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Monday 24th, March 2003
Dave Joy Interview

U might recognize this name from Switzerland from succesfull tracks like First Impression and Second Chase. Yes, we are talking about top DJ Dave Joy here. Started out on his 16th year as a DJ in a local club, he now DJ's around the world and is also establishing his name in the industry. He also organizes a stall on the Zürich Street Parade and is also working with a production team for new tracks in the future. He has been working and remixed by big names as Oliver Klietzing (Kaylab) and also Alphazone. Besides that he also works for one of the biggest record stores in Switzerland. We caught up with this rising star and asked him a couple of questions..

Trance.nu: Hey Dave, thanks for doing this interview with us! Can you tell a little bit of yourself, like name, age and where you come from?
Hi everybody, my name is marc, I’m end 20’s happy and my residency is in zurich/switzerland

Trance.nu: Your real name is different then your DJ name.. Can you tell us why you have chosen Dave Joy as your DJ name?
“Dave” is my second name and “Joy” starts with a “J”. (get the picture?) *lol* it took me quite a while to find a decent name both easy to keep in mind and easy to spell for ‘non-english’ persons. An american guest at a club, who was listening to my playing later talked to me and said, that he enjoyed my set”. Out of joking around, this idea took forms and ended in my alias.

Trance.nu: You come from Switzerland, which often seems to be a "forgotten" country in the trance scene. Can you tell us what is happening over there and what do you think about the scene?
“forgotten country”?!!??!! As in my opinion, switzerland is one of the most respected outputcountries at the moment, with lots of really good producers like reverb, dj spoke, phil green (ivan l.) and so on.
The scene at this moment is kinda fading but I sure hope, that it will get better again in the near future. The market is dryed-out. It has loads of crappy sounds (wonder what these a&r’s are thinking sometimes, who decide what to release happy) and only the real quality will survive (hopefully)!

Trance.nu: You are a producer as well as a DJ. Which activity is your main one and what do you enjoy most?
I’m mainly the dj among our production-team. I really enjoy travelling around, bringing my sound to the people. playing is mostly fun for me! And I can check reactions on new tracks as well.

Trance.nu: How would you describe the sound of the tracks that you produce? (trance/hardtrance?)
trance to hardtrance happy (no hardhouse or hardstyle!!!)

Trance.nu: Your first track "First Impression" was a huge success everywhere. Your second track has also been released a couple of months back. Any plans for remixes, new tracks in the future?
we are currently working on the follow-up which will hopefully be released in may. The latest tracks were rmxs for jamx & de leon’s “Mind Made Up”, dj energy’s “arya”, dj c.a.’s “Orion” and a rmx for australian’s Toni Pearen called “Catch me” which will be released all around the world soon. There will also be a new project called “Basic Dawn” which will be released on difuse records UK in may including a NU NRG rmx.

Trance.nu: What equipment do you use for your productions? Hardware + Software?
logic platinum and lots of plug-ins

Trance.nu: Are there any producers that you would like to collabore with? Or do you have any collaboration plans in the future?
I’m working on projects with germany’s “Climax69” which are amazing guys. My favourites for future collaborations are DJ Spoke, Überdruck, 2Players, dave202 & phil green and Franky Fonell & Chris Reece which are the producers behind the “Basic Dawn” project.

Trance.nu: What would you advise to beginning producers to make their way to fame?
loads of patience happy it’s getting harder and harder to be able to release an own track. Get to meet the right persons! Make yourself a name with consistency and fairplay. Work with others. Don’t let them get you down with bad reviews of your work. Work on your own progress!

Trance.nu: The music industry is in quite a big financial crisis now, labels have great difficulties to survive. How do you feel being part of this industry? Are you worried?
it works as long as it still works. What else do you wanna do?

Trance.nu: MP3's are now freely available all over the net. What is your opinion about them?
I don’t have any problems with that. There will always be a way to get free products, so why fight it. Internet brings you so many advantages in promoting yourself. Use it!

Trance.nu: Next to producing, you are a popular DJ in Switzerland. Can you tell us something about your rise to fame?
“popular” is way too excessive. I’m mainly being ignored by swiss’ partymakers. I get more bookings from abroad. My big advantage is my job at the “Number One Record Shop” in zurich, where I met a lot of important people. most of the really big djs here are good customers of mine. Due to the fact that switzerland is a very small country it’s really hard to get into the core of the scene. There are about 7 bignamedjs, who like to stay at their toplevel without disturbance puh. It’s gotten really hard for newcomers! The problem is, that partyorganisers only book wellknown djs.

Trance.nu: Can you tell us something about your activities for the Zürich Streetparade?
the last three years I used to have a stall at the streetparade-route with really good djs from switzerland like s.h.o.k.k., flutlicht, dave202 and so on. I hope, I will find time this year to do it again. It’s a free party for everyone. Let’s beg it’s not raining again like last year.

Trance.nu: Can we expect a performance of DJ Dave Joy in other European countries?
I recently had a really good time in uk, where I was playing at the grove in seaton. Hope to be back in england. The crowds are really amazing over there! Thanks to germantrance.com and dj ben eye! I will be in germany the 25th of april and a three day tour in southafrica, (which is not in europe but also interesting I guess happy ) in july. You can check all my dates on my page.

Trance.nu: What can people expect when they attend to a DJ set of you? What style of trance do you play?
I mostly play trance to hardtrance with a touch of techtrance. And of course lots of yet unreleased works of records I could get hold of. And of course no need to mention that I play my own tracks.

Trance.nu: What are your 3 favourite records at the moment?
Dave: Dumonde – God Music – Flutlicht Rmx
Geilomatic’s – Geilomat – S.H.O.K.K. Rmx
Human Evolution – Project Magneta – One Giant Leap For Mankind Mix

Trance.nu: And your favourite track ever?
Dave: Tom Stevens vs. Fridge – Outface 2000 / Gods Groove – Prayer Five / Drax - Amphetamine

Trance.nu: Thank you for this interview Dave! We wish you good luck with your career!. Any last message for our users?
make trance stay alive forever! And visit switzerland, the capitol of the real sound happy take care y’all!

Dave Joy: “First Impression” on Planet Traxx (2018) Records Germany, Sept. 01
“Second Chase” on Planet Traxx (2024) Records Germany, Oct. 02
“Third Pleasure” coming soon

“Basic Dawn” on Difuse Records UK, May 03

DJ Robert & The Martinez Bros./Dreaming About Paprica 2003
Jamx & de Leon/Mind made up
DJ Energy/Arya
DJ C.A./Orion (coming soon)
Toni Pearen/Catch me (coming soon)
Basic Dawn/Pure Thrust (coming soon)

Dave Joy Site: http://www.davejoy.com

Trance.nu would like to thank Dave Joy for this interview and wish him all the best for the future

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