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Tuesday 13th, January 2004
DJ Dimas aka D-Formation

Dimas’ career in music spans some 20 years and includes work on labels like King Records, MD Records, BeatFreak, TUSOM and Intenso, as well as hits such as the international smash from 1993 "Que Idea", "My Thang", "Flamenco Trip" and "Feeling" amongst many others. These singles which were released under a bizarre number of pseudonyms were huge summmer hits in the then important Ibiza and went on to be licensed throughout the world. Add to this his recent productions under the name of D-Formation and you begin to realise that Dimas is not only one of the most important Spanish producers ever to come out of Spain but also, one of the pioneers of the electronic music scene in Spain with the best success rate in the industry in creative as well as commercial terms. The success of Dimas’ project D-Formation has been nothing if not meteoric, "Signs & Portents" has entered the charts of many international tastemakers and tasteshapers and made a strong showing on the all important US club list from the Balance Record Poll organization. Such has the response been from this release and the subsequent single "Starstuff" (being caned by John Digweed) that D-Formation is now much in demand for remix duties and collaborations. Projects which will see the light of day very soon include productions and remixes for Victor Calderone, Smokin’ Jo, Echomen, Piliavin & Zimbardo as well as Jocelyn Brown and Loleatta Holloway. Similarly, it is worth noting that Dimas aka D-Formation productions have been an integral part of the sets of the following DJs (amongst many others, way too many to name): Danny Tenaglia, Sasha, Timo Maas, Markus Schulz, Deep Dish, etc. and have been included on compilations ranging from Global Underground to Pacha. In addition to this international recognition, it is important to note that Dimas’ has received four nominations for the DJMAG 2003 Awards for the following categories: Best House DJ, Best Spanish DJ, Best House Record of the Year, Best Career as well as a nomination indirectly for BeatFreak Recordings (Dimas is the founder of the label as well as A&R Director) as Best House Label. The coming months already look great: a new D-Formation single is imminent (called "The Third Dimension") and is expected to be as, if not more, successful than the previous releases. Add to this a heady schedule of gigs throughout the world and you can see why Dimas just doesn’t stop.

Name: Dimas Carbajo Blanco
Aliases: D-Formation and many others!
Age: 34
Website: http://www.beatfreakrecords.com and soon http://www.d-formation.net
Nationality: Spanish

Hola Dimas! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. How’s life in Madrid treating you?
Very well! I’m very happy at the moment. Work is going well. Madrid is one of the best cities in the world with the friendliest people and some of the best house clubs!

Tell us a bit about yourself, who is Dimas ? For people not knowing your sound, how would you portray a characteristic DJ set/production of yours? What genres can one expect to hear?
iJoder! That's a lot of questions in one... who is Dimas? I’m a young Spanish producer who started in the industry doing megamixes and was DMC champion at the age of 18 and again when I was 19. I started BeatFreak about 6 years ago and just recently we started the sublabels INTENSO and TUSOM which have been very successful very quickly. Around the same time I started working under the name D-Formation. With regards to my sessions and productions I always try to do something new, create something different but always in a dancefloor friendly manner. I like fusing sounds and I enjoy doing house which is more than house.

You’ve been working within the music scene for a good 20 years already. With work on labels such as King Records, MD Records, BeatFreak (which you founded), TUSOM and Intenso you are not only one of the most important Spanish producers, but also one of the pioneers of the EDM scene in Spain. How did this all go about ? How did you get started, what triggered your interest for electronica ?
The real trigger was my brother who was 8 years older. I loved music but my brother who had a set of decks wouldn’t let me use his turntables. So, when he was out of the house I used the decks and was determined to be a DJ. I really started off with electro and hip hop but I’ve always been interested in electronic music but I like any good music, irrespective of the style. People are too worried about styles and not enough about music.

Recent productions under your D-Formation guise has been well supported, to say the least, by pretty much all the majors. Both “Signs & Portents” and it’s follow up “Starstuff” was featured on the infamous Balance Record Pool chart. How does it feel to have superstar jocks such as John Digweed, Sasha, Markus Schulz, Danny Tenaglia, Deep Dish, Timo Maas and more spinning your tracks?
Very proud and humble at the same time. I am proud that my music is being played all over the world and humbled by the fact that any success I have is always because of the support of other DJs. It’s great obviously to get the support of such great names and I am very grateful to them but there are lots of DJs who aren’t so famous playing my tracks and they are as important to me as the big names.

After the current success with the D-Formation, you’ve been in high demand production and remix wise for artists such as Victor Calderone, Smokin’ Jo, Piliavin & Zimbardo, Jocelyn Brown and Loleatta Holloway. What more can you tell us about these projects ? When can we expect to get our hands on them ?
The mixes for Victor and Smokin’ Jo will come out this year and will depend on the labels’ release schedules. There will also be a new set of remixes of Joecelyn Brown on BeatFreak. I’m also doing a track with Piliavin&Zimbardo in Madrid this month. I’ve just done a remix for Chus & Ceballos which will come out on Stereo. The new D-Formation single ‘The Third Dimension’ comes out this month and there will be remixes in March. At some stage I hope to get some remixes done of ‘Signs&Portents’ too: Chus & Ceballos will do a mix as will Piliavin & Zimbardo. I’ve just been in Miami and was surprised to see that the D-Formation track on the BeatFreak EP is doing really well in the clubs there!

You received four nominations for the “DJ Mag 2003 Awards” for the following categories; Best House DJ, Best Spanish DJ, Best House Record Of The Year, Best Career aswell as a nomination indirectly for your recordlabel, BeatFreak. Did all this catch you by surprise, surely it injects motivation to keep pushing even further ?
It was surprising in a way... It’s a good thing and it makes me happy. It’s always nice to get the recognition but I don’t need any external impulse; the important thing for me is my music. I like that people enjoy it but I’d be doing this every day without any recognition because I love creating music.

You are the founder and A&R director for the high flying BeatFreak label out of Spain. With several gigantic releases under your belt already, what are your plans for 2004, do you have any big releases lined up ? Maybe a new D-Formation single ?
Yes, as I said before it’s called ‘The Third Dimension’. There will also be a compilation in March called ‘Diametric’ which will be a session by Dimas aka D-Formation. Other plans include more productions and projects which I am negotiating now with some managers and artists which will come out in the second half of 2004.

What are the five biggest records in your bag at this moment? Any cheeky whitelabels we should look out for ?

Where can people catch you in early 2004, any big events lined up ?
Winter Music Conference, Tokyo, Ministry of Sound and of course throughout Spain and also Eastern Europe wink

Any final words to all your fans worldwide ?
If you DJ, play what you like and not what they tell you is cool! If you don’t DJ, be what you want not what they want you to be!!

Big thank you goes out to Dimas and Graeme Gibbs, best of luck with future projects to you both.

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