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Friday 11th, July 2003
Darren Tate

Internationally acclaimed DJ and producer, Darren Tate, is stirring the trance scene something chronic right now The classical trained cum trance star has skyrocketed to superstardom this year with a catalogued of top-notch trance productions. Darren’s numerous aliases include Jurgen Vries, Citizen Caned, Angelic, Orion and DT8, and the Londoner has worked alongside some of the finest names and vocalists in the scene, such as Jono Grant, Mike Koglin, Marcella Woods, Ultra Nate, Ayumi Hamasaki, Blue Amazon, Judge Jules and Prime Mover. Darren’s DJing talents have taken him to South Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and America, along with slots at top trance nights like Passion, Peach, Euphoria, Ministry Of Sound and Judgement Sundays in Ibiza. Darren host his own regular radio show on ID&T radio Holland and recently scored a slot on leading station BBC Radio 1. Darren also hit the online airwaves last month with his brand-spanking new monthly show ‘Go’ on popular station, TranceAirwaves. In addition to his production and DJ commitments, Darren juggles his own label, Mondo Records. With well-established releases already under his belt and more on the way! Also check out the recently refurbed http://www.darrentate.com

Before you started producing trance, I've read that you produced ambient/down tempo tracks under two different guises, 'Monos' & 'Ora'. How did that differ from what you produce today?
Actually that’s another Darren Tate! Coincidentally there's a Darren Tate in America who goes under those two names. Although coincidentally I have in the past produced quite a lot of down tempo music, most recently my acoustic mix of Orion Eternity (tends to be found on compilations such as the Ministry Chill Out Sessions).

How did you get into producing trance?
I actually started producing dance music when I was still at University (91-94). A friend of mine called David would tape Pete Tongs Essential Selection and play me clips. Eventually I really fell in love with the style, as it combined emotional and powerful music with something you can dance to, and I started producing trance.

How did you meet Jono Grant, 1/3 of Above & Beyond? How was it working with him? With you both being classically trained, it must have been a lot of fun.
I met the whole Above and Beyond crew and Mike Koglin while DJing in Tokyo New Years Eve 2001. We all got on very well and decided to do some tracks in the studio when we returned. I enjoy working with people from time to time, as it breaks the monotony of working on your own! But Jono is a talented guy, and all of those producers will (I'm sure) be offering us a lot more great music in the near future.

In recent sets of yours, you have been playing your own remake of the track 'Blue Amazon - No Other Love'. How did you come about making this remake? Will it ever see a release?
I always liked this track. I remember hearing it on a Renaissance compilation for the first time and I really enjoyed it. It so happened there was an existing relationship in place with my management and Blue Amazon, and I thought it would be great to re-work the track for the summer. And one way or another it will see a release.

What ever happened to the rumoured Angelic album? Will there ever be any thing new from the Angelic project?
There are no plans for an Angelic album as such. However I am still producing music with Jules.

Many of your fans view your Jurgen Vries guise as your 'chese-making alias'. What do you think to that?
Its all a matter of perspective. Jurgen is about fun, uplifting and wacky tracks. People can think whatever they want - but I'd rather they consider all the music I've written rather than casting judgement based on one alias. The other factor is that its actually a minority of people that have these views. For example people keep asking me to play Jurgen Vries records over and over again whenever I'm out playing.

Many people have had the pleasure of hearing the new Orion track entitled 'Elevation''. Will this be released on your own label, Mondo, any time soon?
Yes it will, and quite soon. The original mix will be on the B-Side to the follow up of my single "Fall From Grace", which is entitled "Prayer For A God". Definitely one not to miss! In addition Mondo will be putting out some other great releases this summer, including the follow up to "Let The Light Shine In", entitled "Nocturnal Creatures", and new tracks from the likes of Revolution 9 and JFK.

Are there any plans for albums under any of your aliases?
I am actually currently working on a Darren Tate album. I've been working with some world-class writers and artists, and I think many people will be quite surprised by the material. I'm actually very excited about it. As to whether there'll be a Jurgen album - well we'll have to just wait and see..

What artists have had the biggest influence over your music productions over the years?
I have many influences. On a compositional level I'd say great classic writers such as Rachmaninov and George Gershwin. However from a modern day production perspective there are many, but groups such as Massive Attack, The Chemical Brothers, The Orb, Leftfield etc. have all played a part.

What’s in your CD player right now?
Radiohead - OK Computer

I have read that you have collaborated with Mike Koglin & Rohan Heath to form 'Eden Project'. Have any tracks been made under this guise? Any released yet?
There was one track that was supposed to be out on Cream Records, needless to say that failed to transpire. It may still appear on Mondo though.

Many thanks to Trance.nu's resident Darren Tate don, D_G, for compiling the interview.

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