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Wednesday 30th, November -0001
Dj Jamie

I remember the day I bought the first winter as it was yesterday: I came home from work and shopping feeling tired. I had a shower, a bottle of coke and put the cd on while relaxing in bed. It was a revelation. I was aware of Dj Jamie, but didnt know he was this talented.

The first thing that might strike you when seeing Jamie is how young he looks. Actually, when I first bring it up he replies “thank you” and laughs for a while. He is quite used to being looked upon as young, but dont be fooled; he is far from a newie in the business. Thomas have been djing sice 1993 and has been resident at big clubs like Church and eclipse lounge in Oslo. Slowly he has been moving towards where he is today, creating his own unique sound at the dancefloor. I mentioned that the first winter was a revelation. The reason that I use such strong words is that today it seems that lots of record companies go with the easy solutions, releasing another cheesey compilation after another with all the latest air-played tunes. Thomas went in another direction, and thats what I like about him. If he were given the choice of mixing a “sell-out” cd for a fair amount of money or mixing a cd in his own taste with no profit at all, im fairly certain that he would pick the last one.

The first winter contains songs with massive sounds that have soul. –“I put a lot of work into my mixes, Im a perfectionist one might say”. When asking him what dj he respects the most, he thinks for a while and then says: -“I cant mention just one, I’ll have to get two in there...Sasha and Oakenfold. I fell in love with Sashas style when I heard him at twilo (New York) once. He has everything, skills to die for, and charisma. Paul Oakenfold deserves as much credit as possible. He continus to break barriers to this date! He has the will and talent to melt new styles together and make it sound natural”.

Living in Norway I wanted to focus a bit on the norwegian scene as well. Norway has been given a lot of credit for the breaking of trance in Europe even though we have no big producers or anything: -“We have a good rumour because we are open-hearted. In a lot of countries you dont get the same respect for your music simply because you are from the wrong country. In England, they like the english sound and english djs best. In germany, german hardtrance is popular and so on. Here in Norway all styles and djs come together”.

What we lack in Norway however is producers who deliver the goods. Apart from Apotygma Berzerk, Jamie (together with his friend Dj Stigma and MIKE) made the best norwegian-made tune ever disguised as Nevada, “touched by the hand” became a smash-hit! As favorite producers Jamie mentions MIKE, Laurent Veronnez, Sander Kleinenberg and Transa. They all represent that deep part of trance and have skills Thomas one day will prove that he has as well. He has given himself 2 years as a maximum for releasing a tune that he feels is good enough for the market. When asked which producer he would most like to work with Jamie replies MIKE and Oakenfold. Two producers who create their own unique sound.

When it comes to djing, Jamie has really been one of the hottest european djs out there since the release of the first winter. Jamie doesnt want to reveal too much, but this summer he is headlining the Swiss summer parade –djing infront of 100.000 people! Gigs in Milano and Ibiza is waiting as well. –Playing infront of that many people is a dream come true!-“I like setting goals for myself, and I have completed a few of them now. Its time for setting some new ones!” He smiles and we both need another beer, this one is on me. After drinking some more and just talking I ask him where he would most like to dj, England,Holldand...? –“Time will tell, I would like to play at Innercity or Sensation, but Barcelona tempts me the most... and...oh yeah, Gatecrasher! If I was to play there I would be very happy!”

Thomas is set to release his new cd Redemption within the next months, a cd which has a lot to live up to after elipse lounge and the first winter. –“It will be similar to the first winter but definately live a life of its own. I am planning a norwegian tour, and if everything works out really well I might arrange a small European tour as well. I dont see me playing in the US in the near future though. I have to produce first, and maybe then, not that I would say no if someone came with the right offer”. We talk a bit about the US scene and Jamie speaks mostly about the breaking of trance “over there”: -Oakenfold have made it in the US and he should have credit for all of it! Jimmy Van M and Taylor promotes a deeper style, but the commercial trance is Oakenfolds work”.

A few beers later Jamies good friend Thor comes over and offers us some Whiskey, Jamie takes the offer, I have to say no in order to still be able to write. We talk more about music itself now and Jamie tells me about his strongest musical experience: -“I saw BT live in Los Angeles once with Jan Johnston..it was mindblowing...truly amazing!”. From this we start discussing how trance will develop in the next years, -“before, trance was just trance, today there are lots of different styles inside the trance genre. I feel that trance will become deeper. Tuff and deep trance will survive. It will last, its timeless. I guess that happy trance will survive too, but thats just like milk and bread really.. Its an everyday kinda thing”.

After a while we start discussing (see how it all went from questions to discussing after a few beers..) the MP3 scene, Napster and what it does to djs/artists. –“I have little experience in this field, but I feel that this is a good way to get your music across. It doesnt hurt the dj, bacause most djs buys 12” anyway. And.. just look at Darude, the guy has a phenomenal business going now just because of a mp3-file. That has to count for something. The fact that U2 looses a few costumers..so fucking what!”

We finish our beers and head up to Thor’s place. We listen to a couple of albums and just hang out. Thor gives me a bunch of fantastic 12”, and for a few minutes I feel overwhelmed. I give them both a tour at trance.nu and Jamie gives me a tour at the best porn sites.

2001 has to be Jamies break-trough year with several cd releases, getting recognition and lots of gigs abroad. Seldom have I met such a fantastic and open minded guy. Jamie is a person that always smiles and always gives of himself. HE dererves all the success in the world

Look out for Jamie folks, he is the hottest european dj out there right now!

For booking of Dj Jamie contact him trough greedy records: [email protected]

Name: Thomas Solhaug

Age: 27

Favorite equipment: 2 Technics 1210’s and Pioneers DJM 600

Favorite tune: Orbital – Lush 3.1 (was his opening tune at Gibson for 2 straight years), Extreme trax – final fantasy, Thrillseekers – Synathesia, Push – Universal nation

Favorite cd: Cass – Time to open fire

Favorite movie: Gladiator, Pulp Fiction, 5th element

Favorite model: Veronica Zemanova, Brook Richards and Elizabeth Hurley

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