, things
are a little bit different you know, for me they have to DREAM, going to the end
of their ideas even if it takes them a couple of years. So many people are just
doing music for becoming a star or a well known DJ and then...they are completely
wrong as they are not 100 % honest with the people. The only advice I can give
them is just to stay themselves as they are, doing what they want and having the
right people for working with, which is also very important because ALONE you
will do nothing. You need people with you in every step of your life.

The artist is there for making music at the first point, maybe after he can djing
or performing, but first he's there for doing music, that's the most

simple definition of an artist. Regarding "Dreams", this is maybe one
of the last things the humans don't have to pay for so why not dreaming of his
own future....

Helen: If you weren’t a DJ/producer now, what would you be doing?

Sam: Taking care of children with problems as I love children, really.
I can't think people can beat their children and things like this. I think that
if one day, I have a "lot of money", I will open a big "house of
joy" for children, a king of " children's heaven" where some people
will work and take care of them. I know, people will think I'm a bit naïve
but this is really what i Think. An adult person is completely different as he
can defend himself/herself...but a child cannot.

Helen: What has been your most memorable experience while Djing, and
your worst?

Sam: Like I said, I LOVE TECHNO for the best.... For the worst, they will
recognize themselves....

Helen: What equipment do you use? And what's your favourite piece of equipment?
Sam: Vinyls and especially some upfront cdr's of my best producers.

What 'genre' would you say your style fall's under?

Sam: I'm making music, I'm not making trance or progressive, techno, drum'
n bass or everything else...whatever the kind of music you're taking, in the end..
it's music. I don't like giving a special name or genre for a music even mine

music is a feeling and not mathematics. For me, Bob Marley and Elvis Presley are
the same as for example, they have created music but with different opinions and
tastes. I really think music is coming from the street, it's coming from the problems
of their joy, of the society, sometimes it's hard (like hard rock) and sometimes
not (like Ambient or Down tempo), it depends on the environment you've grown up
with, that's it.

Helen: Is there anyone in particular that you would like to work with
in the


Sam: Paul Van Dyk & Oakenfold without any hesitation !!! Paul &
Paul are for me the right examples of what "perfect" artists are. They
are 100 % honest and real (not fake !!) with their respective audiences. When
you listen to the Oakenfold's album, you'll hear that this is not just another
" Dj's album" with many of his latest records and remixes but really
an artist album with singers, melodies, feelings, real instruments. I've listened
to it already more than 100 times and must admit that Paul is the king. If one
day I will release an album like this, I will be very proud ( in a good sense
I mean...) They have created (and still now !!) a unique sound and they both have
a charisma that not so many people have. In a few words : "If you are reading
this interview, feel free to contact me, I'm up for it.... happy

Helen: Have you ever wanted to do a movie soundtrack?

Sam: Making music for a movie soundtrack has been my biggest wish for a
long time. By the way, I'm working exclusively with Fred Baker who is also a great
musician and melodist and did tracks such as Y-Traxx "Mystery Land",
Groovezone "Eisbaer" to name but just a few... We are busy on many projects
for that way but we'll do it step by step. With the kind of music we're creating,
making a movie soundtrack will be something perfect for us. We have already done
some music for advertising and things like this but not already great projects.
Putting music on images is something really exciting for me as you don't have
to make something just for "club people" with a nice kick and breakout....but
you're creating sensitive music to help the people to dream on the images. IF
one day I someone give me the chance to do it, I will be the most happier man
in the world and will work on it 24 hours a day I guess.

Helen: I see that you remix alot of vocal tracks. Ghostland - "Guide
me God" ft Sinead O’Connor is one of my personal favourites.

What was it about Sinead's vocals that appealed to you?

Sam: I love doing vocal tracks or remixes, everyone knows it !!! What do
you want me to say about Sinead except the fact that she is one of the most talented
vocalist/artist from the last twenty years. She done a track on the latest Moby's
album called " Harbour ". I'm completely crazy about this track, seriously...I've
listened to it more than 100 times since I bought the album (not MP3 please !!!!!!!!!!).
If Moby or his management ask me for doing it, I will be the happier man of the
Universe !!! ...we can always dream ? no ? Regarding, the Sinead O'Connor "Guide
Me God", the story is very special. I met Donna D'Cruz & Tom Silverman
(NY's Legendary boss of Tommy Boy) in Amsterdam. We were speaking about music
and remixes I've already done for them already and Donna spoke about a Sinead
O’Connor track they want to

remix, I've listen to it and they have charged me to do it. I was like living
in a dream ! I did it together Fred Baker a couple of weeks after

receiving the parts, and trust me for a fan like me, doing a remix for Sinead
was more than honour. A couple of weeks after the approval, I sent

it on CDR to Paul van Dyk as I know that he likes that kind of music. He immediately
played it on his own radio show and mostly of his dj sets. He took the license
of it together with Ministry of Sound and did a remix also..(not yet available).
I've heard it and it sounds also great, typically

Paul van Dyk's style...At least, I knew from Tommy boy that my remix will be use
as the official single for USA as well as a couple of territories..... that means
for me that there is still some space for dreams in this world...

Helen: You've made alot of tracks and remixes, do you have a favourite
remix/production...And why?

Sam: Yes that's true, I made 39 remixes as well as more than 30 tracks
in 3 years time for artists such as Sinead O'Connor, Delerium, Lost Witness, Todd
Terry, Timo Maas, Praga Khan, Niels Van Gogh, tony Hadley (ex-Spandau Ballet)
D*Note, Split Second, Corvin Dalek, Amber to name just a few and I'm happy with
the result. The question is not easy I must admit....let me think....I guess I
will say the D* Note "Shed my skin" and Sinead O'Connor "Guide
Me God" but recently I've remixed the Trance Classic Anthem called AGE OF
LOVE "the Age of Love" and I love it too...many dj's such as Tiesto,
Paul Van Dyk, Van Buuren are already playing it to death on CD-R on their numerous
sets. I still have to do a couple of remixes for the UK and Germany, I'm receiving
at least 3 demands by weeks, I've to make a good choice as I'm not doing it for
money. But I also like to work on someone else vocal track as it give me really
the chance to give my point of view or my vision of the track with my own sensibility....
Like I said before, I would to do the Moby feat Sinead O’Connor ", Harbour"
as I've so many things say via the music on it and it can be my favourite one's...

Helen: So...are there any plans for your own artist album or remixes

Sam: Yes, I'm busy preparing for the moment a proper artist album. I'd
like to make something different of what I've done still now. I will work with
musicians as well as confirmed singers from my own choice. I really don't care
if they are well know or not, the most important things is that they are giving
me and the people the "feeling or sensation" I'm searching. A couple
of tracks have been already done but I'm still working on it, you'll know more
soon...Regarding a remixes CD, it's something I've in my head for a long time
by now. I will wait till I have done 100 remixes and then I will choose the 20
best ones of them for a double cd.

Is there anywhere in the world you would like to DJ that you haven’t

Sam: Not especially ...or maybe Las Vegas maybe...yes Las Vegas will be
a nice place for a gig in a Casino....a great idea.

Helen: What is your opinion about the wide use of mp3's?

Sam:What can I say ? It's a bad and a good thing in the meantime. First
bad because it's basically stealing from the artist himself and it's completely
illegal. I don't think that the people who are doing this, are thinking of doing
something bad and illegal and this this the worst thing as they are not conscious
of the damage they are causing to the artists. They think it's normal to do it
as everyone is doing it. As the technology is going faster and faster, i don't
know how the artists will "live" in a couple of years. The people are
not responsible and aware, that's it. The only thing they are going to see is
less new artists on the scene....that's the reality. On the other hand, it's a
wonderful communication instrument when you use it correctly. For example, I'm
never downloading music from internet for me except when I'm searching something
I've heard from someone else or from radio stations . I'm searching to know how
it sounds like and if I like it, I'm going to the shop and buy it, point. It can
also help all the people from the world to discover music they don't know and
have heard someone else speaking about. Maybe than afterwards,

the people will like that kind of music they have discovered from internet and
start collecting records they going to buy in a "real records shop",
we don't know...and will see as "time will tell" !!!

Helen: What kind of music do you listen to when you're at home or in
your car?

Sam: So many to mention, it's going from classical music to Rap but also
ambient. I like music in a general way so I love everything which give me a kick...Yes
I've forgotten : No "Club-music" in my car or house...as I'm always
in the studio, clubs & record shops....The artists I'm listening to the most
in my cars (as I'm spending also many time in my car..) are Craig Armstrong (the
master !!!!) and John Williams (the last Minority Report's movie soundtrack is
incredible !!)

Helen: What are your plans / goals for the rest of 2002 leading into

In three words : Music , Love & Happiness.

Helen: How will you be spending your new years eve this year? Any gigs
lined up?

Sam: No gig I guess....Spend the NYE with family and friends, peaceful
for one

time. Eating some nice food but no alcohol as I'm not drinking.

Helen: Any Final words for all your fans at Trance.Nu ?

Sam: Live each day as if it were your last. Learn as if you might live
forever. It's not from me (Gandhi) but this really what I think at the moment.

Second thing, a bit cliché I guess but anyway thanks for all the support
from the fans, Mr Sam's loves you !!!

Special thanks to Sam for a very nice interview happy

Trance.nu Wishes you all the best for the future.

Mr Sam's Upcoming Releases & Remixes :

. Mr Sam Feat Rani - Surrender (Yeti records)

. Ghostland feat Sinead O'Connor - Guide Me God - Mr Sam's Remixes

(YrisRecords -Ministry Of Sound)

. Age Of Love - The Age Of Love - Mr Sam Vs Fred Baker Remix

(Diki Records - React UK)

. Eddy Airbow presents Experimental Drums EP - Tribal Contact - Fred Baker &

Mr Sam Remix (Maelstrom Records UK)

. Split Second - Flesh - Mr Sam's Remix (Antler Subway- EMI)

. Gangster Alliance - Eden Suspect (Tune Inn Records)

Mr Sam Vs Alex Flatner - Chemical Adventures EP (Yeti Records)

. Lost Witness - Did I Dream (Song To Siren) - Mr Sam's Vocal Remix

(News - Ministry Of Sound)

. Zippora - Time Stood Still - Mr Sam's Remixes (Byte Records)

. Twisted Clones - Catch the Elements (Lupp Records One Side Limited)

. Miro - Spaceman - Mr Sam Vs Marko Remix (Greyhound Music)

. Mark Shimmon Vs 3rd Degree - Are U Out There - Mr Sam Remix

(Tune Inn Records)

. Amber - The Need To Be Naked - Mr Sam's Vocal Remix

(Tommy Boy Records / Warner)

. Corvin Dalek - Pounds & Penz - Mr Sam's Wet & Hard Remix (MFS Records)

For a Full listing of Mr Sam's Discography / Remixes:


Fast Facts:

Name: Sam Paquet

Aliases: Mr Sam

Age: 27

Website: http://www.mrsam.tv

Nationality: French

Favorite djs: Paul Oakenfold & Paul Van Dyk

Favorite producer: BT, Craig Armstrong, Paul Oakenfold & Andy Gray.

Alltime Favorite tune: U2 - Lemon (Perfecto Remix) Oakie & Steve Osbourne...

Favorite label: Perfecto Records (for a couple of years now)

Favorite food: Japanese

Favorite drink: Water with ice

Favorite movie: U Turn / Forest Gump

Pets / Animals: Dog called Murphy

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