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Wednesday 14th, December 2005
DJ Atmospherik

Atmospherik (real name, Robin Brühlmann) began his career as a DJ back in 1997, regularly mixing at small clubs and bars in and around his home-country, Switzerland. After building himself a reputation for rocking the floor, Atmospherik got the breakthrough he deserved in 2001. He was asked to DJ at Switzerland’s second largest party, the Zurich Mainstation, with a crowd topping 10,000. Atmopherik’s set at Mainstage provided the platform for future gigs, including large local raves, such as Goliath and Whitewolf, as well as appearances at major Swiss clubs. In 2002, Atmospherik was asked the prestigious duty of producing the official anthem for Mainstation Party, which would be included in the follow-up compilation. Obviously, he ceased the opportunity. The track, namely ‘Will You Remember Me’, was welcomed with open arms by the Swiss crowds and was since signed to numerous compilations outside Switzerland. After the fantastic success of his first production, the demand for Atmospherik duly increased. He received interest from outside Switzerland and subsequently Atmopherik was making a name for himself on the Paris club circuit. His combination of tech and trance teased the crowds, spinning up surprises in every performance. Nowadays, Atmospherik spends much of his time in the studio with production-partner, Phat M. In 2004, the duo delivered ‘Hope’ which was instantly snapped up by one of most high-profiled labels in Holland, Silicon. The track received massive support from A-list’ers like Marco V, Rank 1 and Graham Gold, amongst others. Most recently, Atmospherik has signed to Offshore Music and his recently released, ‘Selected EP’, features three of his best productions to date. It was time to talk to this promising talent, so Trance.nu got on the case. Read up.

Robin, welcome to Trance.nu! You've just released your latest single, the massive DJ Atmospherik meets Saucerman EP, which we'll talk about later. Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Well, I’m a 24-year-old DJ from Switzerland. I started mixing in 1997 and for the last four years I have been producing, working alongside my friend Phat M in the studio.

How did you meet Phat M?
A colleague of mine knew him long before I did but it opened the opportunity for me to meet him. First off, we met for a few drinks, but soon we had become really good friends. Over the last 4 years we have been seeing each other every week, for a drink or some time in the studio.

And all your previous productions, from your first single 'Will You Remember Me' right up to present day have been in collaboration with Phat M?
No, not all! The first release ‘Will You Remember Me’ was a partnership with some different producers. That was a time when I didn’t really have any ideas on how to produce.

But you've come a long way since. Previous releases have been snapped up by labels like Progressive State, Silicon and most recently Offshore Music. Since February of this year, you have been signed to Offshore. How did that come about?
Well, I’ve known Andy Prinz, owner of Offshore Music, for the last 2 years. He told me about his plans to make his own label and so I showed him my music. He was pleasantly surprised and wanted to sign my music. For me, it’s a great deal because with Offshore, I’m absolutely free to produce. I can put my own style into my music. That’s the most important thing for me. Andy doesn’t tell me how I should produce. I can do what I want and that’s just amazing!

You talk about your own style. How would you describe your style? You work under the DJ Atmospherik guise for the most part... do you have any other production monikers?
We (DJ Atmospherik and Phat M) always try to make something a bit different; a mix between techy grooves and trancey melodies. On the other hand, it can be just a very groovy track without any melody. It all depends how we are feeling at the time. At the moment, we only produce under the DJ Atmospherik moniker but we have another project in the pipeline called Tubeheads. Maybe one of our future releases will be under that name.

Now, your latest single is the three-track 'Selected EP' with Saucerman. Can you tell us about this release?
I guess the release includes absolutely our style of music. The remix of ‘Aquarius’ is a really amazing remix of Saucerman’s classic track, ‘The Anthem’ is a great tune for the big dancefloors and ‘Inhale’ is for the more techy crowds. There’s a track for everyone.

The release has already received huge support from the likes of Judge Jules, with previous releases gaining ear-attention from Marco V, Rank 1 and Graham Gold. How does it feel to get such support from some of the biggest names in the business?
It’s just amazing! I’ve just found out, Judge Jules played the track three times in a row on his radio show and that’s just amazing. It shows me that we’ve done a great job!

What's next in the studio for DJ Atmospherik? There's been talk of you remixing Dave 202?
We have just finished a remix of York ‘Mercury Rising’ and have just started work on a remix for Dave 202. After that, we will go work on a new DJ Atmospherik track.

What are your thoughts on the state of the scene right now? There’s been some talk of productions getting same-old, while others say there's an exciting evolution going on.
I think that the difference between the styles will become smaller. It doesn’t matter if you play trance, hard trance or tech trance, I think that people want to hear a mix with a bit of everything. It changes a lot, trance is not that big anymore, like years ago, but I’m sure it will come back. Every genre changes, those within dance music as well. The important thing is that we look forward and not back.

Besides producing, you also DJ. You've been DJing since 1997 with gigs, mostly, in and around Switzerland. Where are you favourite places to play and why?
The Street Parade, in Zurich, is one of my favourites. It’s just amazing to play open-air in front of 30,000 people. I also enjoy playing at Oxa or the Sonic. For me, it doesn’t matter how big or small a location is, the important thing is that the people have fun and that they will like my music, having a party and a good time. That’s what I want!

Where do you hope to take your DJ sounds in 2006?
I hope I ill get some more international gigs but it’s very hard, but I have the time and will do everything step by step. For me it would be amazing to play in the UK because my productions are doing really well over there.

Is your DJ style similar to your production sound?
Yes, most of the time. I always try to mix different styles, from trance to techno. It depends on the time, the crowd and the club… but certainly no hardstyle in my sets (grin).

And what's your favourite format for mixing? Vinyl or CDs? and what's your thoughts on the increase in CDJs?
It doesn’t really bother me…I play with both vinyl and CD. I visit the record store each week to buy new music and I receive CDs from other artists and producers. For me, it doesn’t matter how a DJ works, the important thing is the performance is great and the music rocks the crowd.

What music in your box rocks the crowd right now?
At the moment, one of my favourite producers is Mark Sherry. I like his music. Also, I like Sander van Doorn, Signum and many more. I also play my own productions. There are so many good productions out there right now; I cannot single out a special one.

It’s Saturday night and you go out as a clubber, rather than a DJ. What would be your dream line-up?
Let me think! On a personal level, it’s not important ho big the name is, they just have to play good music. But, if you are asking me for a special line up, I guess Paul Oakenfold, Sasha, Armin van Buuren, Sander van Doorn, Carl Cox… Wow, there are so many DJs I like!

What's been the highlight of your career so far?
Every Street Parade is a highlight! To see one million people dancing on the street is just incredible, but I love to play everywhere as long as it’s a great event with a great crowd.

And your biggest disappointment?
There were so many! I can’t pick out a particular event, but if you are a young DJ who hasn’t established themselves yet, you have to go through plenty of disappointments and bad party experiences.

Finally, have you got anything else you'd like to share with Trance.nu?
I want to say thank you to all the artists who support me and most importantly, the party people ho listen to dance music and who attend the clubs and events every weekend. They pay our fee!

Thanks so much for your time!
Thank you man!

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