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Wednesday 26th, June 2002
Dave Swayze

My first trip inside the mind of Dave Swayze came with his amazing “travel EP”, the 2 tracks pressed on it blew my mind. “Sunstroke” is the work of a genious with its lush melody and seductive beats, and to tell you the truth, the flip side, “oregona” is just as good! I instantly ordered every piece of his work I could get my hands on only to find out that we are dealing with one of the current great progressive minds here. His latest release, “yasmines garden” proved once and for all that Dave deserves all the credit in the world. Dreamy, almost intoxicating in its form, his music speaks for itself . Still, trance.nu could not wait to get to talk with this amazing producer... Get your hands on one of his productions, turn of the lights, sit back and enjoy. And when you are done, read this interview. Thats an order.

Question: What styles/types of music have influenced you the most?

Answer: Goa trance, ambient, progressive tech-house music, oldskool house music, …

Question: What gives you inspiration?

Answer: the deeper emotional feelings inside myself… , goin’ out, to play @ clubs “feeling” the audience

Question: What are the key factors to your success: luck, connections or hard work?

Answer: believe in yourself and never give up; always keep on working hard, knowing that fame is transitory

Question: Do you have any gigs in scandinavia planned in the near future?

Answer: nope, sorry !

Question: Where do you like to spend time?

Answer: at clubs, at the record store, in my bed grin2

Question: Are your tunes based on hardware or software?

Answer: both; all synths, modules and samplers are computer controlled hardware gear, but sequensing, audio recording and mastering is computer based.

Question: Do you enjoy music more now than when you first started your career?

Answer: It’s different. In the beginning of my career it was all just for fun – a spare time activity. Now there’s still a lot of fun, but in a more serious and professional way.

Question: do you feel under pressure to continue to produce the same style as the latest releases, or will your tunes go into a new direction?

Answer: For the future it’s sure we will continue doing our own style in the way we like to do

Question: What releases are coming up? Any new remixes?

Answer: Goldwave (Dave Swayze + Pole Folder & CP remixes), Soundforge (Dave Swayze remix)

Question: What will Dave Swayze do in 10 years?

Answer: live off my investments grin2

Question: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you were growing up?

Answer: I wanted to become a farmer (!)

Question: What advice would you give to young djs/producers out there?

Answer: like I said before: believe in yourself and never give up…

Question: Will we ever see an album from you?

Answer: there should be, but not in the near future

Question: What producer would you most like to work with?

Answer: Nick Muir (Bedrock)

Question: If you could choose any producer in the world to remix one of your songs, who would it be, and what song?

Answer: Sasha, for a remix of “Goldwave”

Question: If you could remix any song in the world, what would it be?

Answer: “Unfinished Sympathy” – Massive Attack

Question: Electronic music is often portrayed as “drug-music” by media. What are your thoughts on this?

Answer: Going into a local pub and drinking a glass of beer, is considered as a hard drug; alcohol is worldwide the most dangerous and scattered drug. So I think what’s been written in the media about “drug-music”, is strongly exaggerated.

Question: What is the biggest event in your life?

Answer: The day I was born. wink

Question: How did you get in touch with Yeti?

Answer: I received a phone call by a local producer which was in contact with Yeti Records, and which wanted to know if I was interested in a collaboration with N.E.W.S. (mother label of Yeti).

Question: Will vinyl always be on top, or do you think cd mixing will take over? Which do you prefer?

Answer: I think viewed in a promotional way vinyl always will be on top for DJ’s, but in a commercial way the CD is a good option.

Question: What is best: stadium party or underground club?

Answer: I prefer the underground clubs.

Question: If you could choose to play anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Answer: London UK, Miami, New York, …

Question: If you had 3 wishes that could come true, what would they be?


1) having a good health at the age of 104 wink

2) having a #1 club anthem all over the world

3) playin’ all over the world

Question: What are your thoughts on Mp3’s, for or against?

Answer: it’s against my business, but I can understand alot of people love the benefits of MP3

Question: Will we see any mix albums from you?

Answer: not in the near future

Question: What is your favorite piece of equipment when producing?

Answer: Sherman Filterbank

Question: Which song that you have produced are you most satisfied with?

Answer: “Oregona” (on the “Travel EP”)

Question: Your remix of Arcane – Somewhere is beautiful! How do you work with a remix?

Answer: we start with the basic elements (samples and loops) and then we continue by adding our own ingredients

Question: Do you use the internet a lot?

Answer: yes, of course !

Question: Finally, any last words for the users of trance.nu ?

Answer: Thanx for reading & for the support ! Trance.nu rules !

Another small personal note: I would like to thank George’[email protected] and the people at N.E.W.S. for doing a great job ! Thanx also to Dj elusive for making this interview possible.

Name: Dave Swayze

Age: 27

Website: http://www.daveswayze.com

Nationality: Belgian

Favorite dj: all DJ’s who are trying to pursue their aim respecting each other

Favorite producer: Sasha, Pole Folder & CP, …

Favorite tune: at this moment: “Dust” – Pole Folder & CP, all time: “Unfinished Sympathy” – Massive Attack

Favorite remix: “Lemon (Paul Oakenfold mix)” – U2, a.m.o.

Favorite cd: Global Underground, Renaissance, …

Favorite label: Bedrock, Silver Planet, Sumsonic

Favorite food: fast food

Favorite drink: soft drinks

Favorite movie: Point Break, Perfect Murder, The Game, …

Trance.nu recommends:

Dave Swayze – Travel EP

Dave Swayze – Goldwave

Dave Swayze – Last flight to Paris

Dave Swayze – Yasmines garden

Arcane – somewhere (Dave Swayze remix)

Trance.nu would like to thank Dave Swayze for taking time to answer all our questions. Good luck in the future, we look forward to hearing your upcoming releases!

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